The Best Lean Muscle Building Supplements

The Best Lean Muscle Building Supplements

Those who are active members of the athletic and fitness industries are always looking to boost their chances at improving in their profession.

In the fast-paced world that we live in today, it’s only natural that people will look for the best lean muscle building supplements to achieve the results they want.

In order to lose unwanted fat and gain mass in those muscles, a healthy and balanced diet coupled with the right kind of exercise is the best way to start.

On top of this, however, it’s also necessary to have the right dietary supplements to support the process.

With so many out there though, how is anyone supposed to know what the best lean muscle building supplements are?

It shouldn’t be too hard to decide on what to take because the chances are, they’ll all work well with your body. Nonetheless, it’s still good to keep in mind that this isn’t a 100% proven fact.

Everybody’s body is different so there will be some supplements that will work better than others, and there may even be those that won’t be compatible with your body.

Some might even produce different reactions than what you were expecting.

Below is a list of common dietary supplements (in no particular order or ranking) that have generally shown the best results with athletes and trainers from all over the world.

Each of these supplements has undergone enough scientific research to be considered among the most ideal to help you with your weight loss and lean muscle-building goals.

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Creatine is usually a popular pick. It’s a substance already found in the body, particularly in our muscle cells, and is an essential part of the metabolic process.

Reports have shown that those who take creatine supplements (there are many types in the market now) have experienced a much faster muscle mass growth than what they are used to.

This may be because it helps to store the energy in your muscles, allowing you to do more reps than usual within a given time and thus, leading to faster muscle growth.

The Pathway For The Synthesis of Creatine
The Pathway For The Synthesis of Creatine

On top of that, it not only helps to prevent damage to your muscles and soreness after exercising, but it also aids in the muscle recovery should something like this happen regardless.

The important thing to remember with creatine is not to take too much, as various side effects have been reported (between 3 to 5 grams both before and after your workout is recommended).

Branched-Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs

Branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, are the three of twenty amino acids in our body that aid in muscle recovery and fatigue reduction during a workout.

Of the three amino acids – namely leucine, isoleucine, and valine – leucine is considered to be the most important because it’s capable of helping muscle tissues to recover on its own.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs

However, it’s still important to take all three together because this way, they provide additional benefits (e.g. muscle growth, increased energy, and decreased muscle breakdown).

Our muscles get sore during and after a workout because our body burns BCAAs to use as a form of energy. Taking this supplement will help to replace whatever nutrients were lost in the process.

This keeps your muscles fueled and ready to keep going without the pain that comes afterwards. It’s suggested to take between 3 to 5 grams when waking up, and then again pre- and post-workout.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is a milk protein that’s a great way to get those BCAAs that you need, especially leucine. Protein is an absolutely essential part of the muscle growth process, whether it’s to cut body fat or gain lean mass.

Because of it’s high protein content, whey helps greatly with protein synthesis, allowing your muscles to repair and recover very quickly. It also contains peptides, which helps the blood flow to your muscles.

This is why it’s usually recommended to take whey immediately after a workout.

Whey Protein

There are several other benefits to taking whey, such as the fact that it’s easily digested. This way, it acts very quickly to replace the nutrients lost during training.

It’s also good for the lactose intolerant despite it being a milk protein; a whey protein isolate can be lactose-free.

Whey protein shakes can be used as an option for meal replacement, especially when you don’t have the time to sit down for a proper meal – it keeps the hunger at bay but still provides the nutrients that you need.

In line with this, it’s very convenient for those who are always on the go. Instead of resorting to unhealthy fast food, have a whey protein shake instead.


Glutamine is another amino acid that, apart from aiding with muscle tissue recovery for decreased soreness after a workout, restores muscle tissues to help boost your immune system.

It’s not uncommon for those who work out intensively to feel a strain on their bodies and immune systems, causing them to get sick and miss training sessions. Glutamine helps to prevent this from happening.


Another benefit from this is increased strength and endurance due to the supplement’s ability to inhibit the breaking down of muscle tissues.

Some people taking glutamine have reported that they are able to lift heavier weights for a longer period of time.

It’s recommended that 5 grams be taken when waking up, 5 grams again before (and some people also suggest after) working out, and another 5 grams before going to sleep.


Another supplement that leads to increased endurance is beta-alanine. This performance boost comes from the amino acid’s ability to produce carnosine.

Research shows that levels of carnosine and levels of endurance are directly correlated; an increase in the former leads to an increase in the latter.

Skeletal Formula of Beta Alanine
Skeletal Formula of Beta Alanine

When we work out, the hydrogen in our bodies is consumed, which results in an acidification called lactic acid. Lactic acid causes fatigue and decreased muscle functions.

Carnosine delays the accumulation of hydrogen and thus, delays the feelings of exhaustion. This allows you to train and build your muscles for a longer time frame.

This supplement has been reported to work even better when paired with creatine.

Again, it’s always possible that your body may react differently to the mentioned supplements. They are some of the best lean muscle building supplements out there, but you’re the one who knows your body best so listen to what it has to say.

And don’t forget, supplements are not meant to be a quick fix; they are meant to help your regular diet and exercise routine.

So don’t stop eating healthy and don’t stop working out, otherwise they’re definitely not going to work.

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9 thoughts on “The Best Lean Muscle Building Supplements

  1. I have a question about these muscle mass supplements… once you get to where you want to be in regards to your muscle mass… do you continue to take the supplements or stop? If you stop will you start to lose the muscle?

    This is a great article btw on the different types of muscle mass supplements. My husband take the creatine. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Tanya,

      There are various techniques used once you have reached the muscle mass you are looking for to keep your shape. I’m afraid that’s a whole different subject we will be covering here shortly! ( we’d never fit it into a comment section! ) 🙂

  2. This was a great and informative post. As someone who exercises daily it is hard for me to know exactly which protein supplements to take, but I am glad i stumbled onto this site. I have always heard about BCAA’s but never really knew what they were so after reading I may look for some products that have those. Thank you for the help.

  3. It is true that supplements works better with healthy diet and doing the right exercises.You have outlined the options so clearly in a way that somebody would easily understand.The most important thing it is to realize that we are different and what might work with one person might not be the same for another.I have friends who do exercises and can benefit from your site to check out on the supplements.

  4. Awesome guide. I’m actually looking to get some supplements for myself. My goal is to gain a BIT of muscle weight. My training is pretty much based on explosiveness, endurance, speed and agility. I’m not lifting weights or anything like that.

    So what would you recommend for that? I need to keep my speed and explosiveness for basketball.

    1. I think you are on the right track there Julius – football ( soccer ), basketball and other similar team sports need you hard but not ‘buff’. Lean and strong is definitely the way you should be going.

  5. This is interesting. I never knew that glutamine improves your immune system as a result of taking care of muscle soreness. You learn something new every day!

    Very nice and detailed explanation of best lean muscle building supplements. I might also read your 3 week diet plan in case I start working out…

    Do you feel that this particular diet plan would work well with a muscle building program or a similar type of fitness? I’ve been looking into taking on a gym membership for quite some time now but I don’t really know where to start?

    Thanks in advance for your response,


    1. Hi Antonio,

      I personally wouldn’t put the 3 week diet plan in place with a fitness regime that concentrated on muscle. You are going to need a specific diet layout for this and it won’t involve starving LOL 🙂

      No seriously, if you are thinking about joining a gym it’s best to speak to a trainer there or even another helpful member. They will be able to point you in the right direction regarding muscle growth and the related diet.

      Most gym members are pretty happy to share advice with newbies – it’s an ego thing (it goes with the muscles!).

      Good luck mate!

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