Soaked Almonds For Weight Loss

Soaked Almonds For Weight Loss

Often when people are on a diet they avoid nuts thinking they are too high in calories. However, nuts like almonds, are packed full of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to combat cravings for carbohydrates.

Since nuts contain healthy fats, snacking on them will leave you feeling fuller for longer compared to a snack that is low-fat.

As well, it takes your body longer to digest nuts than other foods, so consuming them provides a more continuous kind of energy and you are able to avoid the energy crash that comes with eating carbohydrates.

Including almonds in your diet in a particular way can help you lose weight. Here are some tips to help you feel great while you lose weight.

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Almonds And Weight Loss

There are healthy fats that are commonly found in many types of nuts, but almonds are a particularly good choice for weight loss.

Like avocados and olive oil, almonds contain monounsaturated fatty acids. Oleic acid – the main monounsaturated fat found in almonds – has been found to help lower unhealthy cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of heart disease, and decrease the likelihood of breast cancer in women.

Almonds also contain a mix of minerals including copper, magnesium, and manganese, along with B vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, and biotin.

Your body’s production of energy relies on these nutrients to function effectively.

Your cardiovascular system also benefits from almonds, mainly from the high levels of Vitamin E. This vitamin keeps your heart healthy and protects your cardiovascular system from damage by free radicals.

A study in the International Journal of Obesity found that people who ate a highly restrictive diet that included almonds lost more weight than another group on the same diet with complex carbohydrates instead of nuts.

39% of the diet for the group that included almonds was made up of fat, whereas the group with complex carbohydrates was 18% fat.

Almonds are also extremely high in protein, which can make a drastic difference when it comes to weight loss.

Eating more protein and healthy fats while eating less processed carbohydrates can be highly effective for weight loss.

Almonds For Better Skin

Many people use almond oil on their skin, but consuming them on a regular basis can also provide your skin with many benefits.

The high level of Vitamin E is the main reason almonds are so good for your skin.

They contain a blend of tocopherols and tocotrienols, which is the most natural form of Vitamin E. Most supplements only have tocopherols which is less effective than the natural mix.

Collagen and elastin are key elements to younger looking skin, and Vitamin E helps protect these proteins. When collagen and elastin break down, the skin looks dry and wrinkled.

Consuming almonds as a regular part of your diet will provide your skin cells with a steady supply of Vitamin E.

As well, the skin of almonds contains up to twenty antioxidant flavonoids, all of which work in unison to protect your skin from damage by the environment.

Many of the vitamins and minerals found in almonds have also been linked to healthy hair. Not only can almonds help you lose weight, they’ll also help your hair and skin appear healthier.

Soaked Almonds For Weight Loss

The easiest way to consume almonds as part of your weight loss plan is to use them as a snack food. Try a handful of mixed nuts, with almonds making up most of the handful.

Mixed nuts will leave you feeling full after your snack. You can also try adding a piece of fruit or a vegetable, but avoid including any grains.

Eating grains at the same time will trigger your body to release a high level of insulin into your bloodstream, leaving you hungry a short time after your snack.

If you enjoy yogurt, try crushing some almonds and sprinkling them on top. Or, add a handful to a salad to mix it up, or throw some soaked almonds into a stir-fry.

Consider purchasing almonds in bulk so you always have some handy.

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11 thoughts on “Soaked Almonds For Weight Loss

  1. mmm This post just made me sad 🙁 I absolutely love almonds and use to use them to keep me feeling full but i a have since got braces in and i can’t eat them cus it breaks them lol i stick to almond butter now. Good informative post! people really need know the benefits of the different kinds of nuts and how to are great for us!


  2. Wow – who knew that there were so many benefits to almonds. I have heard that almond milk is becoming more and more popular as a healthy alternative to cow’s milk, but I had no idea there was so much goodness packed into these little nuts. In respect of decreasing the chances of breast cancer in women, is this a significant decrease or only a small one? I think many women, especially later in life are looking for all the help they can get with trying to keep this disease at bay. I like the sound of trying almonds a good snaking alternative, so thanks for sharing this info.

    1. I wouldn’t comment on the actual size of the decrease Mara – I’m not qualified to ‘guess’ that sort of information. I’d advise you to have a quick Google search to find your answer – there are numerous medical papers on this sort of thing! 🙂

  3. Thank you for a very high quality article on soaked almonds for weight loss- I do consume almonds regularly for all their vitamins and minerals plus they are very filling. I never knew you should soak almonds- I will start soaking mine from now on.

    So many good weight-loss tips you have shared in your article today-you must have much experience in this topic I am happy I stumbled on to your article while surfing online today.

    1. Well by the sounds of the username you’ve left here on your comment, you should know a little about this type of thing already, right?

  4. This post comes right on time, because I starting my weight loss program for the summer. I knew almonds were good for, but I didn’t realize how good.

    I also found it interesting that soaking the almonds made quite the change. My question is what did you soak them in? Water?

    Great stuff on almonds.

    1. Yes Edwin, cover them and allow them to soak for 8 hours in water, then drain them off and peel. They are then ready for storage! 🙂

  5. As a health and fitness enthusiast I have always known nuts to be high in protein, and great for your diet. I did not realize how many other benefits almonds had in one’s health though. You pointed out that is takes longer to digest so it is a more sustained energy for your body, and I had never known that. That just makes it another great reason to add to your diet, especially snacks since it will eliminate junk food in a healthy way. I also didn’t know how beneficial eating almonds can be to your skin. I have found my skin to look less healthy lately, so I will definitely be adding almonds in to my daily diet. Thank you for creating this post to open my eyes to the many benefits of almonds, and it has convinced me to eat them more regularly.

    1. I was also surprised by the skin link when I was researching this article Ryan, it came out of the blue really! Unfortunately I’m actually a bit allergic to almonds…so I have to miss out on these health benefits (they make my lips swell up a little!).

  6. Hello Chris

    Thank you for another lovely article. I wish I was a nut fan, but honestly I hate the things, while on my weight loss journey I have had to get used to substitute carb cravings for things like almonds and biltong. Almonds do truly keep me full when I’m pulling long shifts at work, eating them also doesn’t feel like I’m cheating. I might not be nuts for almonds, but I definitely appreciate their existence


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