Cutting Down on Drinking Alcohol

Cutting Down on Drinking Alcohol


Okay, before we dive into this article I thought it was only fair to point out that I am no angel – I keep myself healthy through certain fitness (cardio) options, but at times in my life I have enjoyed a drink (or ten!).

If I’m going to publish an article about cutting down on drinking alcohol – I felt it was only right I put all my cards on the table first.

These days I regulate my alcohol quite well, but there were times in the past when things were very different…

Have you recently been concerned about the amount of drink you are throwing down your throat?

Maybe you’ve seen some negative health effects from it?

Maybe you’re getting a little older and the drinking sessions are causing unbearable hangovers?

If the amount of booze that you have been drinking exceeds recommended guidelines, and is in the territory of affecting your health, you may want to try cutting down or moderating your consumption.

Here are a handful of tips that I was introduced to when I first decided to cut back on the beer…


Let’s Cut Back on Drinking Alcohol

If I’m honest with you – I feel that about 80% of us (in countries where alcohol is legal) are smashing through the recommended guidelines for drinking and staying healthy. We’ve all heard of them…but not many of us pay them much attention.

Let’s face it – these guidelines are incredibly low, and I struggle to see how two drinks a night will ravage your health…but then again…I’m not a medical professional (not even close!).

Remember – The key to successfully cutting down is to find something that works for you personally. If only one of the tips below appeals to you, go for just that one!

Let's Cut Back on Drinking Alcohol


No. 1 – Be Realistic – Goals are Hard Enough to Reach!

First things first – set a realistic goal to hit.

Only YOU know yourself well enough to do this part, so grab a pen and paper then note how many drinks you want per day and how many days a week you want to drink.

The thinking behind this?

Writing these sorts of goals down is a surefire way to remind yourself, day after day, that you are serious about cutting back a bit.


No. 2 – Start Counting Your Drinks (Go Figure!)

This is a lot more effective than you first may think – try counting your drinks as you’re going along through the night.

Seriously, it’s surprising how fast this process takes hold of you, and even makes you feel a little guilty (I actually used it last night…and opted to go to bed instead of that extra glass of red wine!).

I wouldn’t really recommend taking a pen and paper out with you, but it is simple enough to record your drinks progress on your smartphone.


No. 3 – Try Pacing Yourself For Once!

Now, I personally found this one a little difficult – when I get that ‘buzz’ off my first couple of drinks the floodgates tend to open…and I’m not exactly a slow drinker!

But, this does work.

I prefer to sip my drink slower than normal, but others have had success with using the ‘one drink per hour’ routine – it’s up to you which one you choose.


No. 4 – Try Nonalcoholic Beverages Between Drinks

This is yet another trick that actually worked pretty well for me, but a night out did end up costing a little bit more than usual (how do they get away with charging those prices for Coke in a bar?).

Simply slip in a nonalcoholic drink between each alcoholic drink (water, juice or soda).

Remember – no matter how much you guzzle in a night, it’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water along with it (if you can!).


No. 5 – Stuff Your Face! 


Yep seriously – eating a bit of grub can actually fan the flames of that alcohol craving, and in my case, it even slows down my drinking on a night out. Bear in mind that this does not work for all drinkers.

A good habit to adopt is to eat at all the normal times, regardless of where you are on your night out.


No. 6 – What Triggers You?

Most, if not all, habits, have some sort of trigger – what triggers you to drink?

If you are used to going out and getting slammed with particular friends, maybe it’s worth avoiding them for a month or two?

Also, try and avoid places that you are comfortable drinking in (that local town where you have spent untold amounts on nights out!).


No. 7 – There’s More To Life Than Alcohol

If alcohol has become a solid part of your life, why not try doing something else for a change?

I took up running every morning, pretty long distances, and I began to like the way it made me feel, and the weight it took off me (I’m very vain!). On top of that – getting up to go for a run AFTER a night on the booze is hard, hard work. In some cases this actually stopped me from opting to go out for a few pints.


Cut Down on Drinking Alcohol

Cut Down on Drinking Alcohol


It’s worth pointing out that if you can’t cut down the amount you drink, and you REALLY want to…you may well have a bit of a problem with the old alcohol. Maybe it’s worth taking a long hard look at yourself and maybe seeking some outside help?

It’s nothing to be ashamed of – it happens to the best of us!

I also feel that the western world is a modern society where we’ve lost the ability to just say ‘no’ and actually mean it for once. How often have you ended up with four drinks inside yourself when you didn’t really plan to drink that night?

How often have you caved in to the mate who preaches “Go on – I’m buying!!!!”.

The key to successfully cutting down your drinking habit, is to find something that works for you. Try these tips and if one doesn’t work, try another until you find one that helps you cut back on your alcohol consumption.

Good luck, and stay healthy! 🙂


What is The Healthiest Alcohol to Drink on a Diet?

What is The Healthiest Alcohol to Drink on a Diet?

I’d say this is the first question on most people’s lips when they eventually decide to take on a diet – what is the healthiest alcohol to drink on a diet?

And rightly so really – a large percentage of the western world rely on a drink or two when the working day ends…it’s tough out there!

But, that lovely warm buzz that alcohol gives you comes with a big downer for those of us trying to lose weight – unfortunately, alcohol leads to calories (and in most cases – lots of them!).

You see, the more you drink, the less weight you are going to drop, as the body burns the alcohol before anything else.

But all is not lost…if like me…you enjoy the sins of alcohol.

There is a very big difference in how diet-dangerous most alcoholic drinks are – this means there are options that could fit in with a diet (but there are also options that are disastrous for a diet).

Let’s take a closer look at your options…

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What About Wine?

My personal favorite…since I’ve turned 40 anyway!

Did you know that even the strictest of low carb diets will stay on track with the odd glass of wine here and there (the mad low carb diets that have a cap of about 20 grams of carbs a day!).

If you take on a more moderate approach to low carb dieting, wine is not going to be a problem at all…as long as you’re not drinking two bottles a night (caught you!) 🙂

But, please keep in mind that this only applies to dry wine options – sweeter wines (and dessert wine in particular) are loaded up sugar and therefore no good for a dieting individual.

Don’t Avoid Eating For The Sake of Drinking

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it – I used to be totally guilty of this, because I was blissfully unaware of how it affected the weight loss process…

So, we fancy a few drinks tonight with the boys…but what about all those extra calories?

Surely this influx of extra calories is going to ruin our diet efforts?

So why don’t we just skip eating tonight and cut our calorie count down this way – now we’ve got room for alcoholic calories right???


Skipping food when you are drinking will more often than not backfire on you completely, leaving your diet in complete tatters.

You see, most alcoholic drinks are high in carbohydrates which cause your blood sugar to rise and spike in style…and then crash right down again. This mad crash leaves us absolutely ravenous.

So, before you go out with the lads (or the gals!), make sure you load up on long-lasting energy foods like protein shakes, Greek yogurt or a selection of berries.

You Have to Limit The Drinks…I’m afraid!

Yeah this is the part of the article you really didn’t want to read, and I feel gutted just having to write it!

Most people are under the impression that if they stay away from alcohol all week long, they can go wild on a Friday or Saturday night and still stay on track with their diet…which is not the case I’m afraid!

Staying off the juice all week then going wild on the weekend is probably the worst thing you can do for your diet.

When you drink a truckload in a single night you are taking in huge amounts of alcohol calories. Your body then needs to break down these calories to process them before it even gets to the food calories OR the stored fat in your system!

On top of this – don’t forget that these calories will smash your blood sugar levels off course, and this will in turn, mess with your ‘sensible’ mindset.

All of a sudden you will be a ‘Hungry Harry’ who is not thinking straight due to the alcohol – time for a twelve inch pizza right?

The Following Day…

Even if you stick to drinking dry wines all night, you can still completely ruin your diet by folding to the cravings that come your way the following day.

When you drink too much you get a hangover…and that hangover leads to cravings for large amounts of cheesy, greasy fast food.

With a hangover, you are dehydrated, and this can make you feel more hungrier than normal.

The day after drinking, your body needs to replenish it’s energy sources to deal with the hangover feelings. In most cases, this means it is looking for the richest source of energy it can find, which is fat.

Research shows that you can get around this heavy hangover feeling by simply including a few large glasses of water in your nightly exploits. Simply drink a glass of water after every glass of wine you drink.

Last thing at night, when the alcohol consumption is over, drink some more water before bed and try to slip in a snack that is high in fiber and protein.

Oh, and don’t forget to have a wee before you hit the hay (wine and water = waking up in the early hours and running to the toilet!).

What is The Healthiest Alcohol to Drink on a Diet?

So there you have it guys – it’s not all good news…but it’s not as bad as you thought…right?

What are your views on drinking and dieting? How do you get around this potential calorie booster? Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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Running Advice – Exercising With a Hangover

Running Advice - Exercising With a Hangover

Regulars to this site will know by now that my main weapon against the belly bulge is running – I love it…yet hate it…at the same time (no pain, no gain!).

Those closest to me will also know that I like a drink or two throughout the week…and that sometimes leads to me exercising with a hangover.

I have to admit – this running lark is usually the best way for me to kick that ‘morning after’ feeling, it’s brilliant way of sweating out the night before.

But is this type of exercise good for a body that’s already been through the mill with alcohol?

What damage can this do (if any) and how should you approach exercising with a hangover?

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Should You Run After A Super-Binge?

Okay, okay, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a super-binge of alcohol – lets just say a skin-full!

Personally, I always thought that exercising the morning after was a big NO-NO for your body – I thought it would do more harm than good. But, I’ve come across conflicting views on this through my research…

What Matthew Kornblatt Says…

And who the #### is Matthew Kornblatt? (I hear you say).

Well, Matthew Kornblatt is a certified personal trainer and the founder of RightFit Nation.

He seems to think that exercising the morning after is the best way to get rid of the body toxins from the night before (the crap they put in alcoholic drinks!). Apparently we just sweat all the garbage out of us.

Should You Run After A Super-Binge?

He believes that you need to eat a meal made up of carbs before taking on the workout, something like oats or fruit, it restores the energy that the hangover takes off you (this meal is to be consumed about an hour before the workout starts).

NOTE: I’m pretty much against this meal thingy because I’m a runner – I need to put at least 2 hours between eating and starting a run…otherwise I tend to throw up in my mouth halfway through the run!

He also points out that it is important to drink a load of water before your workout – a hangover usually means your body is dehydrated and needs more liquid in it.

So What Actually Happens To Your Body When You’re Hungover?

This is the important part really BEFORE you decide to take on ‘drunk running’ or not – what is actually going on inside your body?

1) Your Head (Ache)

Excess alcohol upsets the production of vasopressin, a hormone that controls fluid balance. This means you are constantly running to the toilet throughout the night out in question, to have a wee!

This is one of the main causes of dehydration the following morning.

Alcohol also messes about with your immune system’s cytokines. These are chemical messengers that get off on switching on the ‘pain button’ in your body. This contributes to the headache you get the next day.

The darker choices of alcohol also contribute to the hangover headache. If you choose to drink a clean spirit like vodka you are giving yourself more of a chance of avoiding a bad head the next day.

Darker options like whiskey, bourbon, beer and dark wines contain more congeners – these little blighters can exacerbate hangovers.

2) Oh My Liver!

Yep, we all worry about this one…and rightly so! What happens to our livers when we consume a ton of alcohol?

A liver can in theory, only detox one alcoholic drink per hour. Now, if you are a reasonably slow drinker (which I am not), and you can pace yourself (which I can’t), you are far more likely to get away with a reasonably healthy liver.

P.S. The last thing your liver needs on the morning after is a ton of headache killers like acetaminophen piled into the body!

3) Stomach

Alcohol irritates the stomach – some suffer from this more than others (I suffer from this!).

Some people get sick at the very thought of food ‘the day after’ – this is down to alcohol playing games with your stomach AND a little bit of alcohol withdrawal (believe it or not!).

4) The Levels of Your Energy

So you were up late drinking last night – that is why you are so knackered the next morning right?

Well, this isn’t the only reason I’m afraid. When you sleep after drinking you are not really getting ‘proper’ sleep – it actually disturbs the brain’s normal sleep cycles.

It’s also worth noting that in most cases your energy levels will be screwed up for a full 24 hours. There are no real cures for this (so forget about the old wives tale of greasy eggs and bacon!).

Exercising With a Hangover

So there you have it – the ball is well and truly in your court!

Matthew Kornblatt seems to think that exercising is a great way to get over a hangover, and I agree with him to a point, but that’s as far as it goes with my own personal opinion!

You see, I sometimes run distance to get over the night before and it works well – but I don’t necessarily feel that great afterwards. I also wonder how good this sort of option is for the heart – surely running with a hangover puts more strain on it?

So I’m looking for your own personal opinions on this subject – do you often exercise after a night out drinking? Does it help you feel better? Do you think it could possibly work against your body in the long run?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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Is Whiskey Good For You?

Is Whiskey Good For You?

Right, before we go any further I feel I really should point out that I am not some nutcase that promotes drinking alcohol in any way!

This article is covering the health benefits of drinking whiskey – benefits most of you did not know about.

If you decide to go out and hit up a bottle of scotch tonight then you REALLY have missed the point of this article…

Alcoholism and binge drinking are both very bad news for your overall health, and can undo any possible positive motions that moderate amounts of whiskey can impart.

Please keep that in mind before reading the remainder of the article…

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The Whiskey Files

The Whiskey FilesI get that there are countless different images that come to mind when thinking about whisky…health articles certainly ain’t one of them right?

Clint Eastwood slamming back a tumbler before taking out a group of Hard-drinking cowboys in an old western setup or Al Capone smuggling crates through a police barricade…sounds a better fit really doesn’t it?

Most people have a sort of love/hate relationship with this spirit – some love it’s warmth whilst others gag and shiver at the slightest sniff of the drink…

…But if everyone knew the truth about the health benefits that it contains, maybe more people would turn away from the pint of beer?

Whiskey and Nutrition

First off the bat – let’s take a closer look at the nutritional values of whiskey!

Whiskey is actually really low in levels of saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium and carbohydrates. At the end of the day there’s not really that much going on inside this golden liquid…well…other than alcohol of course! 🙂

When looking at Whiskey and nutrition we need to be zooming in on its organic compounds.

Whiskey has high amounts of the very powerful antioxidant ellagic acid. This acid is responsible for a majority of the health benefits of Whiskey.

Whiskey and Health Benefits…

Whiskey & Weight Loss

When I usually throw weight loss and alcohol in the same article I’m probably bleating on about fat beer belly’s and ruined muscle tone due to excessive alcohol…but not today!

The key to drinking alcohol and staying healthy is moderation – drinking in moderation (especially whiskey) should not impact your overall weight.

Contrary to popular belief – whiskey contains no fat whatsoever and also has really low levels of sodium.

Of course, it does contain calories and carbohydrates but these come from the actual alcohol not the additives to the drink! These types of simple sugars are rapidly broken down by the body so they can be used for energy.

Whiskey & Dementia

Recent studies have concluded that Whiskey can increase your cognitive performance, therefore, cutting the chances of you getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Of course, alcohol is never going to be given as a treatment towards the two but the ellagic acid is known to be brilliant at taking on the Free Radicals in the body.

Free Radicals have been linked to messing about with the neural pathways, this is thought to increase the effects of dementia.

NOTE: So Whiskey can combat the slow decline towards dementia – but only in MODERATION. Drinking a bottle a night may well feel like great fun but it will actually kill brain cells NOT help them!

Whiskey & Your Heart

The older our bodies get the more lazy and lackluster our various organ systems get…this unfortunately includes our cardiovascular system.

Recent studies have come to the conclusion that those of us that consume a moderate and sensible amount of whiskey have almost a 50% lower chance of coming across a stroke or heart attack in their lives.

Remember – the key phrase once again is MODERATION. I cannot stress this firmly enough! Consuming large amounts of alcohol is definitely NOT a holiday experience for your heart!

Whiskey & Cancer

Cancer needs no introduction – globally it is one of the biggest killers known to man! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be a large rise in cancer infomercials these days on TV – this is for a reason.

As a species we are desperately trying to find new ways to slow the disease down and eventually (hopefully) find a lasting cure.

We’ve already mentioned the high content of ellagic acid in whiskey in this article a number of times – that is for a reason.

Ellagic acid really is one of the most powerful antioxidant compounds that we can put in our bodies.

As we touched on earlier on in the article – this type of acid battles against (or neutralizes) Free Radicals. These Free Radicals are very harmful byproducts of cellular metabolism that lead to all sorts of diseases in our bodies.

An example of some of these diseases are cancer, premature aging, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Does Whiskey Have Health Benefits?

More recent studies have also revealed that whiskey can combat blood clots, give your immune system a boost and aid diabetes control.

Now, lets get one thing straight here!

I know I’m starting to sound like I’m repeating myself but I feel this is a very important point – especially with an article like this!

I am not a doctor and I am not promoting the use of alcohol for medical purposes – the articles I publish are based on legitimate studies and a bit of hard research on my side.

If you read my About Me page you will see where I’m coming from!

Drinking alcohol is fine – in MODERATION.

Most of us lead pretty hectic lives and need to let off steam every now and again. Just make sure the party ends when it’s supposed to! 🙂

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