The Best Abdominal Exercises To Do At Home

The Best Abdominal Exercises To Do At Home

In this article we will be taking a look at the best abdominal exercises to do at home. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer OR a gym membership – but controlling your stomach line doesn’t have to be that costly…

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Why Belly Fat is The Last to Go?

First of all, some people are genetically set up to carry more weight around their midsection, whilst others tend to store fat around the thighs or hips.

Men are more likely to fall into the belly bulge trap and develop excess fat around the stomach. Women tend to follow suit when they get through the menopause.

It’s worth noting that if older members of your family struggle to lose weight around their midsection, genetics could condemn you to the same fate!

This just means that you will have to go that extra mile to lose belly fat – try that little bit harder.

Changing things you can control, like your food intake and how much you move also has a huge impact on weight loss.


First things first – we just had to include a workout video that starts with the mighty caption – ‘Washboard Wednesday’

I mean – how cool is that?

But it’s not the only reason behind us showcasing the video here, this is an excellent exercise setup for both men and women looking to burn on those abs.

The video course goes through the following segments:

  • Two down One Ups for 45 seconds with extinction at 45 seconds
  • Figure 8’s for 60 seconds with extinction at 60 seconds
  • 21 Crunch for 12 reps with extinction at 12 reps
  • Scissor V Ups for 45 seconds with extinction at 45 seconds
  • Hip Touch Planks x 15 each side with extinction at 15 each side
  • Russian V Tuck Twists x 16 reps each side with extinction at 8 reps

This home ab workout system follows the A-X six pack progression. This takes you through all of your home ab exercises in a specific sequence. You want to perform your lower ab exercises when you feel in top notch with your energy and strength (when you are at your freshest exercise point) because these exercises are very challenging.

The instructions in the video are setup to be used around 5-6 times per week for optimal results. It’s also a good idea to make sure your nutrition habits are in check before you take this video on!


We decided to include two exercise setups in this post because the first offering wasn’t totally ‘female-friendly’ in our book! Sure, it’s aimed at both men and women, but sometimes tutorials taken by the same sex athletes work best.

This particular exercise plan comes from YouTube’s holistic health princess Sarah (from the channel Sarah’s Day).

Why Belly Fat is Hard to Lose

Yeah, you’re not imagining things…and you’re certainly not the only one out there!

Belly fat is, and always will be, harder to lose than fat in other areas of your body.

Remember that exercise alone will sometimes fail, even if you go at it like a maniac!!!!


Well a lot of people put up barriers without even realizing it – alcohol consumption, eating too many processed foods, eating the wrong fats, stress, not getting enough sleep….

The list goes on and on – and all of these factors can effect your weight loss efforts!

If you have any questions regarding the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.

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12 thoughts on “The Best Abdominal Exercises To Do At Home

  1. I have a gym membership but sometimes it’s hard to go so I always try to exercise at home, during the day.

    Since I work at home I have the possibility to stop whatever I’m doing to do a quick workout.

    And I really mean “quick”. I’ve been stopping EVERY hour and doing abs for a couple of minutes non-stop.

    Do you think this can work as well?


    1. Hi Eliane, 

      Well it really depends on how quick each session is really – if it’s less than a minute then I doubt you’re going to see much change to your stomach area. However, a little movement/exercise is better than no exercise at all, right?

  2. The abdominal region seems to be the toughest area to get toned or to make an impact on. I appreciate the references to both workouts. I have seen a lot more focused on men and it is nice to have some options specifically focused on women.
    As you mentioned, as a woman like myself, gets closer to menopause it is becoming more and more an issue. It is frustrating to have this physical change and can impact your self-esteem. I would much rather focus on this type of exercise at home. It feels less awkward. I wonder how many other women my age feel the same way?
    Do you think adding something like a sauna type belt to these workouts would help them be more effective?
    Thank you for the help!

    1. Hi Christina!

      Really great to hear that the second video we included has served a purpose, already! 

      I really don’t know enough about these sauna belts to give an honest answer to you – it’ll probably end up being misinformation! I do know that stomach fat is always the last to go – but it’s the first fat layer we WANT to get rid of! 

      Just stick with the exercises and see where they get you – might surprise yourself! 🙂

  3. Belly fat is really hard to lose, not just that, it’s super easy to accumulate, more and more belly fat!! I really need this set of exercise, the second one looks really cool, I’m going to try that at home. I must make it a point to do it every day, thank you for sharing these, just what I need today!

    Do you use these workouts yourself?

    1. Hi Joo, 

      I have used similar workouts in the past but I’m pretty trim these days – I normally just run about 5 miles every morning (keeps the spare tyre at bay!). 

  4. Thank you for the post you shared. When I was a young girl I was proud of my body shape but now oh my!!! I am happy that I found Abdominal exercises to do at home which can help me change my body shape which I am no longer proud of. I hope I will tell you the result which will be positive of course.

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Well I hope you get the shape you are looking for Julienne (and don’t worry – we all change when we get older!)  🙂

  5. Hi Great article,

    I can attest to the fact Belly fat is very hard to shift, Its always the last to go on me! Even at really a low body fat it’s still there hiding the abs! But great looking abs are not the only Reason to do Abdominal exercises! a strong core is essential for most sports and activities. It even makes simply everyday life better and easier!



  6. This is great information and I like the Jeff Cavaliere video. I tried some of those exercises but  I have a very sensitive lower back and it hurts to do some of those moves. Crunches and planks seem to bother my back the most. What ab moves do you recommend for someone with lower back issues?

    1. Wow that’s a really good question there Dave, I don’t really know…yet! You’ve just given us an excellent idea for a new article…

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