What Are The Health Benefits of Beetroot?

What Are The Health Benefits of Beetroot?

Today we will taking a look at an ancient, prehistoric super-food that naturally sprouted up along coastlines in North Africa, Asia, and Europe.

When early man first encountered this vegetable he only consumed the greens off the plant – the actual ‘beet’ wasn’t consumed until Roman times

So, what are the health benefits of beetroot and why should we include it in our daily diets?

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 the health benefits of beetroot

The Health Benefits of Beetroot

Beetroot contains a large amount of nitrates which supply the body with lots of natural energy – great for those of us that like to take part in cardio or sport.

They are ram-packed with quality fiber which helps look after our digestive systems (taking on bad stomachs, diarrhea, constipation and even colon cancer!).

Beets also help keep our mind’s sharp due to the amount of natural potassium they contain – helping to transmit nerve impulses.

Expectant mums are advised to eat beetroot due to the folic acid content of the veggie – great for the development of embryos and prevention of spina bifida.

The ‘purple veggie beast’ is also topped up with a load of the mineral calcium – vital for developing and maintaining strong bones.

On the vitamin side of things – beets are very high in the vitamin C. This vitamin is great for taking on colds and infections and keeping the immune system in tune. Vitamin A is also present in the foodstuff – high levels of vit A can aid clear eyesight and also keep your skin cells healthy.

Beetroots also contain an antioxidant named Betalain which protects cells from damage and helps with the prevention of cancer.

Raw Beetroot Health Benefits

If you are having problems viewing the beetroot infographic above, simply click on the image and you will be taken to a separate tab with a magnifying tool.

Now over to you!

What are your thoughts and opinions on beetroot?

Do you have a favorite beetroot recipe?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “What Are The Health Benefits of Beetroot?

  1. Well one of my favorite salads is raw beet with goat cheese and mixed greens. The sweetness of the beet makes the more bitter greens more palatable and the goat cheese gives the dish a creamy rich taste that is rare for a salad. Im happy to see that the beets are so good for you too, so that’s a real bonus.

    1. I thought you said ‘raw BEEF’ at first Doug – I nearly had a heart attack (cannibal!!!!). 

      That sounds like a really nice setup for a salad mate, but I’m not the biggest fan in the world of goat’s cheese – maybe I’ll try it with some Welsh cheddar instead…

  2. Thanks for sharing the info-graphic for the beet. I have to admit that I really like mostly the beet greens. I have yet to discover a method of cooking the beet that makes it palatable to me. I am not sure if eating beets is an acquired taste or if I am just an oddball. There seems to be a lot of people that love beets. Do you have any suggestions how to prepare them so that the flavor isn’t so earthy? I really would love to add them to my diet.  

    1. No problems Tom – their taste is not for everyone! 

      I’m personally a salad man mate, so I eat beetroot sliced up naturally with salad. Be careful of the juice though – man can it stain a nice t-shirt!!! 🙂

  3. Hey friend,

    This is another useful article I have read about. I have never heard about this Beetroot before. I think this could be because of where I leave in the world. In fact I never knew anything about this plants and it usefulness so thanks so much for introducing it to me and helping me know all the health benefits associated with it.

    Beetroot looks like a very precious plant indeed. I like it’s ability to help keep our mind’s sharp because it contains some natural potassium.

    I also like it value in terms of the Vitamin C it has. I know Vitamin C to be good for helping you deal with cold and since I often experience cold I think this plant will be good for me. 

    My question is, do you know of any place where I can get Beetroot to buy? Or any supplement products that has Beetroot in them as one of the ingredients?

    I will appreciate your reply please.


    1. Hi Stephen, 

      First off – where about in the world do you live?

      I believe there are certain beetroot supplements out there (I think they’re mixed with other health ingredients mind!). Have you tried looking them up on Amazon, if you have Amazon in your part of the world?

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