Tips on Losing Abdominal Fat

Tips on Losing Abdominal Fat

I used to get so ‘down in the dumps’ when I first started out with my fitness regime – no matter what I tried I couldn’t seem to shift that little spare tire around my waist.

To make matters worse it seemed like EVERY television character was able to boast a complete six pack – even the ones in their 50’s!

So this post will be covering a few tips on losing abdominal fat that I managed to get to work for me. None of them are what I’d call easy but all of them are effective if you show the necessary dedication…

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1) Don’t Stop Moving

The big bad monster that grows around our waistline is called visceral fat – once it moves in it’s a nightmare to evict!

The good news is that visceral fat does not stand up that well to aerobic exercise. This means running, biking and swimming will take it on and win every time ( if you stick at it long enough! ).

You are looking for a decent form of aerobic exercise that gets your heart pumping. A recent study claims that running a distance of over 12 miles a week will tackle your visceral fat in style!

2) Hit The Protein

When you get over the age of 30 your body starts to wave a little white flag as it produces more insulin. This is mainly because your muscle and fat cells aren’t responding to the body the way they used to ( you’re getting old mate! ).

Now this insulin is very good at one thing – promoting fat storage ( especially around the belly area! )

A good diet filled with a lot of protein will protect you against insulin resistance.

3) Sugar, Sugar

I cannot begin to explain to you how horribly destructive sugary drinks are to your body shape – avoid them at all costs if at all possible!

These types of drinks are uniquely harmful because they love to target an individuals metabolic health. You see, sugar is made up of glucose and fructose – the latter sometimes struggles to get metabolized by the liver.

When you pile in the nasty sugars the fructose levels get too high for the liver to handle properly. As a result it turns it all into fat which likes to hang around the belly area.

It’s also worth noting that sugar in liquid form doesn’t satisfy our body like solid form sugar. The brain doesn’t really ‘get’ that it’s just had a sugar shot from the drink which leads us to consuming more!

4) Ever Heard of Carbs?

There’s a simple rule of thumb in the world of weight loss that works EVERY time – when people cut carbs, their appetite goes down and they lose weight.

Keep your eye on your refined carbs intake ( white bread, pasta etc. ) and keep your protein intake high.

Carbs tend to leave their mark around the organs and the liver – not the nicest area to have fatty deposits really! But there is a bright side – when you hit up a low-carb diet you are reducing the fats that lead to possible disease.

5) Stay on Track

Most people are now fully aware that what you eat is what you are! With this in mind – why do so many people have no sort of clue what they are eating?

They happily jump on diet bandwagons and start eating high protein options and low sugar treats without any real idea on what they contain.

If you want an awesome diet result you are going to have to turn yourself into a bit of a tracker – tracking things for a while is absolutely essential!

Now please don’t let this put you off, you are not going to have to spend every waking hour writing stats down – you just need to do it every now and again.

Just give yourself some sort of idea where you are going with what you consume. A simple Google search will bring up thousands of results for FREE calorie calculators – pick one and start using it!

Don’t forget – visceral fat isn’t just a nasty fat that stops you from looking good in a swimsuit, it’s also the most dangerous form of body fat. Use these tips on losing abdominal fat to improve your shape AND your overall health. Good luck!

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35 thoughts on “Tips on Losing Abdominal Fat

  1. This is very important information, which will help the readers discover the very conventional method they can use by themselves to melt away all unwanted body fat especially on the abdomen. Am a culprit and will definitely use your tips to help me melt away my waste line.
    Like almost everybody else am frustrated with my weight for years following the usual advice of fitness experts such as cranking up the cardio and dieting more.

    Thank you ,

  2. People always over complicate the weight loss scenario because it is more simple than it actually is.

    If you have a higher intake of calories that what your body is burning for maintenance and activity, you r body will start to deposit it as fat.

    It is also very important to detox your body while you start with your diet and as a rule of thumb you should never eat food that is man made.

    The easier the food can become rotten, the better because preservatives is toxic to the body. Start eating more primitive and you will have a greater health overall.

    1. That’s quite a good way to put things into perspective Vilgoen – ‘The easier the food can become rotten, the better because preservatives are toxic to the body’. I quite like that definition ( I may use it on this site some day! ) 🙂

  3. I loved drinking sugary drinks and thought that they are good sources of energy.
    I actually love them !! After reading your post I see how much damage they can do to me , not that I didnt know about it but I just tried to close my eyes on the fact 🙂

  4. Hi, great post. I+ve also hear that you can loose fat fast if you drink coffe without any sugar and milk. My sisters boyfriend was 7th on world amateur bodybuilder contest.
    He says it’s best to workout legs to loose belly fat fast. Legs have the biggest muscles and if you workout those you can loose fat much faster.
    Nice post, I’m sure many people will find this interesting and useful.

  5. Very good article with lots of healthy information!!! Being over 30 is no fun as far as the changes your body makes that makes it easier to pile on the fat!!! Also…it’s so easy for me to get in a rut and give up!!! Thanks for the renewed motivation and the tips for getting going again!!!

  6. Hi,

    It’s so true what you’re saying here, abs are mainly made in the kitchen, and no matter how much you exercise as long as you’re not eating right, you will not see that six pack let alone flat abs. I like how you’ve broken it down into easy to digest sections, this a great “to do” list for finally getting a nice, defined stomach. Thank God swimsuit season is over and we can take it slow and stead now! 😉

    Take Care,

    1. Cheers Eva!

      Glad you approve of the article! Yes, I’m afraid you’ll struggle to see that six pack if you haven’t got a grasp on your eating habits – I learned the hard way as well 🙂

  7. Great post! I think you have covered the most important aspects of how to lose belly fat here. The most simple solution I could get in the lowest amount of words would be: Consume less calories than you burn! For me intermitted fasting worked great when I lost much weight a couple of years ago. Now I move alot and also workout so I can eat more “normal” again and eat more carbs again. Keep up the good work many people do not know about this! / John

    1. Hi John,

      Great to hear that you’re on the road to fitness these days – well done mate! Congrats on your effective fasting diet as well 🙂

  8. I really enjoy following your site. Your tips on losing abdominal fat is indeed informative.

    Why do I have to love bad carbs and sugar so much, and I am not a huge fan of meat. Sounds like I am in for an uphill battle :). I know I need to reduce those things but my question for you is around protein alternatives. Is salmon enough? Are beans also a good source of protein?

    Thank you for responding.

    1. Both beans and salmon are excellent choices of protein Kellie – with these two in your diet you are certainly on the right path! It’s all about willpower when it comes to that nasty white substance ( sugar ) – it’s involves a change of lifestyle really! 🙂

  9. Oh No! I just don’t want to exercise…. I suppose I will have to if I want anything to change.
    Thanks for sharing these few tips. I actually just commented on your other post about getting a bikini body and asked you for tips on how to get rid of tummy fat! Now I see you have all the info right here.
    I am guilty of: no exercising, eating carbs,drinking loads of sugary drinks.
    I suppose if I want change I need to change.

    1. Hi Lynne,

      Yes I just saw your other comment! As you can see – losing weight takes a lot of effort on YOUR part! There are no magic formulas ( unfortunately! ).

  10. Hi There again Chris, yes I know there are no “magic formulas” but I can dream can’t I?
    Your post has really motivated me to do something now. I have put on even more weight and it is spreading from my tummy to my thighs and even my arms now!
    I really do appreciate all these great tips. I will be turning a new leaf over on in December 🙂

  11. Aside from eating healthy and taking healthy fats , those which come from nature such as nuts or peanuts which contain a lot of them by the way. I keep my weight in check by excersising 4-5 days a week and going for a “soft run” 3-4 times a week soft run i say because i just don’t go at full speed instead i keep an consistent rythm during 30-40 minutes without stopping i can say from my experience it does work great.

    1. That’s great Alan – in any cases a ‘soft run’ ends up being more beneficial than a ‘full out’ run! Well done! 🙂

  12. Is it a good idea to increase my running distances at the same time as reducing my carbohydrate intake? Or does the extra protein I’ll be eating counteract the lack of carbs?
    I generally do a lot of running as standard, but find that I really need the carbs (especially for the longer runs)!
    I agree that you have to stick to it… a huge number of people start, then have a bad day, hit a plateau, and give up – you have to really push through that in order to reach those goals!! 🙂

    1. I find if I am running long distances I don’t really have to concentrate so hard on my carb intake. But, everyone is different at the end of the day so it’s worth a little ‘trial and error’ to see what suits your exercise needs. 🙂

  13. Great information.

    Many can benefit from this information. I am guilty, myself is included in that statement. Especially that the holidays are here, it is very important that we get moving and are aware of the foods that we eat.

    I will be checking out the Fat Diminisher Blueprint! Thanks for info!

  14. Hi,

    I agree with everything here. Do you have a link to any research that shows insulin production increases with age?

    I know the old “metabolism slows with age” . I figured it was somehow related to insulin production. But haven’t really seen anything that explains it.

    I think if people really know what’s going on, it would make it easier to lose fat in general.

  15. I really like this article, it hooked me because a dream of having a six pack one day so I always enjoy reading to ways to help me.

    I think this article is just what I needed to get me there, hopefully I can post my progress and results soon.

  16. This was an interesting article around tips to prevent the ever so annoying belly fat from intruding on your abs. It is something that comes naturally with age. Your diet is pretty important and you make some key points here talking about sugar, carbs, and exercise. Interesting read that makes me want to think about what I doing with my body.

    1. Yep, the age thingy always gets our belly at some point in time Eric! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your thoughts on the matter.

  17. Excellent advice Chris. Most people really don’t seem to realized how much sugar is in those soft drinks. That, along with all the refined carbs we consume, is nothing but empty calories that turn into fat! One thing I notice is that you didn’t mention how important water is to our healthy diet. I find that drinking the proper amount of water every day helps me with my health and weight control. It flushes out a lot of the toxins. Would you agree?

    1. I certainly would Debby – there are numerous other articles on this site covering the subject of water for weight loss, check ’em out! 🙂

  18. Oh man, it’s true, the tummy fat is the worrrsssst. Even at my skinniest I always had a little pooch threatening to grow. But these tips are simple enough to follow and I appreciate that. I’m good with sugary drinks – never got into them, and protein. But I just need to move my butt more. Well, thanks for the tips and encouragement!

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