The Dangers of MLM – Health Products

The Dangers of MLM - Health Products

This is probably one of the most important articles we have published to this site since it’s launch…and we really should have got around to it much, much sooner!

Most of you have probably already noticed that we promote a handful of select health products on this site, here is one example.

Now, we only promote well known products that have been tested by ourselves or our writers – we are able to stand behind these options without any sort of worries.


Well, these products are stand alone products, designed to provide a solution to your health problems, with money back guarantees included.


In this article we will be taking a look at the dangers of MLM setups – a marketing industry that seems intent on taking over the health niche…with overpriced and frequently ineffective products.

If you have ANY sort of interest in diving into the health MLM setup – READ THIS ARTICLE FIRST!

Why MLM is BAD News…

Okay, before we go any further, we should really look deeper into the subject of MLM

What is MLM?

When you join a MLM opportunity you are signing up with a company to become their independent distributor.

As a distributor, you don’t just make money selling the product itself, but also from signing other people up who also sign other people up…and you make commissions on this ‘downline’.

As you can already see – we have moved away from the actual health product and are now concentrating on roping new distributors in (building a downline!).

Below is one of my favorite videos on the subject of MLM setups. Not all of you may be fans of John Oliver from HBO, but in this case, on this subject…he hits the nail right on the head…


What is The Difference Between MLM and a Pyramid Scheme?

Nothing at all!!!

There, I said it.

Hundreds of thousands of MLM ‘distributors’ will try their hardest to tell you otherwise…but they are only desperately trying to cover their own asses!

In most cases, a large majority of these distributors are already in over their head and are clinging onto their bank account overdrafts as we speak – they NEED you to sign up underneath them!

The compensation plans, and EVERY MLM SETUP is shaped like a pyramid, like so…

What is The Difference Between MLM and a Pyramid Scheme?

Seriously guys – what does that chart shape look like to you?

A pyramid.

Yet this is the shape of every working MLM setup…and they still try to convince you it is not a pyramid scheme!

MLM companies may sell products such as dietary supplements and health options – BUT their main source of income comes from mass recruitment.

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Multi Level Marketing Business Plan Template

So you have an interest in the subject of health and wellness – cool, so do I!!!!!

What’s the next step?

Try and make some money off this interest?

Yeah, why not, you have a good knowledge and it would be great to work around a subject you enjoy, right?

Unfortunately a simple Google search into ‘start a online health business’ will bring up a tidal wave of opportunities that are not right for you.

Oh, they’ll say they’re right for you – but they’re not.

These opportunities will be MLM based – they near enough taken over certain sectors of the health niche.

If you take up one of these ‘business opportunities’ you won’t ever own a business.

Multi Level Marketing Business Plan Template

Most people who fall into this trap have been persuaded by promises of passive income from very little work, speedboats and large mansions…

You get the picture, right?

Many MLM participants regard themselves as running their own business. However, this isn’t really true because to run your business you need some degree of control over the following:

  1. You need to be able to choose what products your business sells
  2. You need the chance to haggle or negotiate prices and shipments with your CHOSEN suppliers
  3. You need to be able to set the price on each of your products
  4. The marketing side of your business needs to be run by YOU and YOU ALONE!

MLM distributors who love to call themselves small business owners are full of the brown stuff – they don’t have any control over the four points I have covered above.

Becoming a Hustler

Starting a Health Business

This is the saddest part of choosing a health and wellness MLM setup – people won’t like you.

I know that sounds a bit strong, but it really is true.

How popular are hustlers? Do like like being badgered into buying something whenever you speak to certain individuals?

No, neither do I.

But that’s what you become when you take on health products from the MLM sector – a hustler.

A desperate individual who NEEDS to flog more products or rope more people in…just to make their initial investment back…or just to get out with their head above water.

Did you know that over 99% of MLM distributors make a loss and less than 1% make the lifestyle changing money they all advertise with?

Now that’s shocking!!!

Starting a Health Business

EVERY multi level marketing (MLM) opportunity will require some sort of payment for you to join – period.

But why are you paying for the opportunity to work…when you can get started for FREE?

Seriously, you can build your very own business in the health and wellness niche, for FREE!

If you are interested in learning how to succeed in this business without having to use your credit card – you may want to check out the education these guys offer here.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “The Dangers of MLM – Health Products

  1. I dropped out of college in 2006 to join Quixtar because I liked their team environment. Since that time I have been involved with Pre-Paid Legal, and last with Life Leadership

    With Pre-Paid Legal I signed up 2 friends out of the 80 or so I talked to. In Life Leadership I didn’t sign anyone up after talking to around 100 people.

    What I learned from all of this is that I needed to find something else. That is when I decided to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. I love how you have total control over all of the products you promote. Their platform has allowed me to do more in 3 months than I have been able to accomplish in over 10 years.

    1. Wow, you actually dropped out of college to join a MLM system Michael – that’s a pretty rad step isn’t it?

      Well I’m really glad you finally found the WA platform to learn from and got away from the MLM industry. The difference between the two is huge and you’ve got a long way to go yet!

      Still, three months in and no looking back, right? Onwards and upwards 🙂

  2. Great article and many thanks for sharing this.

    Lots of people still fall into the MLM or Pyramid scheme trap, I was one of them, 8 years ago.

    Luckily I saw it in time before losing money, but many people don’t see it.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best to try as a substitute, it is actually much more than that. It is the best money earning platform you can find.

    1. Hi there Emmanuel,

      Well I’m really glad that you managed to get out of that ‘opportunity’ you were in 8 years ago – sounds like a close call mate!

  3. Hello Chris,

    Thank you for an informative article.

    I agree that joining any MLM you have to pay to enter the scheme, and you have to do all the job to promote and sell the products, but what if you join because you like the products? 

    I also have been caught once within an MLM scheme, but I was tempted, at that time, by the promotions and bonuses I might get. I was working a lot to bring more people into the scheme, but after months of hard work, the ‘pyramid’ started shaking from the top. I contacted all the people who were in my area, close the contacts and return the money invested.

    It’s very easy to get trapped.

    1. Yep, it certainly is very easy to get trapped in these sorts of things Dany. Great to hear that you were able to close up legitimately and return everyone’s cash etc. 

  4. Hello friend,

    This is very thorough article on MLM. I personally don’t like the idea of MLM business much. In fact, the very idea of having to recruit people alone makes me sick. Not just that, but the products produced all MLM companies are somewhat expensive.

    Most of them claim that their products can cure all sort of diseases. As to whether that is true or not, they alone know. Again as you said, even as an independent distributor, you do not have total control on what to sell. You have to sell the companies products, whether you like it or not.

    The ONLY thing I like about some MLM companies is that some of them have good products that work effectively and are natural which I in my opinion will prefer over BIG Pharma drugs that come with their side effects.

    Your review on MLM companies is without doubt. You did a great job.

    All the best,


    1. Hey there Stephen – thanks so much for taking the time to leave your opinion on MLM with us. By the sounds of things – we’re on the same page with this subject! 🙂

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