Build Strength Evenly

Once again we are back with the ‘yoga rebel’ Tara Stiles for a look at some moves involved in building your strength up evenly for yoga.

Building strength evenly is important for starting out in yoga. The video tutorial above showcases some simple moves to get you started in that direction!

The Tara Styles Video Tutorials

We have opted to showcase Tara Styles’s unique teachings on yoga because we feel she manages to sidestep all the ‘fluff’ and jargon involved with the majority of techniques online.

Her yoga video tutorial collection (The Yoga Solution) is a weekly series that offers fun and simple ways for yoga to help improve your life.

Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, Tara’s easy-to-follow and approachable manner will guide you towards living well every day.

Please don’t get into the mindset that these videos are directed at females – the techniques she displays are suitable for both sexes!

When I first started out with them I went through a different technique for about 10 minutes every morning before I hit work (well – before I turned the computer on!).

Tara is very engaging and has a unique, smooth voice. She manages to get her message across without the ‘stiffness’ of the more regular, traditional yoga tutors.

Tara manages to take it to a simple level, conservative with a goal of improving your life. Once you start repeating the videos it starts making more sense so don’t get disheartened – the only way you can fail at this sort of thing is by quitting early (and nobody likes a quitter right?).  🙂

Showing Appreciation

This is yet another brilliant video tutorial released on the LIVESTRONG video channel on YouTube. Thankfully they are generous enough to let anyone embed their videos on their websites and we take full advantage.

If you enjoyed the yoga video above please consider taking the time to visit the actual video on YouTube and show your appreciation – let Tara and LIVESTRONG know you enjoyed their hard work.

Thanks for watching…

Stay Healthy!  🙂

8 thoughts on “Build Strength Evenly

  1. Great work by Tara. She really does motivate one to exercise and in a safe manner. I have bookmarked this post so that I can watch it again and again until it sinks in and becomes a daily habit.

    We all need to strengthen our bodies and it is good to build up the strength evenly, as Tara says.

  2. Cool post. I’ve been looking to try yoga, but O am a little embarrassed, since I’ve never done it before.  I like that I can try it out in my own home without an audience.

    Tara really has a nice way of explaining the moves.  After 9 minutes, I was feeling like I really learned something. I enjoyed it a lot.

    1. Yeah I was the same James, and I also opted to learn Yoga off YouTube in the comfort of my own home (where nobody could see me fail!) 🙂

  3. I’ve never practice Yoga before since I felt it is best for female only.  Though I tried to work out on the gym but I did not make it straight because of my workload on my job.  Yoga might have an advantage because you can do it even at home.  

    While I watching the video, I think Yoga stretching could be harder to follow through than what I have expected.  

    Is there a simple way of starting Yoga for beginners like me? 

  4. Hi friend,

    Thanks for the video, it was certainly very helpful watching. When I first saw the video, I thought this was meant for ONLY women then I read further and saw your comment that both sexes could benefit from it. Tara really has some flex. She is good at teaching as well. I enjoyed watching her tutorials.

    I think if I manage to try these exercises every single day each morning, it will go a long way to help me build my strength. I will surely go to their channel at YouTube as you recommended and even subscribe to their videos so I can receive alert on future releases.


    1. That’s great to hear Stephen, thank you for going the extra mile to subscribe to her channel. These YouTube uploaders are very generous in letting us webmasters use their videos on our sites – so your interaction goes a long way to saying thank you to them! 

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