3 Sweet Potato Toast Recipes

Ram packed with vitamins and minerals and low in fat – it’s sort of like a cheap vegetable cake…Sweet potatoes really are ‘the bomb’ when it comes to healthy eating!

The latest trend with this diverse vegetable is to cut it thinly and chuck it in the toaster. As you can imagine, certain sections of the social media landscape have been going wild with new variations…

Why Are Sweet Potatoes So Good For You?

Well first off, sweet potatoes are loaded with Vitamin B6 which does a great job of reducing the chemical homocysteine in our bodies.

Recent studies seem to indicate that homocysteine has strong links with common degenerative diseases, including heart attacks (so reducing it’s levels is a pretty good move!).

Next we come to the good old flu and cold fighter – vitamin C.

Sweet potatoes contain a high level of vitamin C but they are not just good for fighting the more common cold symptoms…

Did you know that vitamin C plays an important role in bone and tooth formation, digestion, and blood cell formation?

It’s also pretty immense at accelerating the healing process of wounds.

Sweet potatoes are also loaded in vitamin D, which we know helps build up healthy bones in our body.

So what about our immune systems?

Well, this awesome potato also contains a decent level of iron. Now, most people understand that iron plays a big role in our energy levels…but did you know that is also aids red and white blood cell production?

This is very important process for our immune systems…and also helps with the metabolizing of protein.

We’ve also got high levels of:

  • Magnesium (healthy artery, blood, bone, heart, muscle, and nerve function) and
  • Potassium (Helps regulate heartbeat and nerve signals)

So there you have it – what an awesome addition to a healthy diet!

The Video

The video above is a great release from Livestrong.com and is freely available on YouTube…which is why we pinched it for our site! 🙂

It contains three simple sweet potato toast recipes for you to get started with.