Smart Ways to Slim Down Hips and Thighs

Smart Ways to Slim Down Hips and Thighs

Everyone has those trouble spots that seem out of proportion with the rest of their body. These problem areas can be caused by fat deposits or by muscle. Whether the issue is muscle or fat there are ways to effectively slim down the hips and thighs.

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Fatty Thighs and Hips

You may feel that no matter how you hard you exercise, and slim other parts of your body, fat just seems to accumulate on your hips and thighs. Chances are good the reason for this is simply genetic.

Many women and some men naturally store fat in these spots, more than any other part of their body. While this feels like a cruel trick on the part of nature, there are ways to trim down, but it will take a little extra work.

Start by checking your body mass index. Typically, women will see results with slimmer legs, thighs, and hips if they have a body fat percent of around 18%. It’s also possible to reduce the appearance of cellulite in these areas through specific diet and exercise as well.

Foods to Avoid to Reduce Fatty Thighs and Hips

Most diets offering a safe reduction of calories, when used along with the right kind of exercise, will help reduce stored fat.

There are a few “gotcha” foods, many people never realize will send fat straight to their problem areas. For example alcohol, causes the body to release a hormone called cortisol, which will actually drastically reduce your ability to burn fat.

Fat metabolism can drop as much 73%, so it’s best to avoid having even a few drinks when trying to reduce trouble areas. Foods to avoid include fried foods, heavy starches, and of course, sugary snacks.

Exercises for the Hips and Thighs

One common, and frustrating mistake is to use toning alone when trying to reduce trouble spots. The only way to truly get rid of stored fat is to burn it off.

Fat burning exercises, especially those focusing on the hips, thighs, and legs will see better results much faster than firming workouts or stretching alone.

Muscular Thighs and Hips

There are two ways muscular thighs and hips can start to look out of kilter from the rest of your figure. It’s possible your genetics lead you to store fat, and make more muscle in these areas.

Again, it’s important to use the body mass index to see if you should be reducing fat to slim down hips and thighs. If you do have more than the average amount of muscle and fat in this area, changing the diet and reducing the amount of fat stored can help.

If you already have a low body index, then it’s possible you make more muscle specifically in these two areas. Heavy muscle concentration in these spots is typical of gymnasts, dancers, and ice skaters due to the concentration on these areas in their workouts.

Reducing muscle mass can only be accomplished by switching to other types of exercise, or lowering the amount of time spent working out the hips and thighs.

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10 thoughts on “Smart Ways to Slim Down Hips and Thighs

  1. Chris,
    I am not aware that alcohol is one of the main culprits to stop people from slimming down their hips and thighs. Often I see people exercise heir legs just like the youtube you posted. Does it really help to reduce hips and thighs? I am interested to know as many women are suffering from this concern. If it does help, I will share this info to my spouse.

    1. Alcohol is one of the main weight gain culprits full-stop Stanley – if you manage to cut it from your diet you will always see an improvement in your figure!

  2. I like the term “gotcha” food. It sounds as if you get busted for having something which is deemed sinful and a nutritional offence.

    On effective workout, I think it’s the same thing to bulking up where some guys especially, would focus doing bench press if they have objectives on getting bigger pecs on chest.

    Just like a soccer player who solely focuses on squats and deadliest rather than lifting heavily by doing bicep curls to cope a very intensive game on the field.

  3. I rarely drink at all; I sort of wish I did so I could cut it out. Amazing how it slows the metabolism! And explains my challenges in my 20’s! Thank you for sharing this information and advice on exercises. What other foods do you recommend staying away from? I tend to eat healthily though I could definitely give up what are likely high calorie coffee drinks.

  4. It’s enlightening to know that alcohol can promote the store of fat at those wrong places. I do agree to avoid those delicious fried foods, heavy starches, and sugary snacks. My good guess is for teetotaller who gains extra mass on hips and thighs has to live with her genetic makeup and start a diet or exercise program. Thank you for this informative post.

    1. No problem Fred – glad you found it ‘enlightening’ 🙂

      Stop by again any time! ( and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! )

  5. Hi Chris,

    I am lucky I don’t like alcohol, so this is already a good thing! I am walking almost every day for about 30 minutes around the neighbourhood in the hope of burning calories to lose the hips and the thigh, but it is not really working for me. I am going to try aerobic and see how it goes, I am sure it will help:)
    Thank you very much for sharing those useful information

  6. First of all, let me tell you that I really like your website. I mean, really love…

    Secondly, I was very interested because I have troubles myself with these areas of my body. I enjoy sugary and salty snacks and I gained weight these days, I think I have let things go South slightly without worrying too much about it!

    These kind of things really catch up with you don’t they – at the end of the day once you’ve hit thirty you’ve got to keep an eye on what you eat etc.

    I will follow your diet and exercise advice so that that I’ll try to slim down. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi there Angelce,

      Yeah it was around the mid twenties for me – too much beer and a love of pizza didn’t really help my cause at all. You do notice it happening but you think you’ll get back in shape easy enough…

      Never ever, ever the case!

      It’s great to hear you like the website so much – we’ll enjoy seeing you here and chatting with you!

      Take care and stay healthy!

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