Losing Fat Everywhere Except Stomach

Losing Fat Everywhere Except Stomach

​During the day to day running of this website I often visit forums to find new topics to cover for upcoming blog posts/articles. On health and weight loss based forums I continually come across the same problem…

Losing fat everywhere except stomach areas!

There’s no getting away from it – losing weight but still ending up with a bulky midsection is awfully discouraging. Why are you losing weight everywhere else when you only set out to shift that belly fat?

What makes matters worse is the amount of health publications on the internet reminding you that excess fat in this part of your body increases the risk of serious health problems…

  • ​High cholesterol
  • Risk of strokes
  • Insulin resistance
  • Various heart diseases

​But I’m here to tell you that it’s not all doom and gloom – we can turn around your fortunes and get that stomach looking flat again!

Simple yet effective changes to your overall diet and the way you approach fitness will bring in unbelievable results…

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What’s The Name of This Site?

Yeah, the first port of call is ALWAYS going to be your caloric deficit ( they don’t call me The Calorie Ninja for nothing! ).

To shift stubborn stomach flab you are going to have to aim at putting your body in a caloric deficit. If you spend all day on the treadmill then go out at night for a Indian curry and 5 beers your weight is going to stay the same!

It’s simple maths really – If your calorie burn and intake are equal you are not going to see any movement in the stomach area PERIOD!

Alternatively, if you shovel in more calories than you burn through exercise you are going to put on weight – it’s a simple formula that most dieters tend to ignore ( why, I’ll never know! ).

So what does that leave us with? Well it leaves us with a pretty simple formula to follow – burn more calories than you consume and your stomach line will decrease!

Choice of Exercise

Unfortunately EVERY gym on the planet is a haven to misinformation – sometimes on purpose but most of the time through simple lack of knowledge!

If you pick the wrong type of exercise it really doesn’t matter how long you ‘stick at it’ – you are not going to see the results you were looking for.

Cardio Swimming

My advice would be to ignore all the muscle boy’s advice about crunches – they are absolutely awesome at beefing up your abdominal muscles but they are useless at burning calories ( very slow! ).

You HAVE to target cardiovascular exercises to get that stomach flab moving. Running, swimming, cycling and even a form of intense dancing will do.

15 Minutes Won’t Cut it! 

So you’ve picked your favorite cardio exercise and you start out on this brave new journey of exercise…but after 15 minutes you’re exhausted so it’s best to stop and save your energy for the next day right?

15 minutes will not cut it I’m afraid – you have to make sure you are sweating for long enough periods before you see results. Workout lengths and frequency are key here.

When I first started out running to lose some weight I ran about two miles a day before I hit the wall and gave up. Now two miles may sound a decent enough distance to you but you have to put things into perspective.

How many times can you run this two mile distance in a week? Twice? Maybe three times at a stretch?

That’s about six miles a week – not quite enough I’m afraid!

With high tempo cardio you have to be looking at getting over the 150 minutes per week mark. If you are doing lighter cardio ( for example walking ) you must be aiming at over 300 minutes weekly.

You Are What You Eat

And last but not least – what about your general diet? Do you feel you are eating all the right things?

After up-tempo cardio you are going to develop a wicked appetite – there’s nothing wrong with this, it’s perfectly natural.

To burn stomach fat successfully you need to back up your cardio by eating the right things when you get hungry. It’s all about making the correct choice when it comes to replacing the calories exercise burns.

You Are What Yo Eat

High fat items need to be reduced as much as possible and replaced by fruit and vegetables – things you can binge on without ruining your calorie count.

Desserts should be a thing of the past and I would advise you cut back on the amount of alcohol you consume ( I know, I know, I like a drink or six myself! ).

Losing Fat Everywhere Except Stomach

So there’s no excuse really guys – the writing’s on the wall ( so to speak! ). Let’s be honest here – how many of you already knew about the points we covered here today?

Most of you right?

If you want to flatten that stomach you are going to have to follow ALL four of the subjects covered above. You’re not alone in this – even with all the distance running I do, I still need to look after my stomach area!

Make the change TODAY!

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21 thoughts on “Losing Fat Everywhere Except Stomach

  1. For me the stomach area is where I loose fat after I have lost it everywhere else. Cause let us be honest, you can not loose fat on a specific area. You will lose fat on your entire body if you start to loose fat in general. But for most men the area that keeps fat “until the end” is the stomach. Me personally thinks that you can loose very much fat (even in the stomach) with diet only… but I am not sure? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well diet is a great start John – if you get that right you are definitely on the right track to flattening that stomach! 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,

    First of all awesome website. In my younger days I exercise every day. I play soccer at least 5 times a week. The days without soccer traing or matches, I trained weight lifting.

    Now I’m married and have two wonderful kids. It’s harder to find time for exercising. And I can see that my belly is bigger. It’s really hard to get rid of the belly fat. I’m glad you have so mutch information about this issue and advices to exercise properly and eat properly food.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. No problems Nam,

      I have two kids myself and I know how difficult it is to find time to do ANYTHING these days! Good luck with your weight loss gig ( don’t forget to pop back if you need any help! )

  3. I’m so excited I read this. I can’t seem to lose and belly fat to save my life. I feel like I’ve tried everything under the freaking sun. But it’s been ab work outs. So I am very much looking forward to starting cardiovascular workouts! I’ve got the nutrition part down but I need to change up the exercise part. Thank you so much for these awesome tips!

  4. Hi there..

    My wife has used to have difficulty in loosing stomach fat in spite of the fact that she was going to the gym 5 times a week. It was very frustrating. She was eating healthly as well but it was very difficult.

    The problem was, the word healthy. What is a healthy food? She used to eat a lot of bread, rice and beans in her diet and I am not sure about that, but when she cut all these 3 ingredients, she started to lose fat faster. I don’t know, but I think the bread was the main culprit. What do you think about that?
    Thanks for your help


  5. Hi Chris,

    I’ve got to say, I’ve been able to lose weight before, but definitely the wrong way. Now that I’ve been living with my family in Greece on a farm the quality of food that I’ve been eating has been way better, however I can’t help but not get enough exercise in.

    Every night I tell myself that tomorrow I’m going to get my routine in order and get the best out of most of my days on the farm. I don’t do much work here yet – my family are very overprotective of me! – but the little I’ve been able to do sure takes it out of you.

    As for the recommended amount of cardio, that sounds like death to me. I’ve never been a jogger or a runner and I’d be surprised if I can even make it a mile, but you’ve inspired me to try and work on it. The issue that I have is that cardio = boredom for me, but give me a three hour BJJ class and I’ll still be hopping all the way home.

    Thanks again for the post, I enjoyed the read.

    All the best,

    Katia 🙂

    1. No problem Katia – have you thought about taking a mp3 player on a jog with you? I always run with music – cuts out the boredom! 🙂

  6. This is a very practical article. I agree wholeheartedly about gyms being a den of misinformation. Often the trainers are just parroting off what they learned at trainer school rather than developed well-researched plans for people.
    Have you investigated the Eat Right 4 Your Type regime? Often people exercise a great deal, try to cut calories, but then still eat foods that are incompatible with their body chemistry. Result? Nothing changes.
    It has been proven that some body and chemical types respond badly to aerobic exercise while for others it is the best thing for them. Knowing what is right for you will go a long way.

    1. I haven’t no – but I noticed you mention the Eat Right 4 Your Type regime in another comment you left here earlier on today. Will have to check it out – sounds VERY interesting!

  7. interesting article, thanks Chris,its such a shame that all the nice stuff is bad for you and all the hard stuff is good for you! It seems so unfair. I’ve always had a real love/hate relationship with exercise i’m either really into it or not at all, same with my diet, if I could find a happy medium it would be perfect!

  8. Hey Chris

    Stunning Site.I am actually very jealous as I am in the same niche as you and your site is miles ahead of mine. I think you have a great site. Love the product reviews.
    I have some thing to learn before I can be as good as you.
    Fantastic site. Keep it up.

  9. This article really appeals to me because my stomach is the ONLY place I actually am trying to lose fat as of right now. I play lacrosse, so I’m running a lot, but I can’t seem to shake off the extra fat. It sucks. I’m glad I found an article on the same situation I am experiencing. Thanks!

    1. No problem Jasmine – glad you found it helpful overall! ( and good luck with that stomach – I’m sure it’s not that bad! ) 🙂

  10. Awesome post! I have a health and fitness site as well.

    People know what to do, they just need help doing it, and that is where personal trainers like me come in. You don’t have to count calories, as long as you eat the good calories and have snacks throughout the day. This will enhance your metabolism and help you burn more fat.

  11. Hi, have been hunting around for a good site to me to control my calories and Boy does calorie ninja look like the place to be. I’ve hardly scrape the surface and learn lots of new stuff. That said, I’m not so slim as to worry about, just my stomach yet.

    Have you got any tips for a man who loves to cook?

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