Reprogram Your Mind to Lose Weight

Reprogram Your Mind to Lose Weight

I’m in no doubt that most of you reading this have a fair idea of how to lose weight – eat less and move more (as Billy Connolly once said!).

But certain things in life are easier said than done – successful weight loss is one of them.

You may have a list of things to change, such as consuming more fruit and vegetables, taking on exercise or buying low fat options.

If, like the majority of people, you have a tough time losing weight and keeping it off – despite your best intentions, what do you think could be getting in the way?

In this article we will be taking a look at how you can reprogram your mind to lose weight successfully – to change your weight, first change your mind…

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“All we need is just a little patience…” Guns n’ Roses

Sorry, love that song, so I just had to throw it in there somewhere! 🙂

Wanting too much, too fast, is the quickest route I know of to weight loss failure! It’s a sad state of affairs but…weight loss is too slow to satisfy most modern dieters.


Remember that you’ll always get the best results when you lose weight slowly. When you target fast weight loss you are only really losing water or lean tissue, not fat.

Relying on The Genie in The Lamp

Let me ask you a simple enough question – are you the type of individual that is always wishing they were slimmer or fitter?

Well, unfortunately these are the types of people that never really see any sort of positive progress with weight loss.

Wishing you were in a better place is never going to help – you have to stop wishing and do something about your situation.

Wishes will never really come true by themselves – it is up to you to fulfill them!

Half Truths Hurt!

We promote a handful of health and weight loss products on this website but we are EXTREMELY careful with what we stand behind – not all of these glittering prizes are made of gold.

Unfortunately, even weight loss programs with proven and legitimate science behind them seem unwilling to stick to the whole truth.

This can lead to you playing a VERY dangerous game.

You need to be vigilant – very vigilant.

Be aware of programs that take a little bit of truth only to try and turn it into something groundbreaking – this seems to be happening more and more frequently these days.

Being Realistic

Keeping a record of weight loss goals is an excellent way to create the correct mindset as long as these goals are realistic.

Being Realistic

Write down the overall weight you want to lose, or what size dress/clothing/etc you would like to wear.

From here it is pretty easy to set tiny weekly targets that add up to initial (realistic) weight loss goals.

Be Kind to Yourself

This is probably the most important part of this article so please, please, please pay attention.

None of us are perfect (not even me!) 🙂

You’re going to backtrack sometimes. Everyone does.

It doesn’t matter what it is – a wedding, a stag do, a last minute holiday or cruise, something is going to pop up and throw you off track.

At this point one of two things are going to happen to you…

  1. You are going to throw your hands up in the air and tell the world how worthless you are…
  2.  You are going to shrug it off and get straight back on track!

So forgive yourself for slip-ups, and then resume your good-living habits. Staying on track is NEVER easy no matter how easy your friend claims it is for him/her (yes we all have that pain in the ass friend!).

Mindset & Motivation Boosters

Always try to think about how far you have come, acknowledge that you’ve hit many little achievements up to this point and reflect on them regularly (you’re doing well – honest you are!).

Keep a journal or find some way of keeping a record – this is an awesome way to stay motivated.

There’s no escaping the written word – when you have a bad day, you can go back and look at a positive day and see what you did well – no thinking involved!

Negative thoughts are natural – everyone gets them…but it’s what we actually DO with them that counts!

STOP any negative thoughts straight away, then try making them positive – or even neutral. 🙂

If you have any tips on how to reprogram your mind to lose weight please take the time to share them with us. Feel free to use the comment section below.

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16 thoughts on “Reprogram Your Mind to Lose Weight

  1. Hi Chris!
    Thank you for such a nice post!
    You are so right! If you want to lose weight you have to prepare your mind to do it! Everything is about mind.
    So if you reprogram your mind I’m sure it will be much more easier to lose weight!
    We have to be less demanding with ourselves! Sometimes we are too picky.
    When I want to lose weight I have to relax, follow the diet plan and wait… because it takes time. But we have to stick on the program!

    1. Yeah time and patience are the main things there Alex – many newbies fail because they expect overnight success with something (and that never really happens when it comes to weight loss!)

  2. Thanks for the interesting post.
    You are absolutely right about our brains is the main tool to cope with the most of our diseases. Overweighting our beloved body begins in our mind and brains respectively. I will never go to McDonald, sounds so familiar. Next evening or maybe a bit later you are sitting again in so familiar place and saying again to yourself, this is the last time…

  3. Thanks for the post. Great message. We tend to focus on physical changes for weight loss, but if our minds are not aligned with the program, then we won’t have lasting results! I appreciate the message about being kind to yourself. We definitely are hard on ourselves. People expect perfection and immediate results. This is unrealistic and just sets us up for disappointment. Then we are more likely to give up. Realistic expectations, patience, and a little self love will go a long way. Thanks again.

  4. hey,,, I totally get this post. I have the same problem.
    Whenever I try to go on any weight loss program my mind is what needs the most working on.

    It tells me to fail, even when I’m not hungry it still wants to eat.

    It tells me it can’t be bothered exercising.
    It prefers yummy stuff to healthy stuff,

    I know what you need to do but my mind fights me,

    I find documenting your journey helps and put it on facebook,,, it makes you accountable to your goals.

    Also taking before and afters because you then show your mind the results.

    Love your work

    1. Hi Rose, love the idea of keeping a sort of journal on Facebook to gain some sort of boost from your mates – a great idea (thanks for sharing it here with us!)

    1. Well thank you Laurie…but you’ll have to try harder than that to get us to leave a backlink in your comment! (backlinks from comment sections are worthless anyway – I can teach you how to really market your site if you want?)

  5. You’re right. It all boils down to your mindset. I was told I had to lose weight or become diabetic. I took diabetic medicine once. Once was enough for me. I decided to lose the weight being that it was weight related diabetes. I lost over 50 pounds in about 8 months.

    1. Hi Loretta,

      You lost over 50 pounds in 8 months? Well done Loretta – really impressed you took matters into your own hands and took on your health problems. This will be a great inspiration to my visitors reading this post! 🙂

  6. Hi Chris,

    I just wanted to stop back by and thank you for the excellent articles on this site. I have started up a health blog myself just recently and your work has given me some awesome pointers (hope you don’t mind me taking a few leads off you?).

    Cheers mate!

  7. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi Chris,
    Excellent article with a lot of great takeaway points, not food, points. Ideas and habits that can be applied to every aspect of ones life.

    I believe its about perspective. People often get discouraged by minor setbacks, but if they put things in perspective, they would see that the setbacks may in fact be far smaller than the result of the progress they have made to that point. They seem so willing to acknowledge the setbacks, but less so the progress.

    As you have mentioned, small bite sized goals, and a journal are excellent ideas that work.

    By the way, that comment you made reference of by ‘Patrick Rafter’ wouldn’t happen to be the legendary Australian tennis player by any chance?



    1. To be honest with you Adam I have no idea if that came from Rafter the tennis player – the comment or quote sort of fit really well so I went along and rolled with it!

      People do often get discouraged by minor setbacks, especially when it comes to weight loss and dieting. The journal sounded a little bit ‘over the top’ to me until I tried it out – it actually works and works well with discouragement (just read it every time you feel the black cloud looming above!).

      Great talking with you Adam – thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on our article!

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