Does The Old School New Body Program Work?

Anyone who has ever tried a diet or workout program knows just how rarely a program actually works. The vast majority of programs are complete shams that extort money from vulnerable individuals, and the few that work generally have varying results and strict guidelines that the average individual has a tough time following.

Still, each program has different results for different people, and the more positive reviews a particular diet receives, the more likely a person is to try the new diet.

The Old School New Body program claims to enable individuals to look ten years younger naturally, which is a promising statement. It should be noted that the program is displayed as an eBook, which means that although the price may start off cheap, there are potential add-ons that can really drive up the price quickly.

Also, do NOT buy any listed items on Amazon, as it is simply a program template for the program, and not the program itself. It is misleadingly listed on Amazon, which angered many customers. Regardless, the question stands: Does the Old School New Body program work?


About The Program

As mentioned earlier, the program is itself an eBook which contains “unique and effective solutions to lose weight and prevent aging”, as the program website claims.

It was created by husband and wife team Steve and Becky Holman, who claim to have developed a method to get fitter and more healthy as they aged, noting that at over 50 years old, they are each in the best shape of their lives.

Steve has a noted journalism background, as he is editor-in-chief of the famous workout newspaper Iron Man Magazine.

The program is complete with tips and strategies that claim to reverse the aging process, although there are several additional items available for purchase, should you choose to do so.

Keep in mind, however, that most of the books that are listed additionally for sale are somewhat pointless, especially if you simply and only need the basic program to fulfill your weight loss goals.


What Methods Are Used?

The Holmans’ method is based on the popular F4X Method, which focuses on specific, strategic workouts designed to lose weight in the correct manner. The program combines four methods into a calming yet effective manner, perfect for its target audience: individuals over the age of 35.

Additionally, there is extreme focus on constantly drinking water, as dehydration is considered by the Holman’s to be one the absolute worst hinderances to full health and weight loss.


Product Reviews

Typically, we only review products that have a listing on Amazon, but the only product that does is the aforementioned misleading program template, of which 83 percent of reviewers gave it a 1-star listing.

There are numerous video reviews on websites like YouTube that consist of a time lapse of someone who has tried the program, generally with impressive results. Check those out for yourself if you’d like. Of course, the results vary, but it still gives a good detailing of what the program offers.

Based on the results that other users found, here are some pros and cons of the program:

The Pros:

  • The method appears to be equally effective for both genders, so regardless of which gender that you are, there won’t be any gender-based setbacks on the program.
  • You don’t have to spend limitless time in the gym, because the methods used are proven to have even greater benefits than that of a gym routine.
  • The program is also effective for any body build; whether you are clinically obese, regular weight, or a body builder, you will see results. Obviously, heavier individuals will see better results under the same workout conditions, but the beneficial results will remain the same.
  • Since the program focuses on targeted, precise workouts, your workouts thankfully will not last as long, but the exercises will still be rigorous yet effective.
  • The program is meant for only 90 minutes per week, so long as you do the workouts properly and prudently. Slacking off or going half speed or half heartedly through the workout simply won’t provide the same results, and you will have to workout for longer than 90 minutes to achieve good results.
  • The methods are considered to be simple, and following them is not difficult by any means. Again, you must do them properly though, or the results simply will not be as good as initially hoped.
  • The basic package comes with some pretty awesome bonus gifts. Still, there are others that come with a surcharge, so beware of those. The basic package also starts at only 20 dollars, so while it is cheap, additional books can skyrocket the price.
  • The eBook contains numerous benefits, including diet charts, motivational tips and drills, and exercise options to keep your options open to a wide array and keep you focused and excited about your goals.

The Cons:

  • Don’t set a ridiculously ludicrous goal that you have little chance of attaining, as you may be thoroughly disappointed. Set weekly or monthly, short goals that are reasonably attainable, as this will boost your confidence and keep reasonable optimism in your mind throughout the duration of the program.
  • Somewhat based on the previous warning, instant results simply do not occur with this program. It will take several weeks before you see noticeable results, so do not get discouraged. Keep at it and the results will come.
  • Your purchase options are fairly limited, and easily the best place to purchase the program is through the product website. Most people get dismayed at the fact that Amazon does not carry this program for sale.

Old School New Body Program

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Worth The Purchase?

All in all, Steve and Becky Holman’s Old School New Body program is rigorous, but it offers promising results to those who prudently follow the instructions.

The fact that this program comes in the form of an eBook is technologically advanced and modern, and makes the program easier on the whole, as does the affordable 20 dollar price!

Naturally, this is difficult for most people to abide by, so carefully consider if you are ready for this program. You can look ten years younger naturally if you stick with the program, and truly feel better about yourself. Good luck!