Is The Fat Burning Kitchen Scam?


Is The Fat Burning Kitchen Scam?Product: The Fat Burning Kitchen eBook

Subject: Is The Fat Burning Kitchen Scam?


Owner: Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling

Price: $10

Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

Modern diets mean that losing weight is a hard, unforgiving process and some methods just don’t seem to work.

The Fat Burning Kitchen guide from Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling promises to offer a helpful solution but because there is so much contradictory information around, and so many companies offering dodgy quick fix solutions, there is sure to be plenty of doubt about this guide.

Is The Fat Burning Kitchen scam, or is this an alternative, beneficial approach to dieting?


What is The Fat Burning Kitchen?

The Fat Burning Kitchen eBook is a detailed guide that takes users through the different foods in their cupboards, and on the shelves of the supermarket, and explains their true value.

The 121 page book provides helpful nutritional information on a range of common foods that we wrongly believe are good for us and explains the real impact they are having on our bodies…

the fat burning kitchen ebook

This is not just about what we can and cannot eat, but also why we should or shouldn’t be eating it.

This informative approach ultimately helps readers to better understand the issues surrounding dieting and to make beneficial choices for long-term health.

According to the creators, this means that users can “permanently melt your stubborn fat”, improve their metabolism and digestion and also balance their hormones.


The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

1) Comprehensive: This product is all about providing a fat burning food list that highlights the best and worst products around.

Rather than focus on one “fashionable” food source or one villain that has been in the news a lot, the guide gives information on a range of problems and solutions.

There is an emphasis on wheat and sugar, but there is plenty more to learn about.

2) Real Products: The additional benefit here is that this system doesn’t resort to simply breaking food down into basic sources and categories – such as carbohydrates, gluten, sugar and oils.

Instead, it also looks at more specific products to help users pick the best option as they shop. This is seen in the guide on power bars and the explanations about different types of milk.

3) Respected Writers: Some guides are written by newcomers that claim to have learnt an amazing secret one day and now want to share it via an eBook.

This guide is different because there are no extreme stories of failure and success or secret tricks.

Geary and Ebeling are experienced writers, with successful guides on similar topics, and are more interested in useful information than shock tactics and stories.


The Cons:

1) Scientific: There are some readers that feel that the guide is a little too scientific at times. The guide has an easy-to-follow layout and never becomes overly complicated, but there are quite a few scientific terms that may put some users off.

2) Difficulty: The concept of the guide is straightforward but it takes a lot of effort and determination to put the advice in real, practical measures.

Geary and Ebeling are advising readers to give up a lot and make massive dietary charges. The long-term benefits can be amazing, but there are some short-term disadvantages to power through.


Who is The Fat Burning Kitchen For?

The alternative approach of this The Fat Burning Kitchen eBook means that there is a clear target audience.

This is not for the type of dieter that looks for the miracle solution fat burners or the fad diets that only last a week because this guide will only work if buyers have the determination to make a big change in their lives, and the willpower to cut out foods that they enjoy on a permanent basis.

fat burning food list

The Fat Burning Kitchen is not an easy method by any stretch of the imagination and there are sure to be times when users are tempted to delete it and run back the comfort foods that were bad for them.

The ones that can get past this and see the method as a long-term process are the ones that will succeed.


Is The Fat Burning Kitchen Scam?

There is no indication at all that this eBook is a scam because it has been written by reliable experts, it has plenty of positive user testimonials and it works with a completely different approach.

A scam would be offering a useless, quick fix solution at a high price; The Fat Burning Kitchen offers a long-term diet solution with the potential for life-changing results.

It is clear that the results seen will greatly depend on the effort put in, but those that have the willpower to follow the fat burning food list and make those big changes could enjoy dramatic weight loss and plenty of other benefits.

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We hope you enjoyed our Fat Burning Kitchen review and if you have any questions about the program or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment in the section below.


59 thoughts on “Is The Fat Burning Kitchen Scam?

  1. Hi There Chris,

    I am glad I found this honest review as I am looking for some sort of nutrition based diet or diet plan and information that does not compromise nutrition in my quest to get shot of this spare tyre that I have been carrying around for years. Not into fad diets or taking metabolism boosting pills. Fat burning kitchen might just be the answer for me.

  2. This sounds great! Sometimes you, well i, need a reason not to eat something. If you can really KNOW what is wrong with what you are eating other than its just bad for you, then you would probably find it easier to stay away from the bad stuff.

    I know I would. I am more of a believer in eating the right things, and to actually be told some fat BURNING foods, and how to include them in your diet, this is really interesting.

  3. I have about 8-10lbs I want to lose. It just doesn’t want to leave me. I feel that I am eating right and I exercise 3-4 times a week, however, I must be doing something wrong.

    I think the Fat Burning Kitchen may be worth a read for me. I am curious to know what the authors consider good foods for weight loss compared to the foods I am eating.

    It should be worth it for $10.

    Thanks for the info!

  4. I have been hearing that butter has emerged as a healthy food these days. The same with coconut oil. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it go something like this: years ago, the common thinking was that fat was bad. Then the common thinking became that there are good fats and bad fats, and saturated fat was considered a bad fat. But now they are saying that coconut oil is a different type of saturated fat that is actually good for you. Is that right?

    1. Ahhh you are sort of right and wrong Marcus – coconut oil has never really been in question, we’ve always known that it’s good for you (in moderation of course!).

  5. I found this very interesting, this sounds like a good book. I like the fact that the authors don’t focus on stories of success and such and rather focus on the important part, information.
    I like how it is about habits of choosing the right foods long term for a healthy lifestyle, rather than a quick fix to losing weight. This sounds very appealing to me as I am always interested in learning how to eat healthier, and this sounds like a great read!

  6. This is great! I think people get really confused between good and bad fats. Even saturated fat isn’t bad for you, but the problem begins too when you take good fats and damage them by over heating and cooking them to death. Butter is great but frying with it isn’t the best choice ever. Great recommend 🙂

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Yeah the subject of good and bad fats tends to breed a lot of misinformation doesn’t it? Glad you enjoyed the product review! 🙂

  7. This looks like it could really be helpful to those looking to find a permanent solution, and to determine what is a fad and what is not. Looks like someone needs to put in the work to do this system, but isn’t that a good thing? 🙂 Thanks so much!!

  8. Very informative and helpful information. With all the weight loss scams out there; people selling weight loss pills that don’t work, and unnecessary ways of losing weight like not eating. It is great that you are informing people on what is good for you and what’s not. Many people don’t know for instance that trans fat is worse than you than saturated fat. It is important to know these things and always look at the label of what you eat. Great article. Cheers!

  9. This book looks interesting to me.
    I already know miraculous products that will burn my belly fat while I sleep don’t exist.
    As many things in life, lose weight needs work (hard work in my case). Some exercise will help, but sure a change in my diet is the first and most important step.
    Know the real effects of food in our body sounds great, so I’ll check this book you are recommending. In addition, I like to read scientific articles,

    1. Yes, you’re definitely right there Carlos – weight loss involves effort and dedication (overnight success is a pipe dream!). Hope this guide turns out to be exactly what you were looking for! 🙂

  10. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for this information and the helpful tips you provide. The book looks interesting. I’ve always heard and read using almost any fat was bad for your body and now with different information about certain fat that’s not bad for you seems to give me a different view and good to know that some fat is good. Good post, thank you.

  11. Hi Chris,
    I love staying in shape and eating healthy. You wrote an awesome article review on The Fat Burning Kitchen. I am always looking to keep my body as a “Fat Burning Machine”. I am glad that I found your website because this may be the right eBook for me.

  12. I have about 100lbs to lose and think I need to look into this. I don’t need a fad diet but do need something that will lead me to the right foods for fat burning. I have plenty to get burned off, so hopefully this will work for me. I do have a question though. Is this only available by e-book or can it be found in stores or online in a paperback? Thanks for the review and I’m excited to try it.

    1. Hi there Jason,

      Unfortunately this is only a digital product but what most consumers do is download it then print out a physical copy for themselves (to carry around etc.). This is something I do myself with my important eBook purchases!

  13. Thanks for the review. Nice to read reviews with pro’s and con’s. For $10 this 121 page books seems very reasonable. I like the fact that they don’t approach this with a quick fix. Losing weight takes time if you want to see real results that last. I have some friends who are always on the lookout for new weight loss programs. I will be sure to forward this to them. Nice website. Leading a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge sometimes.

    1. Hi there Celeste – great to have you here!

      I agree, the price of this particular guide is very reasonable – it’s actually cheaper than most books you can buy off the shelf these days!

      Yes losing weight is time dependent and you cannot really get overnight results – no matter what some of these so called gurus say!

      Stay healthy 🙂

  14. This is an interesting find Chris, I have not heard of the Fat Burning Kitchen before but I have heard of the myths around whole wheat bread and juices before. Does this book focus on a low carb approach to lose weight? I see you mentioned some common high fat, high protein and low carb food items.

    1. It does at times Jeremy yes, but there is actually a lot more to the process than that! Unfortunately I can’t give too much away as the product creator regularly checks out our review. It is a wicked little weight loss guide though Jeremy and you won’t be disappointed (we’ve never received any complaints on it!)

  15. That looks like a very useful product. I certainly need something like this that lets me know the true value of foods that we eat.

    I really want to eat a healthy diet but it is so difficult to know what is good for you these days with so much artificial crap in all of our foods.

    I will definitely be taking a look at this. Thanks for your review!

    1. Not a problem Mark1 – by the way is there a Mark2 floating about out there somewhere? 🙂

      It’s a great little guide and we’ve received nothing but good feedback on it – don’t forget to come back here and leave your own personal review on it!

  16. Hey Chris,

    I really enjoy your website and this was a good review. I have a couple of people I am going to share it with.

    Eating is such a tricky thing and I think we’re not really taught how to eat properly and why.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Hello once again Marlinda and thanks for the kind words!

      Always great to have people returning here and sharing our work. 🙂

  17. It’s interesting how attitudes to food have changed over the years. The standard advice in the past was always about low fat. But these days we realize that we actually need fat. Not only that, we were initially wrong about which fats were good and bad. For example, it was assumed that saturated fat was really bad, but these days people realize that coconut oil is really good for you even though it’s saturated fat.

    1. Yeah the whole saturated fat thing was a real turn up for the books wasn’t it Marcus – it went from enemy to hero is super quick-time! I’m sort of waiting for the next big jump – they next thing ‘they’ got wrong with health options!

  18. Hi Chris,
    nice review about the fat burning kitchen book. I can feel your enthusiasm about this topic when reading through it. Seems to me you are looking and presenting real life changing solutions for people who are serious about losing weight. I too believe weight loss is only happening successfully if you change your lifestyle and create lasting change, which mainly includes what you eat, exercise and reduce stress in your life. Your site is a great source of information for it.

    1. Hi there Ralf,

      Yeah lasting change is key – and so many people ignore this point and end up going back to their old lifestyle. If you start eating bad again – you’ll start LOOKING bad again!

  19. I believe that focusing on eating the most nutritional foods, is the key to good health.

    I think it is an extremely tough choice, when it comes to buying a book around dieting and weight loss.As you said, there are so many books pumped up with lots if hype, yet offer very little substance.

    This book looks like it’s something that I will buy.I am tired on listening to different stories.I have been looking for something, that can offer me valuable information on healthy foods, dieting and burning some fat.

    Thanks for your review, for 10 bucks, I will give it a shot.

    1. Great news Roopesh!

      Once you’ve given it a bit of time would you consider coming back here and letting us know about the results? It would be great for my other readers to see how it’s panned out for you!

  20. I have been struggling to loose those last 5 pounds. I have tried everything and I mean everything and no luck. I eat right, exercise and am frustrated so..

    Thank you for the review of Fat Burning Kitchen, it seems like it will be worth reading and reasonably priced. I think I might give it a try

  21. Hi there Chris. You mentioned that one of the cons to this ebook, is that it’s hard to put into practice what it advocates. But any diet that’s worth it’s “weight” is hard to put into practice. There’s no denying it, it’s hard to do without the junk foods that we’ve gotten used to. And it’s hard to limit ourselves to proper portions and such. So that’s really not a “con” at all. I appreciate the good job you’ve done in reviewing this ebook. It’s good to have the opinion of someone who’s read the book and has analyzed it’s material. Are you planning on more book reviews? Like you say, there’s lots of stuff out there.

    1. No I agree Jim – it’s not really a con but people sometimes need to know that diets are going to be hard work to put into practice. A lot of people come here looking for miracles – they don’t exist in weight loss!

  22. I’m sure this book might be good for some, it may help them be disciplined to rid some extra weight. I personally think it’s better not to diet at all but instead adopt a healthier lifestyle and when needed cut back on food without depriving oneself. I’ve dieted once in my teens and never again because I ended up putting more weight back on later after I stopped the diet. The other thing is to never tell anyone you want to rid some pounds because everyone says “you look great”, sounds fab but it totally demotivates.

    1. Okay….well many people believe that adopting a healthier lifestyle is actually taking a diet…don’t you?

      I’m just pointing out here that the two are exactly the same in most cases!

  23. Thanks Chris for your review.
    I really believe that the long term weight loss diets and guides (like the fat burning kitchen), those which depend mainly on changing your eating habits to healthier one permanently, I really believe that these guides are the ideal guides to follow and will end in great irreversible results, unlike other quick diets which depend on losing several pounds in 2 or three weeks, usually you gain weight again few weeks after finishing these short diets. And as you said, a long term diet can never by any means be a scam as it is not appealing to customers who are searching for fast easy methods to lose weight, unlike other quick weight loss diets, where scams are pretty common among them.

    1. Well not all of these types of diets are scams mate. Sure, they take off a lot of weight in a short space of time but they clearly promote a healthy lifestyle afterwards!

      This is not a fast diet, as you noticed, but even it promotes a lifestyle change during and after the diet.

      Just be careful labeling certain weight loss programs before you’ve looked into them properly!

  24. I am really in the need for a guide like this one. I am overweight and I bet this could help me. I am a little warded off with one the cons on the product about it being too scientific of a read.

    I need a very easy to follow guide. I have children and a hectic lifestyle and I don’t have too much time to look up all the scientific stuff that I don’t understand.
    Is there another guide that you can recommend that would suit my needs a little better?

    1. Why don’t you check out the Product Reviews section of our site David – there you will find all the guides we personally recommend (including this one!). There are slightly simpler options there if that’s what you are looking for.

      You will find the section in the top header navbar of this site mate! Good luck!

  25. Intriguing to say the least. I want to read the book because it almost seems like you are eluding to referencing greasy foods and red meat as healthy. I’m not sure if that is your conclusion but it definitely leaves room for conversation and curiosity. I agree that we don’t get enough good omega 3 in our diet and that not all fats are equal, however, it would be interesting to find out what “Fat Burning Kitchen” has to say about it especially since it has been proven that a well organized plant based diet does increase longevity and quality of life regarding health. Very interesting.

    1. There certainly is room for conversation and curiosity with this guide Michael…but I can’t go into too much details about what it contains (other than what’s in the review above, obviously!).

      If you go for it please consider popping back here and leaving your opinion on the guide – the more views the merrier!

      Stay healthy!!! 🙂

  26. Hey Chris,

    This book is interesting to read especially with lots of fad diets emerging around. I believe all diet books are literally too technical to read. I just hope that they can write it in a layman term. But this book seems to be more interesting than any other diet book teaching ways on how our body to become fat burning machineries, well thats way better I guess.

    1. This is more of a guide Jezza – therefore it is set out for newbies to understand. You’ll have no problem following it (promise!) 🙂

  27. Hi Chris,

    I enjoyed this review it was both informative and unbiased, I’m a firm believer that diet and nutrition should be permanent lifestyle choices not just unhealthy quick fixes that are a dime a dozen on the internet these days.

    That seems to be the gist of this book from your review, also you point out in the cons that some users will find it difficult which is refreshingly honest but anything worth doing is ever really easy….

    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes the book/guide is refreshingly realistic with losing weight which is why we promote it here. I’d go as far as saying ANY worthwhile weight loss program needs to force a change of lifestyle – the real work comes AFTER you’ve trimmed down i.e. staying that way!

      Great speaking with you! 🙂

  28. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about The Fat Burning Kitchen.

    From your review it’s obvious that it is not a scam, but I’d say that knowing the right foods to eat and to avoid is only a half the solution for weight loss, finding the motivation to stick with the right choices is pretty tough for a lot of people.

    I’m not against this book at all, and for $10 it’s definitely worth a gander and seems like you’ll pick up a lot of great information. Thanks for the review.

    1. Well that’s always key Son mate! A high percentage of people will always have a successful diet…then slip straight back into their old habits I’m afraid! A change of lifestyle is what’s needed for every diet to succeed. 

  29. This might be a very good resource. Your contact about it being too scientific is actually more of a pro to me because I like knowing the science behind things like this. It helps me to decide if it’s fake, misleading or if it makes perfect sense! Thank you for the lovely review. I’m dying to check this out! 

  30. Hi Chris!
    Losing weight is for many people associated with a lot of “pain in the brain” because it is really not easy to achieve a slim shape after having to much weight “on your bones! The whole locomotion system suffers from excessive weight. And other systems and organs as well. People are born to move. So, this is the first task for anyone to accomplish when wanting to stay healthy and slim. 

    Every system that needs to move need proper energy to be able to get in motion, and to stay in it. So, our bodies, as the most complicated system need also a proper “fuel” to move and proper fuel to maintain all the functions alive and in place. These are two main factors when speaking about losing and maintaining proper weight.

    Having a proper guide by your side can help a lot. Implementing the right exercises and nutrition is a must when speaking about losing weight.
    I am sure the guide and information you are offering will contribute a lot in same manner.

    Thanks for sharing your proposal,
    Best regards,

    Stay well

    1. Well yes, that goes without saying Igor mate…but not everyone is as mobile as everyone else (and some people just don’t get the time to exercise in this manner!). 

      I see what you’re saying though, so thanks for your contribution. 🙂

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