Social Media And Losing Weight

Social Media And Losing Weight

If you’re looking for a healthy, effective way to lose weight and change your life, the tools you need might be right at your fingertips – literally.

Some recent studies have shown that there is a correlation between social media and losing weight. But don’t worry – you don’t have to start scanning thousands of hashtags or combing through tons of Facebook pages to find the connection between the two.

We’ve outlined the top five ways that social media aids in weight loss below!

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5 Ways Social Media Helps with Weight Loss…

1) Social Media Creates a Sense of Community

As human beings, we have an inherent need to connect with one another – and that’s what makes social networks so addicting.

But instead of mindlessly scrolling through your Twitter or Instagram feeds for celebrity gossip or funny, relatable memes – use social networking to fuel your weight loss. Find like-minded, fitness-focused individuals and connect!

Google+ communities are actually a great way to get advice and support from others who are also on a wellness journey. And while Google+ was a bit of a bust in terms of a social network, their groups act a lot more like old-school internet forums… but with better functionality.

A couple of good Google+ circles to check out are the “Fitness & Weight Loss” community or the general “Fitness” community.

Social Media Creates a Sense of Community

2) It’s Full of Free Health And Fitness Resources!

We’ve come a long way since MySpace. In this day and age, there are so many different social networks at our disposal that it can be hard to know what each one does – let alone how to use them for weight loss.

Here are our top three picks of social networks to utilize as resources to get in shape:


Available as both a website or mobile app, the social network Pinterest allows you to visually share, save and discover interests by “pinning” content to your own specially designated boards.

You can also see what other people have pinned – which is a great way to get inspiration for new workouts or healthy recipes. Start your own “Fitspiration” Pinterest board to save and organize all the recipes and routines you want to try!


Who needs a trainer when you have YouTube? Seriously – there are thousands of fun, fresh and informative fitness channels on YouTube at your disposal for free.

If you’re looking for user-friendly, entry-level workouts – subscribe to the “FitnessBlender” channel. It’s run by a husband and wife duo, so there are plenty of different workouts for both women and men.

Want some more advanced routines? Look into “BodyRock” – they post a challenging new HIIT (high intensity interval training) video every single day!


Since you can watch short 15-second videos on Instagram, this is another great way to get workout ideas or even healthy recipes. Follow @twobadbodies for heart-pumping, calorie-torching routines that vary from total body circuit training to targeted ab blasts.

No gym membership? No problem! Follow @home.exercises for challenging workouts you can do in the comfort of your home.

While there are a ton of other quality accounts you can follow for routines or general inspiration, some people find Instagram can actually be discouraging for weight loss.

Many fitness models edit their photos to make themselves look even thinner or more chiseled, thus further appropriating unattainable standards of beauty. For this reason, it’s important to take what you see with a grain of salt and try not to get caught up in Photoshopped stomachs and Facetuned skin.

Remember – you’re only competing with yourself.

There are apps that can change your appearance – but a dedicated diet and exercise routine has the power to change your life.

3) It Increases Accountability

One of the best ways to stay on track with your weight loss goal is to be vocal about it. A recent study by the University of California examined how stating a goal affects its rate of success.

Only about 35 percent of participants who kept their goals to themselves succeeded – but a staggering 70 percent of those who shared their intentions and reported their progress to friends successfully completed their goals.

So let your friends and followers know that you’re starting a new journey with a short tweet or Facebook post. Who knows…you might even get a new running buddy or gym partner out of it!


4) Social Media Can Help You Track And Manage Your Goals

When you’re trying to lose weight, every calorie counts and every movement matters. However, it can be tedious and cumbersome to try to manually log all of your meals and exercise.

Fortunately, free social-based apps like MyFitnessPal and MealSnap make it easy to track your own progress – and share it with others.

Not only will calorie-logging keep you on track, it may help you lose even more weight! A study from Kaiser Permanente for Health Research reports that dieters who log their meals end up losing about twice as much weight as those who don’t.

And it pays to keep at it – researchers also discovered that the more days dieters consistently logged their calorie intake, the more weight they lost over time.

5) Social Media May Also Help Build Confidence

A study from Cornell University reported that posting photos to Facebook can have a positive impact on self-esteem. So don’t be shy about your weight loss…share it with your friends!

You can also download a free photo layout app like InstaCollage or PicStitch to create collages of your progress so you (and your friends – if you decide to share) can have a clearer understanding and greater appreciation of how far you’ve come.

Making the Connection: Social Media and Losing Weight…

Most of us already use social media on a daily basis anyway – so why not use it to our advantage when it comes to losing more weight?

Start by getting motivated: connect with other fitness fiends in Google+ circles. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice about what works and what doesn’t – no one is born shredded, so everyone was new at this at some point.

When you’re ready to get to work, browse Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube for workout and nutrition ideas and use apps like MyFitnessPal to track your progress.

As you get started and continue on your wellness journey, remember to share your goals with friends and followers – it will make it that much easier to achieve and maintain them.

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14 thoughts on “Social Media And Losing Weight

  1. Wow I honestly never looked at social media that way before..

    I think you are so right, especially with the sense of community and accountability. I think I would be much more inclined to stick to something if I had friends all coming along for the ride and work as a team.

    Thanks for sharing loved it 🙂

  2. this is a very informative well researched content. Loosing weight is not easy at all and you bring your audience to the new light in finding some of the most ways you can loose weight. I like every point and this is going to help me a lot since am “big”

  3. Wow, I am so impress with your website. I have been working out for the last three months, and some of the information you provided will help me so much in the future.

    I cut sugar and white flour in my diet about six months ago, what a great improvement for my digestion system and body. I was really interested in the rowing machine, would it be safe to use for people that may have lower back surgery?

    I am contemplating of adding the rowing machine in my workout. Please advise on what will be the right direction for me to take regarding a rowing machine?



    1. Hi Wanda,

      If you suffer from a lower back complaint it’s always best to consult with your doctor before trying out something like a rowing machine! 🙂

  4. Social media is used about everyday for a great many people and it can help in losing weight. If we go there and find people that are wanting to lose weight and are losing weight we can learn from them. Google+ has a Fitness and Weight Loss place to help out. Pinterest lets you share,save and discover on your topic. You can see what others say about weight loss and add your thoughts. Youtube has a fitness channel showing workouts on Fitness Blender. Instagram has a @home.exercise where you can exercise at home with them. If we tell our friends about our goal and where we are in reaching them we have better chance of reaching our weight goals. Social media can help keep track of our calories ,etc. On Facebook we can post pictures of ourselves and feel good about ourselves. I have used Facebook it is great.

  5. Social media is such a powerful tool. I really like the section on accountability. Crazy to think that having other people hold you accountable will increase your likelihood of success by a factor of 2.

    Holding myself accountable to do anything is always a struggle…I am in need of dropping a few pounds. Going to check out my fitness pal…thanks for the tips!

  6. Wow! This site is fantastic! As a gym owner, I see normal everyday people struggle with a where to get information and what advice to take. This site is amazing at condensing a overload of information and teaching people to just get started and be accountable.

    In our modern social media driven country, you have shown how technology can be used as an amazing too for tracking and accountability. I have not really heard of the majority of choices you have covered above before.

    Bookmarking this site NOW! It’s going to be a really useful source of information to pass onto my customers. Keep up the good work mate – I will be back soon! 🙂


    1. Wow well that’s great to hear Ian,

      First off thanks for the bookmark and the promise to share our work – we always appreciate that sort of help. Secondly, it’s great to get a gym owner on here leaving his thoughts on the subject we have covered.

      We noticed that weight loss and social platforms were growing a stronger link by the day so we decided to cover the subject here. We also have a couple of articles that cover some social apps for weight loss (have a quick look around the site!).

      Great to speak with you Ian – stay healthy! 🙂

  7. Hi there, since I am a big fan of weight loss and fit lifestyle I am checking a lot of social media profiles regularly. From one side, we have lots of benefits, but on the other, there is a lot of photoshop or steroids effects. When someone looks at it can think “I will never be like this” and give. You have to be careful when you will pick channels you follow.

    1. That’s a really good point Igor – there are A LOT of faked photos out there, especially on certain slimming product linked accounts. 

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