Hydro Exercises

The video above is an excellent introduction to Hydro Exercising by fitness instructor Morris Brossette. It’s a short and sweet complete workout for water – perfect for newbies!

Many people associate this type of water workout with keeping fit after you’ve had an injury but there are numerous benefits of exercising in water.

It offers a low impact fitness regime with the water providing a resistance which is proportional to the effort exerted against it.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from sufferers of obesity who cannot face walking into a gym – jumping around in tight clothes is not really the strongest of confidence boosters for those of us who are out of shape…

The privacy of water is an excellent alternative to this – as at least 90% of your body remains covered up during the workout.

The workout Morris demonstrates in the video is only a minute and a half long – nothing difficult, easy to follow and perfect for newcomers to the subject.

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In this bonus section we will be offering further information related to the subject of Hydro Exercises – sometimes we just need to know more, right?

Numerous conditions greatly benefit from hydro exercise choices, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, joint replacements, neurological, and balance conditions. The website Move Forward (dot com!) has released an excellent article showcasing 10 simple exercises you can do in your local pool.

The website is part of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Hydro Pilates Exercises

Hydro Pilates exercises involve non-impact strengthening and stretching movements that help develop trunk stabilisation, enhance muscle strength, correct posture and relieve stress. The water allows for ease of movement, making it an ideal activity for those with joint problems or other conditions that may prohibit traditional forms of exercise.

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