Most Fad Diets Fail Because…

Most Fad Diets Fail Because...

They’ve been around for decades now, well, they’ve probably been around since the human race started munching on the wrong types of food – the (dreaded) fad diet!

I’m not being sexist here, but the female side of the race seem to fall for them more frequently. Get a bikini body within a month, fit into those jeans before that party Friday night, lose that belly flab within 7 days…the list of promises goes on and on…

But why do these sorts of diets seem to fail so miserably, time after time?

They are carefully designed and most of the time they have good science behind them!

Let’s take a closer look at why most fad diets fail…

Most Are Not Sustainable

The promise of a lot of these fad diets seems to drive overweight individuals to do just about anything. Live on cabbage for a fortnight, drink gallons of lemon water (and end up with a terrible stomach for the duration), cut out everything except breathing, consume masses of Red Bull…and in some cases – grab yourself a nice smoking habit!

To be honest, in most cases, these diets do work…but KEEPING the weight off long term is near enough impossible! Cravings will always kick in, and there’s your general overall health levels to consider.

Long story short – in most cases these types of diets are not sustainable.

Most of Them Are Not Exactly ‘Great’ For Your Health

Unfortunately there are no real ‘short cuts’ when it comes to losing weight successfully. At the end of the day – a quick fix is going to be detrimental to your health.

A large majority of the poorer fad diets involve starving yourself of foods you really need. Sure, a lot of them promote sticking to a healthy option, but you are going to need more nourishment than that!

Sitting about eating melon and salads for a month is only going to slow down your metabolism, and make you lose essential body fluids, like water.

This may well make you feel like a million bucks – all of a sudden you look like you’ve lost a stone!!!!

But the majority of this weight is made up of water…and it will return.

losing weight successfully

Bright Shiny Objects

A lot of these modern fad diets are what I call ‘bright shiny objects’ – they are designed to say all the right things and press the right buttons within overweight individuals!

Think about this question for a minute – how long did it take you to put on all this weight you want to lose?

Six months?

A year?

Two Years???

If it took this long to put that sort of weight on – why will it drop off so quickly when you start a diet?

It won’t!

Remember –  if it appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. Putting on weight is a LOT easier than dropping the same amount of weight!

If Your Lifestyle Doesn’t Change – Neither Will Your Weight!

The modern diets that we promote on this site all have one thing in common – they concentrate on changing an individual’s lifestyle to get weight loss results.

Overweight individuals have usually adopted pretty bad eating habits along the line somewhere – these need to change if that person is to lose weight and keep it off!

The negative lifestyle changes most of us pick up are key to the weight we gain, especially when we reach the dreaded 40!

To lose weight successfully you are going to have to change your lifestyle and stick to this change. Any diet that promises weight loss without lifestyle change is essentially robbing you of your money!

change your lifestyle for successful dieting

What About Cardio?

The most worrying aspect about a lot of these fad diets is the fact that they completely ignore any sort of exercise regime. Losing weight and a decent workout go hand in hand – period.

To be honest with you – running seems to be the only weight loss answer that works for me, always has been! It’s cheap, easy enough to get into and the results are tremendous.

Exercise is a great way to strengthen muscles and create a sweat, which in turn, rids our bodies of all those nasty toxins from shitty foods!

The Psychology Links

When you’ve had a bad day at work and the whole world seems against you, depression and stress step in. Now, going home to a boiled chicken salad ain’t gonna do this emotional turmoil any good!

When we are suitably pissed off we crave foods that are maybe a bit fattier – a nice burger and fries or a pizza etc.

Chomping down on rabbit food is only going to make you more depressed, so, fad diets actually make our cravings for junk food a lot stronger than they normally would be!

Most Fad Diets Fail Because…

…Of all the points we’ve covered above…but what are your experiences with these types of diets?

Over to you – if you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today we would love to hear from you. Please consider leaving them in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “Most Fad Diets Fail Because…

  1. I’ve struggled with weight my entire life, and fad diets have been a part of my downfall as I get older. Losing fast weight by eating cabbage soup or drinking lemon juice and cayenne, to only gain it back, is more damaging than most realized. You are totally right that lifestyle change is the best way to control weight issues and I’ve had the most success with “diets” that completely change how I operate. Is there a non-fad diet that you would recommend as most effective?

    1. Hi once again Sunny!

      The diets we promote here are fast acting diets, but they are also diets that are aimed at changing the way you look at eating and staying fit. 

      If you are interested, you can find them in the Product Review section of the site (just check out the tab at the top of this site and you’ll see them!). 

      If you like the sound of one, or have any questions about one, please give us a shout and we’ll provide more info on it! 

      Good luck! 🙂

  2. Hello Chris,

    I have had many friends that come with the latest and greatest diet fads from all protien, to full fat or no cabs, the list is endless. I have always believed in a balanced diet to remain healthy coupled together with an adequate amount of exercise to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    In my opinion, the main reason why people fail in keeping the weight off is that diets themselves don’t work in the long run unless they translate into a lifestyle change. This is key as once you stop the diet, the weight piles back on as a result of previous bad habits. 

    Thanks for a great article.


    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head there Richard – lifestyle change! 

      If you manage to change the way you live your life, through diet and through exercise, the weight will just fall off naturally! 

  3. I’m not surprised that they fail in the long run. Nor am I surprised that they are popular. Who doesn’t want to look amazing immediately without having to work out. We need to treat weight loss just like quitting smoking. It’s a life style change and a long battle.

    Mind set is probably the most important aspect to succeed. Good news is, we are easy to adapt to new life styles and those cravings do get easier if we persist. At least that’s what happened to me. 

    1. Yeah mindset is probably the most important factor Wei – once we get ‘in that mindset zone’ it’s surprising how easy it is to stick to it, especially when you see the weight slipping off…

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