When I first took up running I was in a really poor shape for my height – tall guys just shouldn’t carry weight (it just looks wrong!). The more I consistently ran the more my body began to tone itself up.

After a month or so I noticed my legs take on a rather ‘sporty’ shape that I had not experienced before – I kinda liked it!

But that was a very masculine feeling – what happens when women want to lose weight by running and end up with footballer’s legs?

In this article we will take a look at how to slim down muscular thighs the safe way. If you are worried about the muscular legs you have developed then we have a handful of simple solutions for you…

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Slim Down Your Thighs

The only way to really slim down your thigh muscles is to change your training routine. The more you run the more your muscles develop over time.

When running causes these muscles to develop rapidly it also causes a reduction in the amount of body fat.

It is this reduction in body fat (around the legs) that gives you the impressive yet manly muscular appearance.

At the same time your body is actually getting a lot more efficient at looking after and producing muscle tissue. There is only one way around this…

You need to mix up your training a bit!

A close (female) friend of mine is also a dedicated runner but she also likes the glamour side of life. She hated the look of her legs and spent months away from anything above knee height (I’m talking about clothes here of course!).

She was told she simply needed to consider different forms of exercise to lose weight. She took this on board and switched between running and swimming throughout the week.

You see, when you are swimming you are effectively using just about all of your body’s muscles – not just your legs.

Within the first month of this assorted training routine she began to see the slender female legs she used to have as a teenager.

But this was still not good enough for her…

When she started to see results she realised she could keep on exercising and battling the bulge without sacrificing the look of her legs.

She did a little extra homework on the subject and found out that:

  • If she opted to run longer distance her legs would actually develop leaner muscles over time
  • Simple stretches to re-lengthen the muscles before and after the exercise can work against the leg muscles bulking up ( apparently running on shortened muscles results in muscle build up )
  • Weight training should be concentrated on body weight ( that one sounds pretty obvious really! )
  • In many cases Yoga has been used to successfully reduce the size of bulky leg muscles ( apparently Power Yoga sees the best results )

Why Slim Down Muscular Thighs?

At the end of the day there are a lot of women out there that would kill for a pair of strong, toned legs. Why slim down muscular thighs?

If you enjoy your running sessions and are seeing great weight loss through them you NEED to have some sort of leg muscle strength to ensure you can continue.

It’s also worth noting that the more muscle mass you have the more calories you’ll burn during everyday chores (when you are not even exercising). This is down to the fact that your body is actually having to work harder than normal.

But…at the end of the day we all fall at the feet of genetics, no matter who we are! In some cases no amount of dieting or tricky measures will change your genetic makeup.

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