Natural Treatment For Depression and Anxiety

Natural Treatment For Depression and Anxiety

We all experience bad weeks, that eventually lead to the point where we don’t really want to get up and handle the day in front of us – life is challenging, that’s what makes it interesting (most of the time!).

But what happens when you get this feeling every time you wake up?

That uncomfortable feeling that seems to grip every inch of your body – what’s the point? Why bother?

Depression is a serious issue – just ask anyone who has suffered from it.

The most obvious solution is to take yourself down to the local surgery, get loaded up on a course of pills…

But they bring the side effects – and the news surrounding antidepressants hasn’t exactly been positive over the last decade or so…has it?

In this article we will be taking a look at options for a more natural treatment for depression and anxiety.

Now, I’m not a doctor, or even a medical professional – these treatments are based on information I have gathered over the years.

I’m not promising miracles here – but they have been known to bring out brilliant results in some cases (and they’re completely natural!).

Perhaps one or a combination of these treatments can help you to feel like yourself again…

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St. Johns Wort For Depression

St. Johns Wort For Depression

Before we go into this herb – I should point out that there are dangers involved when mixing it with a selection of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications.

If you are considering using this option for depression – please, please, please check with your doctor first IF you are using medications!

There are actually records stretching back hundreds of years involving St. John’s Wort being used for depression. A recent study (around the 2010 mark!) in Europe concluded that it has effective properties that fight depression and a lot less side effects than regular medications.

It is worth pointing out that this report was only handling people with ‘moderate’ depression.

Ashwagandha Uses and Benefits

Ashwagandha Uses and Benefits

Indian Cherry, or Ashwagandha, is a herb that has been used for hundreds of years by Indian practitioners.

It apparently naturally aids the thyroid and adrenal glands, in turn helping you handle the stress levels you feel. It’s also pretty good at creating a calming effect over the central nervous system – killing off anxious feelings.

Ashwagandha is also known for it’s sedative effects, resulting in many people taking it to handle depression-related insomnia.

Yoga Poses For Depression and Anxiety

Yoga Poses For Depression and Anxiety

If your depression levels are bringing on unnatural feelings of anxiety, Yoga could be a great way to find some peace!

Our bodies contain a stress hormone called cortisol and many Yoga experts believe that certain poses can help reduce this hormone.

Yoga is a great way to improve and strengthen the link between mind and body – helping you feel more in control of your emotions and your primary thoughts.

For more information on Yoga poses for beginners, check out this video here.

Does Exercise Help Anxiety and Depression?

Does Exercise Help Anxiety and Depression?

Yes, in the past I have personally found exercise to improve my mood when the whole world seems to be coming at me from all sides!

You don’t have to run miles and miles every day – a simple half an hour walk will improve your overall state of mind.

A recent study from the University of Toronto concluded that even moderate levels of exercise are great from stopping various forms of depression setting in, and taking over your life.

The Benefits of Psychotherapy For Depression

The Benefits of Psychotherapy For Depression

Sometimes, something as simple as having someone to listen to you is enough to stem the tide of depression.

A psychotherapist is trained to listen and can support you in having more positive thoughts throughout your week.

Psychotherapists can put you through a course of Cognitive therapy – an effective way of locating negative thought patterns then changing their path, leading them to less harmful parts of the brain.

With consistent questioning and challenging, psychotherapists can alter these damaging thought patterns and even change the setup of your brain to a more positive one.

Natural Treatments For Depression

Now it’s over to you – have you had any experience with using natural treatments for depression?

I’ve also heard that music therapy and Meditation/Mindfulness can help – do you have any personal experience with these?

We would love to hear about your experiences with handling depression, please consider leaving them in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “Natural Treatment For Depression and Anxiety

  1. Thanks for the info Chris. I have suffered from depression in the past, and if I’m not careful it can creep back in. Fitness has been a huge part of my improvement along with meditation. The benefits of being active, like you say, are so huge in dealing with depression and being happier in general. I definitely will look into trying out some of your other suggestions. 

    Really nice to read through an article like this – Thanks again!

    1. Hi Evan!

      Well it’s really cool to hear you have got on top of things and are handling your depressed feelings in the correct way. It’s always great to get positive outcomes in the comment section of this site. 

      Thanks for reading mate – good luck in the future! 

  2. Hello Chris,

    we as consumers and victims are constantly bombarded with the pharmaceutical companies recommending pills for every ailment including depression. It is great to see that there are people like yourself out there educating the public on natural alternatives to the drug companies and what is being offered.

    Is there a special online store that one needs to purchase from to gain access to these natural alternatives or where would one go about finding these products to try them out?

    Thanks for a well researched article. 


    1. Hi Rich, 

      To be honest with you – I’d look no further than Amazon these days! They have everything on offer there, and a great range of various natural products etc. 

  3. I have been suffering from anxiety and depression for around 2 years now and also suffered with a heart attack last year and I’m only 39.

    I have always been fit and healthy but a few things happened in a short period of time I just went spiralling out of control until I didn’t know what was happening to me.

    I didn’t want to leave my bedroom, I was drinking g a lot, I wouldn’t answer phone calls, or even open letters, I was just a shell of a man, to be honest with you.

    The best thing that helped me was my family and friends helping me through it all and eventually with a total change of diet and regular exercise I started to feel a bit better, but not totally.

    Eventually, I had to go to the doctor and see if there was anything they could do for me so they prescribed me medication and they seem to be working great so far, but I’m always looking for different things to try like different diets and exercising so stumbling on this post has made my day really.

    When you mention ashwagandha, can you just buy that from any herbal shop or does it have to be subscribed as I have never heard of it before?

    1. Hi there Matthew, 

      Well first off – it’s great to hear that you are feeling a lot better, and seem to be in a better place in life. These things certainly can spiral out of control at times! 

      For ashwagandha products – I’d always recommend Amazon as a first port of call (variety and price is unbeatable at times). 

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