The True Potential Of Saunf Water For Weight Loss

The True Potential Of Saunf Water For Weight Loss

The best approaches to weight loss are those with natural properties and slow, long-term gains, which means that saunf should fit the bill.

The problem is that the idea of saunf water for weight loss is often disregarded in western studies because of a lack of properties and a lack of evidence.

Fennel alone cannot directly help with weight loss and it is not mentioned in medical reviews, which means it is easily overlooked.

Not only does this attitude gloss over any potential benefits that could have a knock on effect on weight loss, it ignores practices in other cultures.

Fennel seeds are a common ingredient in Chinese and Indian cuisine and Ayurveda practices.

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Saunf and Ayurveda

Saunf water is more commonly referred to as fennel seed water in western culture, but the term comes from the Hindi word for fennel.

In India, Ayurveda places great emphasis on herbs and spices such as fennel and users believe that there are many potential health benefits to be gained from drinking this water, or by simply adding the seeds to recipes.

Some chew the seeds as a way of freshening their breath and aiding the digestion of a meal; others use saunf water to ease menstrual pain.

The idea of using saunf when dieting originates from this culture, yet many western scientists are wary of these claims.



Fennel Seeds as a Diuretic

There are critics of saunf water that point out the lack of scientific evidence for using these seeds for weight loss, with many pointing towards its function as a diuretic rather than a fat burner.

Some say that fennel seed water merely gives the impression of losing weight because users are urinating more frequently and experiencing less water retention.

On its own, this property can still be a great aid for user health, but it is actually just one of four potential effects that can ultimately help with weight loss.

Fennel Seed Water For Weight Loss

The potential of saunf and fennel seed water for losing weight comes down to a combination of factors.

Decreased weight retention will help users to feel lighter and heavier – even if there is no direct fat loss – but fennel can also have a beneficial effect on digestionmetabolism and appetite suppression.

The former also has no direct link to fat loss and weight loss, but improved digestion, a reduction in gas and decreased bloating can all help.

Not only can this give the impression that users are lighter and thinner, it can improve general health and well-being.

An increased metabolism and appetite suppression, on the other hand, are both far more helpful when dieting.

The faster the metabolism, the easier it is for the body to break down food, burn off fat and create energy for exercise.

Appetite suppressants, meanwhile, can be useful for anyone that struggles to resist snacking and cravings.



Fennel Water or Fennel Tea?

There are many different ways to enjoy the health benefits of fennel seeds and the drink can be prepared in two different ways. Fennel water can be prepared in large qualities and refrigerated for use across the day.

Soak the fennel seeds in water, strain them, grind them into a paste and then put the paste back in the water for three hours.

This process may sound time consuming but it is necessary to release of all of the active components from the seeds.

The alternative method is to grind fennel seeds into a power and stew them in boiling water for about five minutes.

This fennel tea is more appealing because it is just like other herbal teas and is far more convenient.

Saunf water for weight loss isn’t a quick fix solution, but it still has plenty of potential benefits…

Natural methods like saunf can be easily disregarded by scientists and dieters because there is no clear, direct link between digesting the seeds and burning fat.

You can’t drink fennel seed water and watch the pounds melt away, but there is a good chance that you will start to feel healthier, improve your image of yourself and give your metabolism a boost that can then lead to slow, beneficial weight loss.

It is all about a series of small scale health benefits that create a bigger picture.

Improve your well-being and energy levels by improving digestion, decreasing water retention and boosting your metabolism.

With these reactions, and the potential for appetite suppression, weight loss with fennel seeds can really take effect.

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