The Best Free Weight Loss Apps For The iPhone

The Best Free Weight Loss Apps For The iPhone

The advent of technology and the development of software has made working out far easier. Exercise can become a feature of your life that adapts to your schedule. Lean new workouts that will shape your body how you would like.

iPhone users are at a particular advantage in that there exists a unique marketplace within their iPhone, offering users free apps specifically designed for people who want a new workout experience.

The best free weight loss apps for the iPhone are within reach and instantly accessible and await integration into the lives of the consumer.

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1) 7 Minute Workout

Perhaps one could argue that the most grueling aspect of regular and routine exercise is the time that it takes to make the effort.

One has to force themselves to wake up hours early, with little sleep to spare, constantly worried about when they have to go to bed the night before to prepare for the 5 AM wake-up.

Well, the 7 Minute Workout app averts that problem and allows the user to workout on their own time, in their own schedule.

7 Minute Workout

Since it offers workouts of a 7 minute duration, this app will find itself merging easily into your schedule. You can exercise for 42 minutes every day using this app just 6 times every day.

Further, it is very easy to use and does not require interaction with the screen during the workout. Burn away those calories 7 minutes at a time.

2) AmWell

What should you eat for dinner? Is that really a healthy choice? What if I need a low sodium diet? What is high sodium for my age and weight? How can I achieve optimal nutrition?

These are questions that one might pose to a family doctor on those monthly visits, or the rare encounters with an actual nutritionist. But with AmWell, these experts are just a few taps away!


AmWell puts the user in touch with nutritional experts and offers them actual face-time and video chatting with these people who would usually require a schedule and an appointment, when all you want to do is ask a few simple questions.

With AmWell, you may pose those questions without even leaving your home and acquire the necessary nutritional information that you need for proper weight loss.

3) Diet Assistance

Alright, you have made the decision – you are going go on that overdue diet. But then the question arises, where do you start? What do you even eat?

Perhaps everything in your home is high calorie, carb, sodium, and you just do not know what sort of replacements will have an impact.

Diet Assistance

Diet Assistance can help. It will also interact with your exercise experience and calorie counting. It is an app that will engage with all of your dieting needs. It will even send you reminders related to your diet.

This app provides a platform for serious dieters to develop their weightloss strategy. If you want to train yourself to buy nutritional food that you can consume regularly and really develop good habits, look to Diet Assistance.

4) Fitocracy

Do you want motivation to do that workout? Do you want helpful tips and guidelines to achieving your goal, to pushing through?

Fitocracy has built in coach’s notes for those that would benefit from that extra push toward the proverbial finish line.

Since it is meant to provide a customized workout experience to suit the needs of the user, it has a number of different workout activities that you can swipe through and select those that are helpful and applicable.


This will generate a workout that will achieve the goals that you are thriving for. Since Fitocracy is developed for the long-term user, it will track your progress over time and tell you how far you have come since you started using their app.

But those will not just be numbers on a screen. It will be something that you can see in yourself when you look in the mirror.

5) Fooducate

Do you ever encounter an item in the grocery store and wonder if it is really as nutritional as you think it is? Fooducate knows, and it will allow you to just scan the barcode and bring up information pertaining to whether it would integrate well into your diet.


The information available to the user will create a platform for good decisions and you will be more apt to lose weight.

Since there is such a wide array of food options, one cannot be blamed for not having all of the necessary information. Fooducate is a database of the information that you need.

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14 thoughts on “The Best Free Weight Loss Apps For The iPhone

  1. What a fun article I never knew anything about weight loss app. All of your content are very good I really like the 7minute workout .Your website provided vauble information on weight loss your visitor will learn something very new when reading your content. I think this is a very good niche ..thanks best wishes.

  2. Ah, you made me feel lucky that I am an iPhone user today. I especially loved 7 Minute Workout and Fooducate!

    We do have an exercise room here in the condominium complex we live and I don’t even have to drive to be there. Nonetheless, I don’t go down there to exercise even once a month. I just don’t feel like stopping things I need to do for 30 min and be somewhere else to exercise, you know. But I am more than willing to spare 7 min in my own house!

    I checked out the app. They even have another 7-min app that is specially designed for women 🙂 Thanks Chris for the info. Let’s see how it will actually work.


  3. I love your site. As an IPhone user I was thrilled to see all these diet and workout apps that I don’t have. I will be adding a couple of them. I think Fitocracy looks really cool and may help me with some weight training I have been trying to get into. I’m bookmarking this site so I can check out all these apps.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this post! To be honest, there’s a wealth of apps on the app store and its really difficult to pick out the best apps. I’ll surely be downloading the 7 minute workout. You have made a task that could take hours be done in a couple of minutes!

  5. Another great article. I love the Calorie Ninja, always good ideas and sensible advice.
    I love the idea of the 7 minute workouts and the barcode swipe for advice..
    Personally I’m fine with going to the gym and running but if I were ever really pressed for time I can definitely see how the 7 minute workout 6x per day would work..I should try that with my language studies!
    I try to buy everything fresh but I do have a few go to packaged gods that I know well however the bar code swipe would save me a lot of googling…I often like to check out new things at the supermarket and see if they are edible for me
    Thanks again Chris 🙂

    1. Hello once again Alison!

      Yeah these apps are pretty handy if you are stuck at home or leading a busy lifestyle – the quality of the workouts is very impressive!

  6. Very interesting! I’m in the fitness industry and found a couple of new ones from your list that I will check out! Thanks for sharing!

    With the 7 Minutes and Fitocracy do you know if they have inbuilt modifications into their programs? I’m thinking for clients that have injuries that limit what they can and can’t do. I’ll check it out, thought I’d throw the question out to someone who’s used them before.

    Great write up, thanks 🙂

    1. I would have thought so Amanda – but a guest writer actually put this piece together so I’m not 100% sure! We have got to the point where we invite experts in the industry to write for us every now and again…and this is one of those times! 🙂

  7. Hi there,

    Thanks for the list. It’s something new to me. I use Nike Training for exercise and MyFitnessPal to watch my calorie intake. I also use South Beach App and Dukan App for recipes.

    Which one of these five do you like best? Have you personally tried using them?


    1. Hi there Pitin,

      This article was actually written by one of my team (not by me) and when it was written I hadn’t tried any sort of app type weight loss option.

      But, it got to a point where I KNEW I had to try one otherwise I couldn’t answer these types of comments LOL.

      I’m happy to say that I have now tried the 7 Minute Workout and I loved it – not too hard but tough enough to make a difference – great health app!

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