3 Week Diet Plan Review

3 week diet plan reviewProduct:
 The 3 Week Diet

Subject: 3 Week Diet Workout Plan

Website: 3weekdiet.com

Owner: Brian Flatt

Price: $47

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes

Refund Policy: 60 Days

Our Rating: 9 out of 10

If you have been frantically searching for a proven method to shed some pounds in the upcoming weeks, chances are that you have stumbled across the 3 Week Diet workout plan.

On the surface, it appears to be like any other diet plan, offering the same promises and lofty results. However, if you dig deeper, you will find that it has very high ratings with those who have tried it, something that very few diet plans have.

So what is about the 3 Week Diet workout plan that makes it so successful?

For those of you who have not heard of the 3 Week Diet or know very little about it, it’s actually a very simple plan. Brian Flatt, the creator of the program, promises that one can lose between 12 and 23 pounds of fat in just 21 days, or 3 weeks.

He has designed a program – consisting of four manuals – which details every area of the diet. Keep in mind, however, that the program is not designed to be friendly for vegans (due to the strenuous detox phase, unless you are a big fan of eggs) or to anyone already on a medically supervised diet, or are planning to begin a diet designed by a medical expert.

Here are the manuals and their purposes:

#1 The Introduction Manual

Like many diet introductory pamphlets, this one explains the basic science behind fat cells being stored up in the body, and how the 3 Week Diet program will target these cells, thus enabling the user to lose weight rapidly.

Naturally, there are supplements available designed to increase the weight loss, although these are optional; you do NOT need them to potentially reach the 12 to 23 pound weight loss requirement within the three week period.

#2 The Workout Manual

This manual introduces Flatt’s Full Body Fat Blasting Workout, how it works, and how to perform the exercises therein. The manual also includes information on how many repetitions, or reps, to do of each particular exercise.

It is extremely user friendly, as it includes diagrams and detailed instructions of each workout, so there won’t be any issues concerning incorrect performance of the exercises.

#3 The Diet Plan Manual

Naturally, this manual covers the nuances of the diet, how it works, and what foods to eat at any given time. It also focuses on charting (or detailing) your weight loss and Body Mass Index (BMI).

Additionally, the manual describes the Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR, and how it affects the weight loss progress. Essentially, BMR concerns the amount of energy expended after the food has been consumed, which is also referred to as the “post-absorptive state”. Further details are provided in the manual.

#4 The Mindset and Motivation Manual

As is the case with most diet plans – both formal and informal – weight loss can be achieved with the victory of “mind over matter”. In other words, if you truly set your mind to losing the weight, everything else will fall into place; you will change your eating habits, work out those extra few minutes, etc.

Additionally, the manual offers various means of motivation to trigger this positive mindset. For example: Why are you doing this diet in the first place? Do you have a wedding coming up, a class reunion, or do you just want to live healthier?

The program is designed with the belief that if one can truly discern what their goals and motivations are, then the program will become that much easier overall.

3 Week Diet Results

Now that you have the necessary information about the 3 Week Diet program and everything that it entails, you are likely looking to see some of the 3 Week Diet results, and whether or not it works (or to what extent it works).

While there is a limited quantity of legitimate websites that offer reviews for the 3 Week Diet results, there are enough reviews to discern what areas of the plan work, and which ones do not.

According to Site Jabber, a popular review website, the 3 Week Diet holds a 93 percent satisfaction rate after 123 reviews. 81 reviewers gave the diet a 5-star rating, 33 reviewers gave it a 4-star rating, and the other 9 reviewers split between a 3-star rating (4 reviewers) and a 1-star rating (5 reviewers).

Here are the positive and negative areas of the 3 Week Diet, per some of these reviews:

The Pros:

  • If you follow the plan step-by-step (and there is basically no reason not to), the 12 to 23 pound weight loss goal is extremely attainable.
  • You should see instant results (about 5 pounds of weight loss in the first 2 to 3 days), but if the weight loss slows for a day or two after that (assuming you haven’t cheated on the diet), do NOT be alarmed. It’s a natural process of the body, and if you keep at it, you will continue to lose the weight rapidly.
  • As additional motivation, take pictures of yourself every 4 to 5 days; you will see a continual increase in slight weight loss, which will look very noticeable after a while!

The Cons:

  • Some reviewers noted that if you plan on continuing the program after the 21 day period ends, the weight loss slows down. While this is to be somewhat expected, this is all contingent on one’s body type, including their BMI, so each case is different. You might lose massive additional weight, minimal additional weight, or no additional weight.
  • There is also an eBook available for purchase with the manuals, but some reviewers warn that it is fairly expensive and does little to aid one’s weight loss progress. Purchase it with caution.

If you wish to purchase the 3 Week Diet program or read more 3 Week Diet plan reviews, then go to the 3 Week Diet program website. The program is on sale at $47 for the manuals (down from the original price of $97), and it is delivered via electronic download, so there are no paperback books to painstakingly scroll through.

Worth The Purchase?

Overall, the 3 Week Diet program appears to be a revolutionary weight loss program in a timely fashion. If you are looking hard for a program to help you lose weight quickly and keep it off, then I would absolutely recommend the 3 Week Diet to you. Remember though, the significance of your results ultimately comes down to how badly you want to lose the weight!

The great thing about THE 3 WEEK DIET system is that you can actually begin the program in the next few minutes because the entire system comes in a handy PDF format HERE

109 thoughts on “3 Week Diet Plan Review

  1. Hi Chris,

    This 3 Week Diet program looks very interesting. It occurred to me that not only the eating habit is attended to, but also the mind settings and the exercises get their turn.

    It’s a bit unclear to me what the food is you can or can’t eat. That looks to me pretty relevant.
    Can you tell more about that?

    Per example, I do not use milk products nor do I eat fish. I simply don’t like them. What if he is using a lot of milk in his diet recipes or fishy things? The only thing you mention is that it’s not friendly for vegans.

    Hope to hear from you,
    Kind regards, Loes

    1. Hi Loes,
      Well I don’t really want to give the game away – there has been a lot of time, effort and research put into this diet program ( and I doubt very much that they would want me to publish the details for free! ). I’m afraid the full details to the diet itself can only be covered in the product itself – I don’t want to end up in trouble 🙂

  2. Hi Cris,
    In my search for weight loss products, advantageously, I found your page attracted me by the name; but after reading the content I think I wasted no time. The “Manuals” has its logic and correct accordingly. I found it very instructive especially number 3 which details the functionality of the BMR. Thank you very much for sharing this information and I will take your advice about electronic book, great so we save the planet 🙂

    1. Hiya Renan!
      Great to hear that this is the diet for you! Don’t forget to pop back here and give your own personal opinions on the system after you have tried it out 🙂

  3. I read your article about the 3-week-diet plan review. You have laid out the review plan nicely. It is important that everyone should follow the instructions given by the four manuals that come with this plan. As I am taking the nutrition course with the shaw academy, I totally support everything that you say. It is very good to follow the instructions.

  4. Hey,

    This was a very sound review of the diet plan. I like the pros and cons the most because you warn people that it is normal that the weight loss will slow down after a few days.
    I think if you have realistic expectations of this diet plan it you won’t be disappointed.
    Very good review overall and I think it is worth considering as a product.

  5. Great review about the program. I will consider acquire it because I’m tired of seeing so much weight loss products that doesn’t work for long term. But as it seems, this one is different and according to the reviewers and the score you gave, it seems like it deserves to give it a shot. Well done my friend

  6. Thanks for doing this review. There are a lot of diets out there, and it’s hard to know where to start. Like you I was very slim when I was young, but in my case I started to get the belly bulge from about 40 on. Keep the reviews coming.

  7. Hi Chris,

    This is interesting but I find it a little hard to comment when I don’t know what food is on the plan. Is it nutritionally sound and can it be followed beyond the 3 weeks? Or is it perhaps Atkins style where you have an induction phase, or in this case a strenuous detox phase before moving into a more long term strategy? I would be interested to find out more. Can it benefit someone with much less weight to lose? I sometimes have just a few pesky kilos to take off if I’ve been a bit complacent. Can this diet help me with that?

    1. Yes this diet can certainly help you with that but I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to go into the food plans offered in it. I’m not the owner of this system and at the end of the day it is a ‘product’. The last thing I want is to have a court case on my hands from it’s author/publisher 🙂

  8. Hello here. I see your review and I am so fascinated how many people want to lose weight. One thing that I like in your mentioned book, it is workout plan. Without it, I think all diet would be less effective.
    I wonder how many calories author recommends to eat?
    As I know, when people are on diet, what really works, it is skipping meals after 2p.m.
    My friend, which had twins, gained weight about thirty pounds. She rid from them during six month period.
    After 2 p.m. she drank just water. When I met her after one year, I did nor recognized her. From duck she transformed to sparrow.
    One think what is important, is a will to stick to plan. I guess that in your recommended book is the same rules.
    Thanks for information, all the best, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira,

      I’m afraid I can’t really go along with the skipping meals route as this is not the healthiest way to diet. You can eat a full amount of meals every day as long as you are eating the correct foods.

  9. Thanks Chris for this informative and insightful post on the 3 Week Diet Plan. I have not come across it before and from your review, it is worth giving a trial. I can see that it has a lot of positive things in its favour and more so there is a 60-day money back guarantee in the event that it does not meet one’s expectations. Thanks for this nice post.

  10. Hello I lost 3 stone for a couple of months about 10 years ago and since then I put it back on, I,m the prove it can be done in a very short period, if I can do it, anyone can do it and this is a great site for motivational purposes and setting those goals, anyway best of luck on your site, for my own experience this site will work 🙂

    1. Hi Michael,

      That’s some great motivational news for my readers here! Congratulations on that weight loss of 3 stone. Remember – if you’ve done it once, there’s no reason you can’t do it again! 🙂

  11. I have seem this product before, really good positive feedback and reviews. It’s very impressive because compared to other weight loss products that are pills, smoothies and all that kind of stuff, this one focus on use your body to get the results and also prepare your mind for your health journey so that in less than a month, you can make a huge progress if you apply this stuff. Well done my friend.

  12. Thanks for the review of the 3 week diet. Usually when people begin diets today, they’ll read about the details of the diet itself..But besides just the details, I think people would benefit more by reading reviews written from someone knowledgeable (like your review).

    The fact that this diet is a downloadable PDF is great. I think the every diet today needs to be available in an electronic format.


    1. I agree Bryan, I frequently like to hold information in my hands and take it places with me ( as opposed to staring at a bright Kindle screen! ). PDF formats are always handy and simple to print out! 🙂

  13. I agree that a diet should be planned in an all encompassing manner such as foods to eat, exercise, and mindset. Although it doesn’t happen often, I have found that when I neglect my feelings I tend to eat like a pig and don’t exercise as vigorously. I’m not even caring about my weight or diet. For example, if I am not planning my goals and activities I get apathetic about life in general. Fortunately these feelings are very short lived. Do you find that nothing works without the proper mindset?

    1. Oh mindset is the most important element Chuck – without it you are destined to fail I’m afraid! Great comment by the way! 😉

  14. Hi Chris

    I have just had a look at your “3 Week Diet Plan Review” and was very impressed. I think you clearly described the diet and the four manuals. I like how you informed readers at the beginning the cost of the diet plan so only those who were interested enough to pay would continue reading.

    Your site is very clear and easy to read and straight to the point. The explanation of the plan was great and I must admit I was very tempted to have a go but I have just finished a 9 day cleanse – so may keep it in mind for after Christmas.

    Your were very clear with the pro’s and con’s of the diet and basically told the reader everything they needed.

    Well done.


    1. Well it sounds like you enjoyed the review Sharon – top stuff! Thanks for leaving the positive vibes in the comment section! 🙂

  15. Hi there,

    Really nice review on the 3 week diet plan. However I’m not a big fan of diet programs that are so short. I don’t believe that it is sufficient time to lose the amount of weight that they claim. All that being said the part manual that makes a lot of sense to me that you never really seem to get with other diet programs is the mindset and motivational manual. Mind over matter is a huge hurdle in any diet program. Is this diet plan for people that need to lose a lot of weight or can I expect the same results with less fat to burn?

    1. Either is fine Xander. It’s worth pointing out that ANY diet plan needs to change your mindset – none of them are supposed to be short. If you slip back into your old habits you will put weight back on!

  16. Do you have any other information on some recipes that they might use as examples before buying?

    The reason I’m asking is you said it’s not friendly to vegans, this wouldn’t be a problem for me but a friend and I were looking into it, but she’s a vegan and I don’t want to get something she wouldn’t be included.

    Is it purely if you’re a vegan than don’t buy, or are you familiar with the recipes and that we can both have the same amount of recipes in there for her and me.

    Surely there has to be some.

    Your feedback would be appreciated, I know you can’t release to much info. about it, but a simple yes or no for buying would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Tyler,

      I wouldn’t really recommend this one to a Vegan – it’s not the best fit really. Check out our other product reviews here as there are much better options for vegans included! 🙂

  17. HI

    I like this plan, there’s a lot of plans out there so its hard to find the right one for you that’s why its good there is a refund window.

    I especially like the mindset and motivational aspect of the plan as that is probably the biggest part of weight loss. You can have all the material in the world but if you aren’t motivated then you wont get anywhere.

  18. Hi, Looking at 3 weeks diet plans, it just excite me as i too been looking forward to diet & slim down.
    What I felt really important is that one must not only be determine in diet but as well as proper plans in order to diet healthily. Therefore, love your page. Looking forward to read more about it.

  19. Hi Chris,
    At one of my websites, (bicycling) I also promote this particular diet plan, the focus of your great article. As I am well-versed in this diet let me say that you did an outstanding job walking your readers through it.
    I had one guy recently complain to me, (being re-directed to my review from another article) that this diet was a fraud as it promoted pill supplements as well as not providing education on dieting.
    I asked him bluntly, and quite a bit sarcastically questioning if he at all READ my review? Brian Flatt’s diet plan has NOTHING to do with taking those over-the-counter diet supplement pills most of which are not FDA approved anyway, and potentially contain ingredients that would be damaging to one’s body.
    And Flatt as you stated most definitely provides education in the training manuals, teaching what the body does to absorb foods and a plan to help get rid of bad fats. These are one of the main culprits to a person being overweight in the first place. Plus there is Flatt’s comprehensive education to help the person understand the importance of his/her BMR as to how this is crucial for weight loss
    I agree with your one con you stated, a person purchasing the ebook separately would set him/her back some bucks.

    Great review Chris and I wish you all of the best as you promote it. This program truly is one of the best diet plans on the market.

    1. Hi there Jeff – great to hear from you!

      That visitor sounds like he had his head up his ass (sorry to be so blunt!). But that’s part of the webmaster’s game – you always have to put up with the odd idiot here and there 🙂

  20. Hi. I was wondering if the 3 week diet plan was similar to program like Eat Stop Eat. Is it considered to an intermittent fasting program or is it something else…

    Because I am becoming more and more interested in that kind of way of eating. I watched a video of Hugh Jackman, the actor who played wolverine. and before he did his last movie he used an intermittent fasting diet that had from Dwaynr Johnson “the Rock” where he was basically eating in a window of 8 hours per day and fasting for 16.

    Is the 3 Week Diet Plan similar to this…

    1. It’s a similar basis but there are differences Guy – I know the Hugh Jackman diet well, but this does differ slightly!

  21. Hi Renan,
    Very good article. I have not heard of this to be honest, but a diet plan in 3 weeks sounds very good to me. The electronic version appeals more. To be able to pull off significant weight loss within 3 weeks would be wonderful. I need to do this before I go on my long vacation. This could be the perfect tonic. Thank you for the article.

  22. Hi there Chris,

    Now that is very interesting diet plan, my first thought was “yeah, yeah BS exaggerated claims”. What I love about the plan after reading this prelude/review is the book focusing on mindset and helping readers to stay focused on the diet.

    Is this diet plan suitable of vegetarians who have no issues for long periods of fasting and a prefer organic food?

  23. Thank you for this review. I have heard of this diet before but did not delve too much into it. It certainly seems like a pretty amazing concept but I do have two questions.

    1. Is losing that much weight in such a short period of time considered safe? I only ask because I have heard that the usual target goal is for about 1 to 2 pounds per week lost, but I do believe that is for over much longer periods of time.

    2. Has there been any documentation as to whether this weight loss is fat loss, or is it more water weight lost due to a diet that reduces water retention?

    Thanks so much for the review, and this certainly sounds like a potential winner, especially for someone like me who sometimes struggles with the longer term weight loss plans.

    1. Please don’t worry Robert – this is a well known diet that has been going for a few years now (and nobody’s keeled over yet!). The guide will tell you all you need to know about the specifics – I’m not going to give the game away 🙂

  24. Great informative article. I have been prepping athletes who compete in stage physique shows for a long while now and have never had anyone drop that amount of weight in just 3 weeks.

    This seems like an incredibly high amount of weight which would 100% not be from fat alone. I imagine initial water weight and some muscle.

    Has there been any reviews or write ups on anyone maintaining their weight loss. It seems like you would have to be on s crazily low calorie intake to drop that kind of weight unless you were severely obese in the first place.

    I have obviously not tried it so I dont know how it works or how that weight loss is achieved, but would be interested to know of any stories of people keeping that weight off and improving body shape after the 3 weeks

    thanks for a really well written article though

    1. Yeah we have come across plenty of success stories – they are what led us to test out the product (we don’t do things blindly!). One of the main aims of this diet is to promote the mindset for maintaining what you have achieved – something a lot of people fail to do in the long run. There’s no point slimming down if you end up at the initial weight a month later…

      Do some research yourself and check out the product – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!!!! 🙂

  25. Hi Chris, I’ve been engrossed in your site for a good long while now! I’m one of those “professional dieters” and have been pretty much my entire life so this was particularly interesting to me.

    The fact that you focused so much on the benefits of water (both lemon and plain) was a definite plus. Many times this is overlooked completely or just briefly mentioned, which I think is a great disservice to the reader! You’ve listed all the benefits very completely and the format is wonderful. It’s easy to read and catches the eye without difficulty.

    All your pictures were good, but I really enjoyed the ones with the lemons—they all seemed to fit together and flowed quite nicely!

    Adding the page on the importance of eating breakfast was also a plus. The list of possible choices was good but I’m wondering why you didn’t include shredded wheat! Another possibility is recommending poaching eggs as an alternative to frying them. Just an idea I think might fit well.

    Throwing in a little humor in your discussion of motivation is very much a plus. Without coming right out and saying so, you managed to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously—or to be to hard on ourselves; both of which are equally important in working toward any goal. “Mindset and Motivation” could be fleshed out a little more as you continue adding content. But honestly, that’s about the ONLY thing I could find on those pages.

    The reviews and recommendations about exercise equipment is right on target. At some point you may want to do a post on the benefits of walking. I think this would appeal to a large portion of the target population.

    The reviews of each of the weight loss plans was thorough and unbiased. In my opinion, it added credibility that you mentioned that Amazon only provides a template rather than the actual book. Good move on your part.

    Overall, this is a definite thumbs up for me. I’m pretty new at this and I may have missed some of the technical stuff, but it caught my eye and held my attention with no problem whatsoever. (And believe me, that’s not always an easy task!) And for this reason, I think you’ll successfully engage many other readers as well.


    1. Hi there Anita – it’s great to hear from someone who has spent so much time on my site! Really glad you enjoy the topics we cover here and really impressed by the time you must of taken to write this comment (it’s like one of our articles!).

      Also, the suggestions you have put forward here are pretty good – I know our readers will appreciate the extra info now with the article.

      Have a great day! 🙂

  26. A very thorough review of this product, thank you.
    You say that after the 21 days the weight loss slows down. Does this mean you can safely stay on it for longer than the 21 days? And also if you did only stay on it for 21 days how do you maintain the weight loss?

    1. I prefer to use this sort of thing as a starting block Deb – if you choose to stay on it longer than the 21 day period then it’s essentially your choice…but the product does have ‘3 week’ in the title. Once the weight loss slows down you should resume a healthy life – losing the weight is just the first step…you must then keep it off with your own will power!

      Good luck

  27. This is a nice review, my friend is currently planning to lose some of his weight because he got overweight for the past few years due to inactivity in physical activities. He used to play rugby and fit enough i could say. Do you know any potential weight that he could lose with this 3 week diet plan?

    1. Well yes Izzul, he could certainly lose weight with this plan, but how much weight is he looking to lose? There are no miracle cures out there so this plan does take dedication – and once it’s worked you have to stick to a healthier lifestyle…otherwise the weight problems may well return!

  28. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this detailed review. I was looking for specific information regarding this diet plan. Evidently, and rather clearly you have tried it.

    I am a vegetarian, but not strictly so. I do eat eggs and white meat occasionally but not every day or every meal. Is this diet suited for me?

    1. I really don’t see why not Derek, especially if you eat white meat occasionally! The plan contains options – vegetarians are obviously one of these options!

  29. Hi There,

    After reading your review I am very curious about The 3 week diet plan. I do have a few questions though. You mentioned that this diet isn’t very friendly to vegans. but what about vegetarians? And also I am not a big fan of eggs at all;so does that rule me out as a prospect for this diet plan? Thanks for your input!

    1. Hi Shelby,

      Well eggs are mentioned quite often within the teachings and I don’t remember any drawbacks with vegetarians. You don’t have to eat eggs all day long or anything drastic like that – they are just part of a powerful diet setup!

  30. There are many dieting guide out there in the market, that promises all kinds of things. A lot of times its difficult to find out which of them are effective. But this product seems like a great deal.

    It’s also good that there is a 60 day full refund policy. This will actually make people feel that they can trust this product. Losing weight in 3 weeks seems like a stretch, but with enough effort, it might just happen.

    Great review!

    1. Oh it will happen Farhan – but ONLY if you stick to the rules and have the right dedication in place. No diet is easy – regardless of what the so-called health gurus say! 🙂

  31. I’ve been curious about this diet and exercise program, thanks for the review! Its good to know the first few days are a detox, so it might not be something to jump into right after giving birth (currently pregnant with my 4th.) Does he provide video instructions for the workout as well, or just a manual?

    1. Well it’s all based on a digital format Martina so the main bulk of instructions are contained within. It would be great for taking on a good few months after your birth – obviously there’s things to think about with naturally feeding baby etc (I’m a man so I don’t know too much about this type of thing LOL).

  32. The 3 Week Diet Plan. Sounds pretty interesting. $47 doesn’t seem too expensive, especially if it works. I like how it has a 60 day money back guarantee, means if you don’t see results in the 3 weeks it says it should take then you have plenty of time to get a refund. Why do you only rate it 9 out of 10? I see some of the cons but those are kind of expected.

    1. Well nothing is perfect Kenny – I never give a product ten out of ten (there are always some tiny drawbacks here and there!)

  33. This is very interesting. I’m one of those “serial dieters” and always looking for new programs to try but I’ve never heard of this one. Is any of your reviews that you read did the people who have tried it experience a rebound effect? As in gain all the weight back as soon as they quit? That’s always a concern of mine with losing weight with strict programs.

    1. Oh yes of course Toni – this happens to well over 50% of dieters who stop a weight loss program unfortunately. People need to realize that the diet plan is just the beginning and that a lifestyle change is still needed AFTER the program ends!

  34. Hi there Chris. I had heard of the ‘3 Week Diet Plan’ before, but have not tried it as yet, and to be honest I had forgotten about it all together until reading this review. I am definitely interested in trying this out, considering it is a reasonable price too! I do have one question for you; are there any competitors out there who are on the same level success wise as this program?
    Looking forward to your response,


    1. Hi Alasdair,

      As far as competitors go I would probably have to say yes – the weight loss niche is heavily saturated so there are bound to be similar programs floating about.

      What I will point out is that this is best product that covers this particular subject – very popular, with great feedback and a low refund rate!

      Hope it helps you out mate 🙂

  35. Hi there, well this sounds very interesting. I love that it is focused on a short time frame ie- 3 weeks. I am considering a diet currently and this diet seems to fit the bill, I need to get back on track instead of losing lots of weight and 3 weeks is probably just enough for motivation
    I understand that you say that one of the downsides is that the weight loss slows down after the 3 weeks but I am willing to give it a go.I will get back to you..

  36. Thank you for setting realistic expectations of this diet plan, all to often we see outrageous claims about loosing weight. These seems like a sound plan and you will not be disappointed if you follow the plan. It’s only 3 weeks that is absolutely doable. I’m definitely going to look into it

    1. Well make sure you come back here and let us know how it went Alison! 🙂

      We try our best not to ‘big up’ the products we like to promote – at the end of the day a customer will know that they’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes…and that is bad for our business!

  37. The 3 Week Diet Plan sounds promising to me! Based on the reviews on Site Jabber and your article I am willing to give it a try! Does the program suggest what kind of food we need to consume and avoid while doing the diet? ”Mind over matter” is important to keep the positive mindset and keep you going. I tend to lose interest and desire when I am not motivated and when I don’t see results. The Mindset and Motivation Manual would be a great tool for me! Thank you for sharing this product with us!

    1. All the food side of things are covered in the guide Lena – it would be pretty useless without that section right? 🙂

      Didn’t realize Site Jabber were also promoting this diet – I’m gonna pop on over there now and have a spy on their review LOL!

  38. This sounds like a well rounded plan including mental, diet and exercise components. Have you used it yourself or parts of it? I would be curious to hear your personal opinion of the food portion. I understand you can’t give away all the details. I would just be curious if you have used it yourself and your general opinion.

    1. Yeah we have to go through each guide otherwise we cannot review them properly – we hand pick what we cover here and only publish reviews on the choices we feel are worthwhile.

  39. Hi Chris, I am happy to have stumbled on your site. Since the last few days I have bee very concerned about my weight. I have been so since I have found that the weight loss that I hve glorified in the pass three years is creep back to me again.
    Believe me I do not want it back at all. I am truly happy to know that I am confident in having some of my issues sorted here concerning my weight. Tell me, how can I maintain the weight loss beyond the three.weeks program?

    1. Hiya Pansy,

      It’s all about a change of mindset – a change of lifestyle if you like. A guide like this can only take you so far as you need to handle your weight AFTER the guide period has finished.

      Most people think of these weight loss programs as a magic bullet but that is not the case. They get the weight off…but the remainder of your journey is down to the changes you make!

      Good luck!

  40. Thank you for your review on this.  I am a sports strength and conditioning coach and a sports nutritionist.  Obviously I know exactly what is involved in losing weight, which is a simple as being in a calorie deficit.  I have seen and read many things about this program, and in my eyes although it all boils down to your energy expenditure, if a program like this helps someone get moving and eating right its a plus in my eyes.  I also like the fact it covers the motivation side of things and sets out a solid plan for everyone to follow.

    Does this plan help people stay on track and teach them what to do to keep the weight off they have lost?

    Thanks for a great review

    1. That’s a very common question with this program David. Yes they do, but at the end of the day it is down to the individual. A large percentage of people return to bad habits…leading to more overweight problems!!!

  41. I honestly didn’t know it was even possible to lose 12 to 23 pounds in just 21 days. I always thought that medically speaking at most you can lose about 2 pounds a week, so 6 pounds max for 21 days.

    Maybe with the 3 Week Diet Plan they just find a way for you to lose more water weight from the body? Or do they actually mean 12 to 23 pounds of fat? But anyhow I think $47 for something like this is a bit too pricey, although you could just refund it after 60 days so it’s almost like it’s free to try.

    1. Yeah that’s the thing we these digital products Kent – you can get a good bit of mileage out of them then grab a refund later on (don’t tell anyone else I said that lol )  🙂

  42. From my experience there is no magic diet. Generally if you eat less that what your body usually burn you’ll loose weight. However, the most important thing in diets in my opinion is “the next day”. I mean, what will happen after its over. How are you planning to keep the body weight that you have accomplished. If the diet don’t offer you a way of life and it is too harsh, then you will probably gain the kilograms you lost and most of the times even gain more. Is there a part that talks obout what happens after you complete the 3 weeks?

    1. Of course Nir – successful diets are all based upon a change in lifestyle. You slip and go back to your old lifestyle…you’ll see the weight return! 

      No diet is a magic bullet, without the dieter willing to change it will never work! 

  43. Its incredible to know about the quick transformation that happened from the video you uploaded. I think that shows that the three weeks diet plan really works. The pros you listed about this program is quiet much as compared to the cons which I even see to have a very negligible negative impact. Since its effective for the first three weeks and later the weight loss slows down after 21 days, which is still okay. Thanks so much for this helpful post, I will definitely pass on this article to my friends who are overweight.

    1. Hi Dapoach, 

      If you are looking to stay slim and healthy after the 21 days you are going to need a slight lifestyle change…otherwise you will lose all the hard work of the 3 week diet! 

      The diet will take the weight off, but only you can keep it off! 

      Good luck! 🙂

  44. Hi Chris, The 3 week diet plan looks quite interesting and promising. From your explanation of the product, it looks more appealing than most of the weight loss products. This is my first time of hearing about the product, however I love the fact that you emphasized the need for people on medically supervised diet to steer clear of the product.

    It is interesting to see the manual categorized into different categories especially the workout, diet plan and the mindset/motivation manual. More interesting is the fact that one can easily loose up to 5 pounds of weight within the first 2 to 3 days of using the product.

    1. It is a really decent product Gracen, and it does exactly what it says on the tin….IF you stick to what it says religiously! 

      I have had people on here slagging the product off but they tend to be the people that couldn’t stick to the system’s parameters. Hope it works out for you. 🙂

  45. This is the only review I can say is unbiased about the 3-week diet plan. I have read some other reviews and within me I know the author was hiding some stuff. Anyone should be proud of losing 12 to 23 pounds is a great goal within 21 days. I’m fascinated by the workout manual, diet plan manual and the motivation manual included in the entire diet plan. These would balance the responsibility to both parties. Another good thing about this 3-week diet plan is the 60 days refund policy included. Would recommend it to friends. 

  46. Dear Chris,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review post. I do want to reduce some weight I got helpful insights from your review post.

    Losing weight is the biggest struggle and challenge for many and because of that, there are numerous weight loss products and programs online. Its really difficult to choose the genuine & best one since every program is claiming they are the best and they can help you.

    So unbiased review posts are a greater help to guide people in the right direction. The manuals, pros, cons and reviews in site jabber are very helpful in making my purchase decision. The pricing is affordable and the money back guarantee is just like icing on the cake. The 3 Week Diet is on my list.

    I loved how easy the review makes it for readers and no additional research needed. You left no stone up-turned in explaining how it all works. Indeed we need to work and implement what we learn in order to succeed.

    Thanks a lot for saving my time, money and effort.

    Much Success!


    1. No problem Paul! 

      It’s always cool to hear from visitors that were able to take something positive out of our articles. Good luck with the weight loss efforts! 

  47. Hi Chris,

    After reading your 3 week diet plan review I think my search for a diet weight loss program has come to an end. You have explained the manuals and pros and cons nicely and I think its worth giving a try for sure. After all even the best weight loss program is worthwhile only if one is mentally prepared to shed the required pounds.

    Also I will be recommending the 3 week diet plan to some of my friends who have been trying to lose weight with no success so far. Is the money back refund sound?

    1. Hi Nick!

      Yeah the product is actually housed at Clickbank, so you know you can easily grab a refund if it’s not the option for you. Good luck with it mate! 

  48. From a research I made years ago about, on how to lose weight effectively, I found out a very interesting fact, which is that: the speed of one’s metabolism is the major determinant of their weight.
    So, I wondered, ”why are there not much weight loss programs that leverage on the understanding of metabolism?”. I am happy that I have come across a program that leverages on metabolism, which is the 3 Week Diet Workout Plan.

    I trust that it’d deliver, because I believe in the power of speeding up metabolism to lose weight, among other methods applied by the program. 

    1. Sounds like a good fit for you then Peace! 

      Good luck with it (and please consider popping back here to let us know how it worked out for you!)

  49. From the positive reviews of the3-week diet plan, this would definitely be worth the money. The point that was made about the mindset when attempting to lose weigth is very true. If you are not resolved to losing your weight I don’t think any program can you purchase can ever work.

    You need to be absolute resolute on losing weight. By so doing the programs purchased would have a better effect on the body and you would begin to see results in no time.

    1. Yeah the mindset and the motivation really need to be in place before you take on ANY form of weight loss program Jay. 

  50. Hi Chris,

    I was impressed by reading this article. If I did not read this article I could not find details about This 3 Week Diet program. I think it will be beneficial for all, especially those who want to control diet. Many are very aware of diet control. Not to show yourself beautiful, to keep the body healthy, there is no alternative to adhering to the right dietary habits. At the beginning of the diet, control requires mental preparation. Otherwise, there may be many problems in the body, including head rotation, weakening of the body within a few days of starting. Do not reduce the amount of food at the same time. To adjust the body, take a small amount of food from the daily diet list. Many people think that diet control does not mean eating. That’s a totally wrong idea. Diet is better than usual rather than control. Nutritionists at this time told to eat nutritious foods in seven or eight portions, which helps reduce weight by increasing body metabolism rate. Usually, those who do not want to have more control over food or want to keep their body healthy by eating foods, the easiest solution to health is to make more physical work. By doing this, you will have to do a lot of physical work to spend your calorie intake of calories. You are eating a lot of food but due to physical exertion your weight will not increase, but you will be more healthy. My family and some relatives who are trying to regulate a regular diet, I am going to share the article with them very quickly. I think they could buy your 3 Week Diet Plan package. Thanks for writing this educational and informational article.

    1. You seem to already have this metabolism subject nailed mate! Great comment. 

      I hope the product turns out to be the perfect fit for the family members in question. 🙂

  51. Hi Chris

    Losing weight in 3 weeks will definitely be an awesome experience especially for those that really want to cut out some fat from their body. I was kind of excited when I discovered that following the plan step-by-step will give an assurance of  12 to 23 pound weight loss goal. I’ll relate this to my clients and get back to you. 



  52. Great review on this amazing weight loss plan! Most experts in the weight loss industry advise that it is best to lose weight gradually. It is highly recommended that the maximum pounds of fat that you should lose in a week should not be more than 2 pounds. So, any weight loss diet plan that is designed to help you lose more than 2 pounds of fat in a week is considered a crash diet. So, is the 4 Weeks diet any different? Based on traditional wisdom and weight industry standard, I believe the 4 week diet plan by Brian Flatt is more of a crash diet. Losing more than two pounds of fat in a week is considered risky but Brian Flatt’s previous similar program seems to have helped hundreds of users based on online reviews of the programs. So, the question I am yet to find a convincing answer to is whether it safe or not?

    1. Well it’s certainly not a crash diet mate. You lose weight rapidly due to the techniques and subtle lifestyle changes they introduce. 

      Of course, you need to stick to these techniques AFTER the course if you want the weight to remain off! 

  53. I purchased Brian Flatt’s 2 Week Diet Plan a while back. It was a very restrictive ketogenic diet designed for the body to burn ketones (from fat) instead of glucose. I assume the 2 Week Diet Plan is also a keto diet, which is not a bad thing. Because people can lose a lot of weight quickly on a keto diet. I did a 30-day keto diet 2 years ago and lost 20 pounds. This was without the benefit of doing any exercise what so ever because I was undergoing physical therapy on my back. The 2 week plan also had optional supplementation available. They were Brian Flatt’s recommended product. I assume the 3-week plan has the same optional supplementation. 

    1. It does sound similar in some respects Glen, but I’ve never heard of the 2 Week Diet before (so I can’t really comment on that!). 

  54. This is a lovely review on  3 weeks diet plan, its not too expensive to purchase and i am hopeful and confident the contents will be worthwhile. Starving one’s self because of trying to reduce weight is a not a good approach. You can still consume food on a regular basis and still get the result you require in terms of weight loss as long as we eat good food. Whenever I gain a few more pounds and I plan to reduce weight, what I like to do is that I pay close attention to what I consume and try in as much to eat as healthy as possible.

  55. Wow! This is very intriguing and insightful review on quick ways to shed off weight. This product is meant for me because of my obesity. I’ve tried so many other programs, products and even intense workout. It only wears me out without making much change to my size. I appreciate this review and I will get this product. The price isn’t that costly so it shouldn’t take a while before I can get it.

    I would really be joyous if this would work out for me as the video proof I saw with the write up. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Just out of curiosity – what workout are you using mate?

      I only ask as cardio will ALWAYS cut into your weight, as long as it’s PROPER cardio. Have you tried running instead of working out? (that works for everyone!!!). 

  56. I am planning to loose some weight as soon as possible and this program might be what I need. What I wonder is: What about when you have finished the three weeks, what do you do? Loosing weight is great but then you also need to keep it off, get into a lifestyle that will help you to keep your weight at a stable level. Is anything like this covered in the 3 week diet?

    1. Well the whole point of systems like this is to teach you how to live your life correctly from a health or weight loss point of view. Once the three weeks are up it’s up to you – go back to your old habits or reprogram your health! 

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