Men’s Health Information

Men's Health Information

Since my early thirties, it’s safe to say that I’ve grown up somewhat when it comes to being aware of my own health. I started to get to grips with the subject when I realised that the beer was no longer disappearing in a urinal…but rather gathering around my midsection.

To cut a long story short – I started to change my diet and I began running every day…

Healthy living and cardio!

So, you’re starting to see the picture behind the ‘why I started this site’ – I learned a ton of new information…and I figured others around the same age as me would be searching for the same sort of answers.

This post will be made up of graphical information I gathered last week on the subject of men’s health. I was in the process of looking for a new topic to cover on this site, and during my search I uncovered a few pretty awesome infographics that I’d love to share with you.

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Men’s Health Facts

Men's Health Facts


Seven Health Facts Men Need To Know

Seven Health Facts Men Need To Know


Men and Their Hearts

Men and Their Hearts


Men’s Health Information – Take The Plunge!

Men's Health Information - Take The Plunge!

I thought I should end this post by pointing out that I REALLY know how hard it is for 99.9% of us to change our habits and attempt to lead a healthier life – more often than not it’s down to reasons we have little control over.

Many of us lead extremely busy lives these days – careers tend to take over no matter how trivial the job.

But, if you don’t start somewhere…you won’t start at all.

When I started my cardio regime I was just setting out working online full time – I was my own boss and I had very little money.

I quite literally forced myself to get out and run every morning, no matter what the weather, and I slowly added on distance every day.

I’m afraid I really can’t help you with the nutrition side of things – that’s a mindset you have to create yourself and stick to! 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Men’s Health Information

  1. Hi! It’s great when we get to the point we start to take control of our health. We may not get to this reasoning as early in life as we should. But it’s always good to get to it when there is still time. It’s part of growing up, as you have said.

    I greatly appreciate these facts you have mentioned here. I’m surprised to hear that 94% of all workforce fatalities are men!

    I’ll pay special attention to sleep, nutrition and 30 minutes of exercising. As you have said, if we don’t start somewhere, we won’t start at all! I’ll check your diet and workout plan. Based on your experience, what has helped you to stick with your plan?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Well willpower really Henry – I get out and run at least 5 mornings out of the week, regardless of the weather (usually rain where I’m from!). 

  2. Thank you for the informative post, I believe to have learnt a lot from it, personally I always want to start a healthy lifestyle of which it’s accompanied with some responsibility to which I really try to fix some time but unfortunately I end up giving up, but after going through you post I have learnt something special that if you don’t start somewhere then you never start at all, now I choose to follow one of your methods, I will start by the morning race, I think and also believe that running for around one kilometre daily will make a change, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more from your posts hmfrom now, thank you for sharing this post 

    From Joy.

    1. That’s a great choice Joy – one kilometre is a good starting point, and when you get more used to the exercise, start adding distance to it. 

      Good luck! 🙂

  3. I am a woman but what you just wrote here it is so true and full of information! I often tell my husband about taking care of himself, his diet, his heart but sometimes I think he thinks  I am just blagging. Now I can share with him someone else point of view and I sincerely hope it will help in persuading him to take action

    1. Ah most men think women are nagging Barbara…myself included (only joking!). 

      Cool – I hope he takes the time to read the article. Good luck! 

  4. Thank you for this wonderful information, I find it really helpful and cool, back then I was so scared of workouts and running distance. But my cousin help me with some motivational talks and I started running every morning, slow and steady I begin to add distance and now I find it really great for my health. I think developing a good and balance nutritional life is also essential.  Thank you 

    1. Yep, that’s the way to do it mate – just keep on adding a little distance until you can comfortably run the distance you were initially looking at! 

  5. Thanks for sharing this article, I do believe we are responsible for our health, talking about what we eat and our daily activities as well, the information on the seven health facts we men need to know, I did learn a lot from this article and will certainly reduce the intake of alcohol and get more night rest than usual. Thanks for tips.

    1. Well I’m glad you were able to take something positive out of this article Seun – good luck with your journey…and stay healthy! 🙂

  6. Hey there,

    Great information on men’s health and it certainly change some of my misconceptions about men’s health.  Health should be taken care of, and no doubt your diet plays a huge role in keeping the system working and balanced.

    Wrong diet is basically one of the major and important factors which lead to the degeneration of human system  If you observe, nowadays people are fond of junk food, which can further create health problems.  In addition to this, lack of exercise worsens the condition.

    Glad you have given many important tips on men’s health, an infographic on Men and Heart is alarming.


    1. Yeah you’ve hit the nail on the head there Shubhangi – junk food and next to no exercise (and people wonder why health services struggle!). Thanks for taking the time to comment on our article. 

  7. I see my husband struggle a lot with creating new, healthy habits. He wants to lose weight, but it’s that struggle of trying to under eat and your brain telling you “NO! Get food NOW!” lol I know the struggle well myself! 

    I love how you decided that you would run everyday – no matter what the temperature. That’s something I do myself. (I walk or run.) Not only is it great exercise, but I feel like working out outside helps clear the mind. I don’t know if you feel that way too? 

    My husband doesn’t love to exercise, but I wish he would learn to love running. (He plays basketball at the gym a couple of days a week, so that’s good!) I will need to show him your article. 🙂 

    Thanks so much for the great men’s health information. Us women can use it to help make our men healthier, too!

    1. Hi Christina, 

      Yeah I’m pretty much the same as you – I frequently find that running helps to clear my head, get rid of negative thoughts, and start my day off right. 

      Funnily enough the rain was so bad here today…I actually couldn’t get out for a run this morning!!!

  8. Hi, 

    Changing one’s lifestyle requires tons and loads of self discipline and sacrifices. If we want to change from our comfort zones, we’d be surprised that we would remain the same for ages on end. 

    knowing that we need a change is the first step, then deciding to change is the second step, then going out and doing what changed people do is the third. Lastly staying changed is the fourth step to a successful I-have-changed story. 

    1. I really like the way you put that Peace, it’s effective and catchy (in fact I may use it for an opener on an upcoming article!). 

  9. Great article loaded with vital information on men’s health information. As a man I watch my diet and I take it very seriously. I don’t take sugary food, I don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes which are really common in the lifestyle of men. The only thing I saw in your article which I am lazy about is exercise but this article had opened my eyes to many things that are beneficial to my heath as a man. Great job.

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