Motivation to a Healthy Lifestyle

Motivation to a Healthy Lifestyle


I didn’t really know how to start this article, or what layout I should use to get my words across in a way that actually works. Regulars to this site will already know that I DID NOT live  a healthy life through my youth, and unfortunately I took that on into my early thirties

It’s only then, that I found my motivation to a healthy lifestyle – I wanted to change for vain reasons to begin with, but all the reasoning took me to the same destination. I was a young father and I needed to change certain habits, and live a much healthier lifestyle.

So this article will be written in a much more laid back fashion than normal – kinda like I’m having a conversation with you in a pub, or a bar, over a few drinks (okay, okay – not exactly healthy I know…but we all need a drink now and again!).  🙂

I’ll be covering the angles I paid most attention to when I was desperately trying to lose weight and get back to a healthier style of life. These may work for some, yet not for others. Overall I’m hoping people can pick and choose what they want out of the article, and use what is useful to them.


Change to a Healthy Lifestyle – Why?

Change to a Healthy Lifestyle - Why?


So why did I initially want to change to a healthy lifestyle? What were the factors behind me finally waking up and facing the naked truth?


During my youth I was a pretty lucky guy. I come from a ‘tall’ and ‘slim’ family and I never really had to worry about girls etc – I was pretty popular.

This lucky lifestyle went on into my twenties, and eventually into my early thirties…then I noticed a slight change in the waistline of nearly every pair of jeans I had…something had changed.

Well it certainly had changed. All of a sudden the nights out drowning in tanks of beer and the shitty food I loved so much…had caught up with me. Even my face was starting to show signs of weight here and there.

At first I decided to ignore it all, but I was single (yet again) at the time.

Without warning – the boyish good looks were deserting me and I found it more and more difficult to ‘pull’ girls.

There was no sweeping this under the carpet – I had changed for the worse and it was 100% down to the unhealthy lifestyle I had led since the age of 13. There was nobody to blame but myself.

Simply put – if I didn’t want to ‘expand’ any further I need to wise the f##k up!

So it was all down to vanity at the end of the day, but that doesn’t matter – whatever wakes you up to a healthy lifestyle is fine…as long as it does manage to wake you up!


The Path to a Healthy Lifestyle is HARD Work!

The Path to a Healthy Lifestyle is HARD Work!


So how did I first go about this big change – what were the first ‘baby steps’ I took towards changing my life for the better, and getting healthier?

Well to me, it was pretty obvious that the first element I had to tackle was my diet – that should be first for 99.9% of you looking to take on a healthier route in life.

My diet was, and had been, shit.

There’s no way I can beat around the bush here – it had been atrociously shit for a couple of decades, and it had contributed largely to my change in appearance.

So I needed to eat in line with what I like(d) to call a ‘boring diet’. I actually managed to do this with little fuss, and I 100% believe that a large majority of you reading this will experience the same ease of changing diet (if you put your mind to it).

But this was just the start, I had a ‘beer belly’ which had started to spread to other areas of my body…I needed to get rid of this asap.

So now comes the hard part…

I knew I had to take on some form of exercise but I hadn’t really exercised in years – a youth of alcohol, bad food and social drug taking will do that to you!

Anyway, I’m a musician by trade, so I figured that I needed to workout to music. Only one problem though – I couldn’t afford a gym membership.

So I opted to go running every morning, and listen to music on my Mp3 player – it worked…but man was it HARD, HARD WORK!

I ached liked I’d never ached before for the first month…and I had to get up and run on aching limbs the following day(s). It was a complete nightmare to begin with, but the music helped me through (and still does to this day).


Mental Toughness

I felt at this point in the article, it is important to point out that this was not a smooth ride for me. When we first decide to change our lifestyle for the better we are ALL going to lack what is referred to as metal toughness.

At times I had to force myself out of the door to go for a run in the mornings. It didn’t even matter if it was blowing a gale, pissing down with rain or even snowing – I’d drag my sorry ass through the door…into the car…and drive to my special rural running route.

Ignore what 99.9% of these so-called fitness gurus say – we ARE NOT born with mental toughness when it comes to taking on ANY form of lifestyle change. You have to develop this kind of toughness, and it doesn’t necessarily come easily (to most).

I’m not going to sit here and bang on about how I started to run, then my whole world fell into place, and it’s been sweetness and light ever since!

When I first started out with this it was not easy…and I nearly gave it all in after three weeks of exhaustion and aching limbs.

Mental Toughness


Motivation to a Healthy Lifestyle

The main point behind this article was to let everyone that’s new to this, know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel…and most of us fall at the first hurdle.

I’m NOT a professional motivator…and I’m not even that much of a positive personality.

I just managed to change my lifestyle by persisting with what I started with, regardless of how shitty I felt at the time.

At the end of the day we all design our own motivation…when we hit that initial brick wall and realise things are going to get VERY tough.

Please don’t waste your time listening to these idiots on YouTube, or any other social platform, that preach how easy it is once you’ve got your mind on it etc…

This doesn’t happen in the real world of health and fitness.

If it was easy EVERYONE would be doing it and the planet wouldn’t have a problem with obesity and the diseases linked to it.

If you have recently started out on a healthier lifestyle we would love to hear from you – please leave your story in the comment section below!


How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise Regularly

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise Regularly

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It develops endurance, gives more energy, reduces stress, controls body weight and promotes good health in general. Everyone knows this, but if it’s such a well-known fact, why is it that only 20 percent of adults exercise regularly?

The answer for this is pretty simple: LACK OF MOTIVATION. It’s very easy to find reasons to not work out when it actually should be the other way around.

Lack of motivation is very common, and if you’re one of those people who join the gym and then decide it’s too cold or maybe too hot to go, or if you have constant headaches and hard days at work every time you have to exercise then this is for you!

Here are some tips on how to motivate yourself to exercise regularly and keep going even in the very cold and tough days.

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How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

1) Positive Attitude

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”
Ralph Marston

When you have positive thoughts not only about yourself but toward exercise everything will be easier. This is super important because it’s not always easy to wake up at five in the morning to be able to hit the gym. So you basically have to brainwash yourself and keep those positive vibes all the time to be able to stick with your plan no matter what.

Positive Attitude

How to do this? Well just think in how fabulous you’ll feel after training, in all the clothes that will fit, and in how great your body will look if you keep going. Attitude is everything, so do one more rep and keep that enthusiasm up.

2) Find Inspiration

“To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.”
Tony Dorsett

Since you were very young, you probably admired someone, maybe a tennis player, a singer or a writer. Everyone has role models, and this is a good thing. Finding someone you admire or who inspires you to exercise is an excellent way to stay motivated.

Buy some fitness or sports magazines and hang pictures and posters everywhere so that you remember all day long how you want to look and how you want to be.

3) Find What You Love

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”
Marc Anthony

Sometimes you have to try and experiment a lot to find something you actually enjoy. If you paid for a gym membership but skip it frequently maybe the gym is not for you. Find something that makes you want to jump out of bed and exercise.

Find What You Love to Exercise

If the gym is not for you maybe you’ll like Pilates, maybe the meditation and relaxation of a yoga class suits you better, maybe wearing a tennis squirt moves you or maybe you simply enjoy more the fresh air of a jog in the park.

Experiment and find what’s best for you and the motivation will come automatically, because there’s nothing like loving and enjoying what you’re doing.

4) Find an Exercise Buddy

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.”
Henry Ford

Have you ever heard that saying that goes something like, “you are the company you keep”? Well, this applies to exercise as well!

If you surround yourself with active people who love exercising then making this a habit will be a lot easier. It’s hard to stay motivated if you hang out with couch potatoes all day long. Find an exercise buddy who can inject you with energy.

5) Reward Yourself

“Every project has challenges, and every project has its rewards.”
Stephen Schwartz

Motivation and rewards are strictly linked to each other. Multinational companies worldwide discovered this years ago. In order to increase productivity, they implemented incentives and reward systems. This is human nature, so rewarding yourself is one of the best ways to keep you motivated.

Reward Yourself With Cake

For example, if you love chocolate cake reward yourself with a slice after a whole week of hard training. Maybe you like shoes, so reward yourself with a new pair of shoes after a whole month of exercising. Perhaps a day at the spa and a nice massage sound better to you, or maybe a short weekend on the beach. Find whatever it is you want and like the most and reward yourself once you achieve your goal.

6) Get Competitive

“Look in the mirror, that’s your competition.”

In general, it’s safe to say that all humans are competitive by nature. Clearly there are persons who are more competitive than others, but healthy competition is always a good way to stay motivated.

You don’t necessarily have to compete against someone else, you could compete with yourself. For example, if you run three miles today, try to beat yourself and run five miles the next day. Compete with yourself and soon you’ll realize that you’re in better shape than ever, and this in turn will keep you motivated.

So there’s no excuse now, these six tips on how to motivate yourself to exercise regularly should provide you with some sort of starting platform. Remember – if it ain’t hard work…it ain’t worth doing!

Good luck!

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