Vegan Strawberry Shake

Sometimes you’ve got to hand it to Livestrong – their video contributors are constantly coming up with pretty awesome recipes for beginners (that we can ‘borrow’ and showcase right here!).

Today we have a creamy treat that kicks it’s fast food counterpart out of the park – an easy-to-follow recipe made with strawberries, bananas and oranges.

The Health Benefits of Being a Vegan

Although it’s never really been my first choice of a healthy lifestyle – there are numerous health benefits to being a vegan.

A lot of health-conscious individuals get attracted to the lifestyle change due to the amount of reduced saturated fat in a vegan diet.

Dairy products and meats contain high levels of saturated fats that can impact on your cardiovascular health (although recent studies have indicated that saturated fat is not THAT bad for you…but most of us could still do with less in our diets!).

The majority of vegan menus are usually made up of a ton of fiber. A diet high in fiber leads to healthier bowel movements. High fiber diets also help fight against colon cancer.

Did you know that most of us are not really taking in the CORRECT forms of protein?

Sure, protein is great for our body…but continuously taking it from large amounts of red meat is not exactly ideal (a high percentage of Americans eat too much protein in this form!).

Beans, nuts, peas, lentils, and soy products are all great ways to get the right amount of protein in a vegan diet.

Shake it UP!

Taking on a healthy vegan diet has also shown to prevent a number of diseases…so what are you waiting for?

Why not start off with this awesome vegan strawberry shake and see what other vegan treats you can find online?

Sure, it’s not a great diet fit (or lifestyle change) for everyone – but it works wonders for your health if you feel it’s the right path for you!

Stay Healthy! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Vegan Strawberry Shake

  1. Hello and thank you for your post. I enjoy fitness and healhy lifestyle. Thank you for sharing this video with us. I myself am not a Vegan but I try to use as much fruits and vegetables as I can in my everyday life.

    I start each day with healthy shake made of 80% fruit and 20% vegetables. I have a few recipes that use and they kept me quite healthy. My immune system was always ready, and every cold I catched just passed after one day – without any medication.

    I apprecaite your effor and blog. I will definitely bookmark it.


    1. Hi Strahinja,

      Well you don’t need to be a vegan to enjoy this shake mate – just give it a go! 

      Anyway, it sounds very much like you have your own selection of shakes built up, and they are working wonders on your health! 

  2. Looks like a yummy shake!  There is so much conflicting information about what is the best healthy way to eat.  It can confuse anyone.  Even if you research what the “experts” say you will quickly find another “expert” that will tell you the opposite.  Personally I am following a modified Paleo eating method.  I think the trick is to eat as close to natural products as possible.  The less manipulation by man that your food is the better.

    1. Well that’s a pretty impressive diet to stick to Tom – good on you. I know from experience how hard and taxing the Paleo way can be! 

  3. A vegan diet is definitely healthy for you. I agree that fiber and protein should be a big part of your diet.

    Fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods for our bodies.

    I do like and eat nuts, peas, lentils, and beans and make sure they are a big part of my diet. This vegan strawberry shake looks delicious! I am not normally a smoothie or shake person because of diabetes, I must watch my sugar intake.

    But sugar from natural fruit is okay as long as it’s low on the glycemic index chart. But I must try this one! I love strawberries especially and it’s awesome that any berry fruit is about the lowest on the glycemic index! So do you know how much sugar is in this shake?

    1. Hi Rob, 

      Unfortunately I’m not the creator of this awesome smoothie, so it’s best you watch the video to find out the exact sugar amounts etc. 

  4. Hi Chris! This is just the type of posts I LOVE it!! Short and sweet! To the point! Thanks a lot for bringing this shake to my attention! I love the video and your comments! I am a vegan by ethical choice as much as possible but I definitely notice some negative health ‘consequences’ when I eat animal products like dairy products, eggs and honey. I limit them as much as possible because I do not like how bloated I feel after consuming them nor how bloated my eyes are the next morning… also, when I eat a lot of them in one day, or several days in a row, I start noticing some aches and pains that I don’t normally have and that people normally associate with ‘old age’ (I’m 45). It just amazes me how these little aches and pains that are deemed ‘natural’  actually disappear from my body when I keep away from animal products… I think people should try a vegan diet for minimum 3 days in a row and see what differences they notice… just for the fun of the exploration… 🙂 


    1. Hi Nathalie,

      Very interesting that you mention aches and pains linked to the food you eat – I’ve also experienced this sort of thing (and I’m 43). 

  5. It looks delicious! but it is not only with strawberries, that’s the best. I am not a vegan fan, I eat healthy… most of the time. I like so much those combinations of fruits in smoothies, I also include some vegetables as carrots, some green leaves, some bees honey and many more. Thank you for this delicious shake, I will follow you for more 🙂

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