Real Venus Factor Review – Cutting Through The Hype

The Venus Factor is the best weight loss diet plan for women. John Barban, the inventor of the diet plan, is a reputable fitness coach. He has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and human anatomy from the University of Florida.

The Venus Factor is a healthy weight loss diet plan for women as it is designed by someone who has specialist knowledge in female metabolism.

The Venus Factor Package

The Venus Factor is a clear 12 week nutrition plan. It is easy to follow as it guides you on the exact steps you should follow to have the body of your dreams. The Venus Factor package comes with:

  • A Venus Factor System Manual: This contains a completely broken down 12 week workout system. It also comes with total and complete diet meal plans.
  • A Virtual Nutritionist Application: This enables you to speak with a Virtual Nutritionist assigned to attend to your unique nutritional needs.
  • Unlimited Access to the Venus Factor Forum and Chat room: This allows you to interact with other women and exchange your views on the weight loss journey.

The Venus Factor – The Difference?

The Venus Factor promises to give you the sexiest slimmest waistline of your life without giving up the foods you crave the most. But so do the other countless weight loss programs in the market. So, is there any difference between the Venus Factor and the other diet programs?

The Venus Factor stands out because it does not involve any weird pills, prepackaged restrictive diets, cardio exercises, diet supplements or any ridiculous exercise machines.

The Metabolism Factor

The problem with most weight loss regimes is that they are designed without any regard to the differences between the female metabolism system and the male metabolism system.

Biologists have discovered that weight loss in the human body is controlled by a master hormone called Leptin. Leptin controls 100% of the ability of the body to burn fat.

How Leptin Works

Research has established that Leptin has a dual operation mechanism in metabolism. When you have low levels of Leptin in your body your metabolism slows down. Slow metabolic activity levels cause the body to store fat. High levels of Leptin, on the other hand, speed up your body’s metabolism. High metabolic activity levels cause the body to burn fat.

Male Metabolism and Female Metabolism 

Research has recently established that men and women have different levels of Leptin in their bodies. Naturally, women have twice as much Leptin as men in their bodies.

Logically women should therefore be able to lose weight faster than men. However, this is not the case. Women normally struggle much more than men in their quest to lose unappealing body fat.

Why Women Struggle More Than Men

Women struggle more than men in their weight loss attempts because of the following factors:

  • Rapid Leptin Dropping Levels: Women’s Leptin levels can drop double as fast and double as much as these of men when they are dieting. They therefore keep experiencing frustrating weight gain-weight loss cycles.
  • Lower Response Levels to Leptin: Women suffer from Leptin Resistance. Their bodies are 3 times less responsive to the hormone’s signal to burn fat.

How the Venus Factor Capitalizes on Leptin’s Ability to Burn Fat:

The Venus Factor taps on the under utilized potential of the idle Leptin in the woman’s body to burn fat. It resets the female body’s natural Leptin utilizing capacity. It ensures that Leptin levels are always high to speed up metabolism. It also ensures that Leptin levels do not drop unpredictably.

The Five fundamental Principles of the Leptin Diet:

  • Sticking a diet regime without giving up the lifestyle habits you love the most.
  • Controlling the hormones in your body through diet rather than extraneous exercises.
  • Letting your body’s metabolism control the weight loss naturally.
  • Listening to changes in your body to avoid cycles of weight loss and rebound weight gains.
  • Catalyzing biochemical reactions in your body so that you can burn fat while gaining muscle.

Pros of the Venus Factor

  • It encourages regular exercise and healthy eating: Most weight loss diet plans encourage unhealthy eating choices that may cause anorexia or bulimia. They also call for ridiculous exercise schedules. The Venus factor stands out because it teaches women to make healthy food choices so as to keep their Leptin levels low. It guides you on how to pair slow and fast carbs to boost metabolic rates while maximizing energy levels. You can burn several calories per minute without making risky exercise choices.
  • It is based on scientific information: The Venus Factor is based on actual verifiable scientific research. Unlike other weight loss diet plans that are based on speculations, the Venus Factor is based on accurate peer-reviewed information. You can therefore use the plan without fear of adverse side effects.
  • You can still eat the foods you love/crave: You do not have to give up the foods you love such as pizza or burgers. When you are on the Venus Factor diet plan you can eat whatever you want. This is because Leptin levels guide you on when to eat. When Leptin levels are constantly high you will tend to feel hungry. You can grab a quick snack without any risk of slowing down the metabolism.
  • Predefined Diet: You do not need to figure out what to eat on a daily basis. The Venus Factor prescribes exactly what you should eat during the 12 weeks duration.

Cons of the Venus Factor

  • It depends on individual discipline: if you are not disciplined The Venus Factor will not work out of you. If you fail to follow John Barban’s guidelines to the letter, you might not get any result from the diet plan. The Venus Factor requires high commitment so you must have a lot of will power.
  • No spectacular diets and exercises: The lack of spectacular diet and exercise routines has made many women doubt the authenticity of the Venus Factor. Most women think it is a gimmick or scam since they are used to weight loss plans that prescribe unusual exercise and diet routines.
  • It is based on universal female metabolism levels: The Venus Factor is based on universal metabolism levels for all women. The truth is that women are different. Different women have different metabolic levels depending on their genetic makeup. The program might not be efficient for everyone. Each woman has unique hormone levels and nutritional levels.


There is no doubt that the Venus Factor is a healthy weight loss diet plan for women. The jury is still out on whether it is the best weight loss diet plan for women. For those who want to experience an enjoyable life changing weight loss regime the Venus Factor is definitely worth the hype.

It is a worthy investment because it has a 100% money back guarantee. All you have to do is to email John Barban informing him that you are dissatisfied with the results within 60 days…