We Are What We Eat

We originally found this video floating about on YouTube with just under half a million views, it is released on the Documentary Channel stream and was published on March the 8th, 2015.

After watching it we came to the conclusion that this would be a great starting point for the Food Section of our video selections.

There are numerous reasons why we as humans need to eat – the most important being our body.

If we are hungry and our stomachs feel empty we cannot help but feel low overall, we also eat in different moods to let feelings go while eating gives us joy.

Due to various other physical, emotional and physiological reasons, it is imperative that we choose a healthy form of food to consume.

Diet has always been at the forefront of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding various diseases – there are many important nutrients that are awesome at preventing worrying conditions such as scurvy, pellagra and rickets.

Life is based around energy – without it we feel little more than a shell.

Sometimes at work you can feel like the day is dragging on and you lack concentration – when was the last time you ate?

As soon as you fill your belly you can almost feel a wave of new energy wash over you. The foods we eat supply the energy to our body requirements to function.  You can take an example of filling up your car with gas/petrol to get it working, or recharging your cell phone!

Remember guys – food does a great job of providing our bodies with the ‘information’ and materials they need to function properly.

If our bodies hang about with the wrong information being poured into them it’s only a matter of time before the problems hit – our metabolic processes suffer and our health declines.

So sit back and hit play – enjoy the show and above all…stay healthy! 🙂

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