What are the Health Benefits of Curcumin?

What are the Health Benefits of Curcumin?

I recently got a little ‘caught up’ in an article I was reading on a train journey to London that covered the rise of turmeric in certain health circles. This particular article was concentrating on the spice being added to certain skin care serums (which was a new one on me!).

At the root of the multitude of turmeric benefits is curcumin – a chemical that contains high amounts of special anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants.

So what are the health benefits of curcumin?

How does it manage to turn turmeric into a ‘miracle spice’?

Let’s take a closer look…

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More About Curcumin…

Curcumin is a chemical or curcuminoid that is found inside a selection of plants, it has a vibrant yellowish colour.

It’s primarily found in turmeric, which is a strong medicinal spice that is from the same family as ginger. More often than not, you find turmeric in powder format which is used to give certain foods a good boost in their flavour (it’s a popular spice to add to curry dishes).



It Can Tackle Inflammation

It Can Tackle Inflammation

Curcumin is known to have the ability of blocking the activity of several enzymes in the body that are well known for causing inflammation situations.

A recent study went as far as saying that aspirin and ibuprofen were nowhere near as effective as curcumin when it came to dulling down inflammation. Therefore, curcumin can be great for improving the symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and asthma.


Great For Skin Health

Great For Skin Health

We covered the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of curcumin above, and it’s these positive properties that makes it a great ingredient for skin creams!

Many tests have concluded that curcumin can neutralize free radicals, which in turn prevent cell damage in the skin and improve the healing time of cuts.

Certain medical professionals now believe that curcumin can relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, scabies and radiation-induced dermatitis.


It Regulates Blood Sugar

It Regulates Blood

High blood sugar is serious stuff, and if it’s not handled in the right way, it can swiftly bring on diabetes symptoms which range from fatigue to unintentional weight loss. If this condition is allowed to persist, it can eventually lead to nerve damage and even loss of vision.

A recent study by the International Journal of Endocrinology Metabolism came to the conclusion that curcumin can reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Apparently it can cut down the body’s glucose production, which in turn decreases inflammation, and increases the secretion of insulin from the pancreas.


Could it Fight Cancer?

Could it Fight Cancer?

Those of you that are regulars to this site, will already know that what you eat can have a powerful effect on cancer growth within the body.

Did you know that Curcumin is able to have an effect on enzymes which are directly linked to cancer development?


It Tackles The Formation of Blood Clots

It Tackles The Formation of Blood Clots

Stroke, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism are all linked to the formation of blood clots and platelet aggregation.

Research suggests that curcumin modifies eicosanoid biosynthesis – this is process that has been directly linked to numerous different forms of inflammation. It can also inhibit platelet aggregation, which again, leads to blood clot formation.


A Cholesterol Aid

A Cholesterol Aid

It’s well known that one of the main risk factors for heart disease is higher levels of cholesterol.

The University of Indonesia held a study back in 2008 that came to the conclusion that curcumin reduced levels of both total and bad LDL cholesterol.


WARNING – Side Effects

Okay, we’ve covered the health benefits of curcumin, but it’s not all good news…

Below is a list of possible side effects that are linked to regular taking of curcumin:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Low blood sugar
  • Increased risk of bleeding
  • Reduced fertility
  • Increased menstrual flow

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered above, please leave them in the comment section below.

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10 thoughts on “What are the Health Benefits of Curcumin?

  1. Hello Chris,

    I have always been a big fan of tumeric and actually took some every day, usually in my coffee – then I got sidetracked and stopped taking it. I do remember that overall I felt good. It is also great just to sprinkle on a meat dish such as chicken. Thanks for reminding me why I was taking it in the first place. There are a lot of positive and medical reasons to take it. 

    1. No problem Mary Ann. 

      Just one question though – how did you feel ‘stomach wise’ when you were taking it every day? I only ask as some people have reported bad stomach pains through overuse…

      1. Hi Chris.

        I never had an issue using the tumeric. My stomach always felt fine. I usually have it in my coffee right after I drink my glass of water and lemon. Then a little later, I will make a smoothie or have some oatmeal. That routine seems to work for me.

  2. First I just want to say that I love your site and logo. So cute! Now on to your article. I had never even heard of this spice before but you can believe I will be trying it. I am curious to know what effects you personally have experienced with it. I may just try this myself for my blood pressure.

    1. Hey there Caterina – nice to meet you! 

      I’ve eaten Curcumin many times over the years but I can’t really say that the effects have been that obvious to me. A lot of health benefits are near enough invisible to us, and happen inside our bodies! 

  3. Hi this is an awesome post with specific information about the Health Benefits of Curcumin. I knew it is useful for us but I would not even know much if I did not read your article. I believe this is a great knowledge for me specially fighting capability with responsible enzymes for cancer. Though it has some side effect issue for regular taking, It is very useful for everyone. I have a little bit concern of using it in cooking ingredients regularly. Is it really dangerous for regular using ingredients of cooking recipe? 

    1. I wouldn’t call this ‘dangerous’ at all mate – you won’t be eating it for every meal will you?

      Go for it and start cooking up some curries!!!! 🙂

  4. The use of turmeric for medicinal and health benefits have been on the rise in recent times. I even read an article recently that suggested that the gifts presented as gold by “the three wise men” may actually have been the roots of the turmeric plant, due to its golden yellow color and being that the other two gifts were actually spices. It is amazing that this lowly plant has so many health benefits. In my recent research on the topic, I learned that curcumin extracted from turmeric has been used for thousands of years by the ancient Chinese and Indians for fighting conditions such as inflammations, chronic pains, and even anxiety. However, I also learned that the quantity of curcumin available in natural turmeric is often insufficient for the body to derive these benefits. Is there anything that can be done to increase the concentration without compromising its effectiveness?

    1. Hey cheers for that mate – I hadn’t heard about the turmeric roots being used as the gifts for Jesus (learn something new every day!). Thanks for adding this to our article.

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