The Probiotic Benefits For Weight Loss

The Probiotic Benefits For Weight Loss

What are the main probiotic benefits for weight loss?

Farmers have been using antibiotics to fatten their chickens, cows, sheep and even pigs for more than six decades now.

It was just accidental since the antibiotics were first introduced as a way to keep the animals from diseases.

Then the farmers realized that the stock on antibiotics was actually getting bigger and tipping the scales more; it was good for business, and it has been so since the 50’s.

Well, nothing lasts forever right…?

Farmers and antibiotics

Just when things were going great in farmers’ markets…science had to poke its nose in and spoil it for all carnivorous men and women!

But this time…for a good healthy reason.

Dr. Cho from the Medical Center at NYU (New York University) thinks the overuse of these fattening antibiotics could be killing us slowly by making us fat and killing the bacteria that helps us stay lean.

Your internal ecosystem is complex and there are so many types of bacteria that do your body more good than harm.

The antibiotics wipe off these dastardly “good soldiers”; sometimes with very dire and irreparable damages.

The most important of these healthy strands of bacteria live in your gut and the lesser you have…the more nasty things are for you.

Why Are Antibiotics Bad for Your Gut? How Does This Affect Your Weight?

Ever heard of Metabolic Syndrome? No…? Don’t worry; the guy sitting next to you probably doesn’t know what this is either!

But just to get things moving swiftly…this is basically a constellation of conditions associated with increased weight gain and obesity such as an imbalance in blood sugar, hypertension and high cholesterol.

All of which can easily lead to type 2 diabetes, hepatic steatosis (fatty liver) as well as fatal cardiovascular complications (including heart attacks).

The scary part of course being that 1 out of every 3 Americans is directly affected by this metabolic syndrome in one way or another.

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So What’s The Deal Here?

It is very simple. We are ingesting too much antibiotics through the farm reared meat(s) we eat and through prescriptions.

You have at least taken an antibiotic once in your life; whether orally or through an injection. What does all this antibiotics OD (overdose) do to your guts? It messes up your “diversity”!

Okay…a quick glimpse into human biology 101…diversity simply means the number of bacteria species that you currently host in your gut.

And doctors have singled out one particular bacteria known as Bifidobacteria as the most important when it comes to gaining or shedding weight.

Children with a deficiency of this bifidobacteria were more likely to become overweight in future compared to those who had this type of bacteria in high numbers.

Basically, the 2 families of bacteria good for our gut are firmicutes and bacteroidetes. The body needs a perfect balance of these two to maintain weight within acceptable limits.

How do changes in your gut’s diversity affect your weight?

You can suffer leaky gut which has been associated with blood sugar and obesity problems.

A leaky gut also allows harmful bacteria toxins into your bloodstream which causes significant weight gain even without a change in diet.

Biology has proven to us that healthy bacteria help us extract energy from the food we eat. They actually account for 5 – 10 percent of the calories our bodies need every day.

A deficiency in these good bacteria can also cause hormonal imbalances creating chaos with your blood sugar and satiety.

How Probiotics Remedy This Weight Problem

While we have seen how antibiotics work to take out your defenses; leaving you prone to weight gain, we are now going to take a look at how probiotics help you to counter the problem of excess weight in a very sustainable natural way.

The trick is in healing your gut, to heal your weight!

Probiotics are microorganisms that are introduced into your body to provide you with several health benefits.

They can improve your immune system’s function, digestive system and also help you maintain a healthy heart.

Most of these probiotics can be found naturally in cultured or fermented foods such as kimchi which is made from fermented veggies or kefir made from cultured milk.

You can also find probiotics in yogurt, sauerkraut, tempeh from fermented soybeans, sour pickles, and so on.

Probiotics help you break down excess fat and fiber thus helping you keep away from obesity while still keeping you free of toxins released into your bloodstream by food that remains in your gut without being digested.

You can use probiotic benefits for weight loss as part of the weight loss program you already have in place or planning to start for faster results.

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14 thoughts on “The Probiotic Benefits For Weight Loss

  1. All very interesting about the farmers fattening livestock up, for higher yields.

    So have the studies concluded this was bad practice and since banned it?

    Is there any long-term effects from what farmers was doing or will pro-biotics put everything right with the gut? I have probiotic shakes and feel a lot better for taking them

    1. As far as I know I don’t think it’s banned – farmers throw all sorts of crap into poultry etc. these days as a way of fattening them. What do you mean by ‘long term effects’? To humans? Sorry I got confused with the end part of your comment!

  2. This is an exceptionally informative article about an extremely important topic. Although it is frightening to read the impacts that antibiotics have on our system, it is a much needed wake up call for most of us. The fact that you also offer a solution to this problem only makes the article more helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to break down the harm these antibiotics are doing. Also, I love the name Calorie Ninja. Very cool!

    1. Haha great to hear Robert – always like hearing from visitors who enjoy the articles this much! Thanks for visiting us (and don’t be a stranger!)

  3. Hi Chris,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. I am always concerned about the effect of eating meat that has had antibiotics on our weight and health. I am also concerned about its irreparable damage Your article highlights the need to remedy the situation. I appreciate the information about the probiotics.

  4. Thanks Chris for the informative article! I did not realize there were bacteria that is beneficial to losing weight.
    That does make sense though.
    Which reminds me of why I don’t get my “allergy” shot every year. Our bodies need to naturally fight off invading viruses or it weakens our immune system.
    Is natural veggies like Kimchi, pickles, and soybeans the only thing you’d recommend to help Probiotic or is there product you may recommend to help?

    1. Oh there are various yogurt-type options out there as well Erich – do a quick Google search and a ton of Amazon results will come up! 🙂

  5. Hello, Chris. It is great that people spread the message about healthy living. There so many human beings who do not care that they put in their mouth and later on they complain that their health deteriorated.
    The information and the right one is the key to well-being.
    You mention probiotics in your article. I guess if we would eat real food as our grandparents did, we would not need to take various supplements and probiotic pills.
    Nobody teaches us how to maintain good health.
    Your website is a great source of knowledge.
    What about the gut, I heard that our mentality strongly depends on the health of our digestive system.
    Probiotics will help to those who have problems with digestion and further process in the bowels. Good bacteria disappears when we consume food with is with preservatives and antibiotics.
    Let’s take good care of ourselves reading these articles and passing this information to others.
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. That’s pretty well said Nemira – a great response to our article in fact. I especially liked the line ‘I guess if we would eat real food as our grandparents did’ – so true, especially these days with all the additives etc.

  6. Hi Chris,

    So am I right in thinking that a severe weight issue problem can actually indicate an unhealthy digestive tract? That’s amazing stuff really when you think about it?

    At the end of the day I know that really sugary foods and high fatty foods are topped up in the bacteria which is bad for us – the same types of foods obviously play an absolute huge role in weight gain!

    I was reading an article actually about 2 months ago on the overall power of Probiotics and it suggested that they can stave off Cancer, Asthma, Certain Allergies and varying levels of depression – have you heard anything about this?

    In the same article they suggested that Fermented Vegetables could help regulate your gut…am I right in thinking this?

    It’s a really fascinating subject isn’t it? Thanks so much for publishing this!


    1. It really is a fascinating subject Larry – one I keep on learning more and more about by the day!

      I have heard that Probiotics are good for Cancer and allergies etc. but I’ve also heard they are good for taking on Autoimmune Diseases and ADHD as well!

      Fermented Vegetables are a good choice so go for something like Sauerkraut, Kimchi, collards and kale – lovely!

      You may also want to give Kefir or Yogurt a go as well – make sure you are going for the organic options! 🙂

      Remember – the condition of your digestive tract reflects your overall health…so keep it in check!

      Great to hear you enjoyed the article as much as you did – please feel free to check out the rest of our website!

  7. Chris,
    Your article is very informative. I tend to buy organic meats and chickens which say they do not use antibiotics. I also take a probiotic in pill form do you recommend having it in foods instead?. I had no idea that it was helpful in maintaining weight and good for your heart so that was great information. I just take it because I thought it was jus good for gut. Great information.


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