When is The Best Time to Diet?

Ignoring the tell-tale signs that give you a gentle nudge in the back when it’s time to lose weight?

So when is the best time to diet?

Have you been overlooking the obvious for some time now?

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When It’s Time to Lose Weight

How often are you entertaining a young child? It’s amazing how much energy they have really isn’t it?

But are they really that athletic – or is there an underlying reason behind your lack of breath and winded feeling?

Have you ever woken up suddenly in the dead of the night choking due to sleep apnea?

Maybe your favorite mainstream stores have suddenly stopped stocking your comfortable size…have they changed their stitching line? Why are you suddenly between sizes?

Let’s not beat around the bush here – there are thousands of reasons (and little pointers) to lose weight.

Keeping that in mind – why do so many people opt to ignore the signs?

Be it common fear of failure or simple comfort – signs are signs at the end of the day!

Medical Reasons to Start Shedding Those Pounds

The persuasive argument for fixing that flab is the imminent threat of related medical conditions.

How does heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol sound to you?

Not that pleasant right?

As a rule of thumb – the more weight you total (or the heavier you are) the more likely you are to encounter some health problems along the way.

When you combine this with family health history it can paint quite a dark picture.

You also may not be aware how important ‘shape’ is to your health direction.

The fatter, apple-shaped body is much more likely to see heart disease, cancer, and diabetes when compared with the more natural pear-shaped body (it’s all in the hips!!!).

I always find that the most effective form of initial motivation comes from a local GP or doctor.

A few frightening sentences from a man/woman in white and a strong a commitment to lose weight could be set in stone!

Did you know that every kilogram of weight lost annually over a period of a decade has been linked with a 33 percent lower risk of diabetes?

Let’s Get Personal

So the threat of a dodgy health life isn’t really enough to put you into the ‘diet zone’ – what about a few personal reasons?

These are a pretty awesome stepping stone to a slimmer lifestyle as long as you are not just concentrating on the short-term.

For example, if you work your butt off to fit into a dress for a wedding in two months time MAKE SURE you have long-term goals in place that can carry you on AFTER this event.

You need to ensure you keep the weight off and maintain the benefits of a healthier weight – long-term!

So what are the most common personal motivations for starting up a weight loss program…

  • Self esteem being affected by your size
  • Complete lack of energy on a daily basis
  • Body image – is the mirror your enemy?
  • Upcoming events
  • Favorite clothes and styles getting tighter and tighter
  • Depression
  • The need to look and feel more attractive to the opposite sex

When is The Best Time to Diet?

Losing weight requires commitment and dedication – it’s not all about the diet and food charts…it’s about complete changes to your lifestyle.

Your motivations need to be placed on solid ground – short-term goals will not bring the desired effect most of us are looking for.

Good luck and stay healthy!

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