Lose Weight Eating Mainly Salad

Lose Weight Eating Mainly Salad

There are hundreds, if not thousands of diets and weight loss programs these days. The eat salad and lose weight days appear to be something of the past now. Everyone seems to like to make life more complicated by following trends and fads that sometimes are useless, time-consuming, unhealthy and just weird.

The truth is that you can lose weight eating mainly salads. There’s no need to starve, to count every single calorie you put into your mouth, to adopt your ancestors diet or to forget about tasty foods for the rest of your life.

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Why Salads Are a Great Choice to Lose Weight

As you know, one of the secrets for losing weight is to reduce your calorie intake. This way your body takes the energy (calories) needed to perform its daily activities from fat deposits in your body.

Fiber is also another nutrient that aids in weight loss because it gives the sensation of satiety and improves digestion. Fiber accelerates metabolism, and when you consume it, your organism absorbs fewer quantities of nutrients such as sugars, starches, and fats.

Water is also an important factor in weight loss, and in almost every program they will tell you to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. This is because water also accelerates metabolism and improves kidney function, and this allows the liver to eliminate fat quickly.

As you can see, salads are the perfect, if not the best option to lose weight. They are low in calories and have lots of fiber and water. Salads allow you to lose weight without feeling hungry all day long. You can eat five or six times a day without exceeding your calorie intake. This is what makes them and excellent choice.


Stop it Right There Salad Detractors!

The problem for many people is that the word ‘salad’ is a synonym of boring. The first image that comes into their head when they hear the word is a plate of lettuce and a couple of tomato slices.

Also, many detractors of the salad method could argue that eating only salads can seriously affect your health. But the ones who say this are probably the same ones that believe a salad is only a plate with lettuce on it.


Salads can also be a complete, balanced and healthy dish. Knowing how to combine your salads can give you all the nutrients you need and also make you feel energized all day long.

Next you’ll learn all about losing weight, looking fabulous and feeling active and amazing every day using the old fashioned salad method.


Why You Should Be Eating Salads

1) Variety

There are many salads as food combinations, so recipes are infinite, and it’s always easy to find one that adapts to your tastes and needs. You don’t have to eat lettuce every single day. You can add to the mix spinach, arugula or watercress. You can also choose a veggie or fruit salad one day, and why not even a bean salad from time to time?

2) Low in Calories

Most salads keep you satiated and only provide 200 or 300 calories per portion. The secret is to combine healthy veggies and leafy green vegetables low in calories and rich in taste and fiber with protein foods low in fat such as chicken, eggs, salmon or tofu.

3) Easy to Prepare

Salads are easy to prepare. In five minutes, you can have the most delicious and nutritious dish ever. Just throw in some nuts, protein and dressing and you’re ready to go.

4) Balanced and Varied Diet

Forget about the typical boring and traditional lettuce and tomato salad, you can have a tasty dish with 6 or seven ingredients. If you prepare different salads using different proteins every day you can have a complete and balanced diet that is nutritious and tastes amazing.

5) Dressing Options

You have many dressing options to combine salads, and you’ll never get bored.

6) Vitamins and Minerals

Fresh and raw foods give you an incredible amount of minerals and vitamins that can get lost during cooking. So eating a variety of raw foods on a daily basis will make you feel lighter and more active.

7) They Have All That You Need

Salads allow you to combine all food groups, and as you know, it’s important to have a balanced diet to stay healthy. You can even add whole grain pasta or cereals from time to time. Also add fruits, nuts and legumes to have a little something of every food group.

8) Indulge From Time to Time

By reducing your calorie intake with healthy salads, you can indulge in guilty pleasures from time to time because you are consuming fewer calories. Having a chocolate or a slice of cheesecake is totally fine. This does not mean you can eat a bag of chocolates every day, the phrase “from time to time” is key here.

9) Eat a Lot

You can eat as much as five or six times a day. You don’t have to feel hungry ever! Salads only have 200 or 300 calories per portion, so you can eat more and lose weight at the same time.



Don’t Cheat – Some salads, especially in restaurants may have 700 or 800 calories. Many people say they only eat salads and still don’t lose weight. Well, maybe they are cheating by adding fatty and caloric foods. If you want to lose weight, choose dressings that are low in fat, and also beware of adding too much cheese.

Quality – Always choose ingredients that are top quality. For example, use extra virgin olive oil of the best kind and make sure it’s tasty, or it can ruin your dish.

Vary the dressings – You don’t have to get bored having the same salad and the same dressing every single day. There are many healthy oils these days to choose from, and you can make amazing dressings combining them.

You can also make healthy dressings using yogurt and cottage cheese. Combine them with herbs, mustard, orange and lemon zest and exotic herbs and spices that can boost the flavor of every dish.

Keep it fresh – Always use fresh ingredients and prepare your salad just before eating. Also add the dressing before serving or else it will be mushy.

Fill it up – If you have a big stomach then add more lettuce or leafy vegetables that are low in calories and that make you feel satiated.

Prepare ahead of time – If you are going to add veggies or other foods such as peas, zucchini or chicken always prepare with time, so they are cold when you serve.

As you now know, it is easy to lose weight eating mainly salads. With this method, you can have some other foods from time to time without worrying they will go straight to your belly. The trick is to know how to prepare them, what to add, what to avoid and how often to eat them.

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34 thoughts on “Lose Weight Eating Mainly Salad

  1. For weight loss, you can’t really go past salads. High nutrition and easily digested. The only problem I personally find that if they’re mostly leafy, I’m hungry again after not too long. Adding both a protein source such as chicken or salmon, plus a grain like bulgur wheat or barley, helps make salads more filling for longer. I also find variety helps you stick to an eating plan.

    1. Yes I agree with you SC – always try and ‘bulk up’ your diet salad with a bit of protein ( plain chicken is usually my choice of weapon! ).

  2. Hi Chris, nice article you wrote there. You are right that salads are beneficial in a healthy diet and people should learn to eat more salads. The problem however, is that most people have such bad eating habits that the last thing they think of is salads. This is why most people will need guidance to adapt to a healthy lifestyle in which they learn to eat healthy meals at least 3 times a day.

    Keep up the great posts. I really love your logo and site name. Very catchy!

    1. Cheers Jonathan – glad you like them!
      Yes most people do have pretty terrible eating habits these days – a lot of the time they’re picked up from their teenage years. Eating healthy is a complete lifestyle change for some 🙂

  3. Hi. I love this post, it was both informative and educative. I love salads, but my major challenge has always been getting the right type of salad ingredients. In this day and age, people are obsessed with fast foods and magic diets, making them to look down on fruits and vegetables. Acquiring fresh, natural vegetables is also a huge challenge; most supermarkets stock genetically modified vegetables, while your everyday market sellers do not usually store their vegetables properly, it’s almost like a devil and the deep blue sea scenario. I believe a little bit of enlightenment (like you’re doing on this site) will go a long way in promoting increased consumption of healthy vegetables.

  4. You have written an excellent post. I have a fresh raw salad for lunch most days of the week. Among the benefits my body receives are a wholesome tasty low-cal meal, a high concentration of micronutrients, lots of good fiber, and a “not-so-full” feeling to begin the afternoon. I agree with this post. Its a great way to maintain or increase health

  5. your calorie ninja and eating salads really caught my attention, I have never been a big salad eater, because yes I do find them boring due to the fact that I had only the basic stuff on my salads. You really gave me some good ideas on what to do with salads and losing those ugly pounds, now I have to get motivated on a salad diet, keeping the sugar habit is hard for me!

  6. Well done Article. It is so true and most people said that you will be hungry by applying this diet type, I think it’s different because all the choice you have, all of them low of calories and also by eating six meals per day there is no reason to feel hungry anymore. Another thing that I really like is when you mention the restaurant salads. I 100% agreed with you, most restaurants sells them as “healthy” when they are not. Great article my Friend, well done

    1. Thanks Javier!

      Nice to hear you’ve noticed the problem with restaurant salads – I’ve been caught out by elaborate dressings on many an occasion 🙂

  7. Hello
    Glad I found your site, been struggling with weight gain for a few years now and l know l need to loose weight but the thought of going hungry or eating tasteless foods does not appeal to me.
    l know salads are easy to prepare and have low calories ,but maybe that`s the problem l want a meal i can prepare from scratch,cook it,spice it and eat it hot.
    With salads,these choices are mostly taken away.
    Thanks for opening my eyes to more options to eating more salads.

    1. No problem Roamy – you do release that you can add some spice to salads right? There’s also no law against adding a spicy low fat meat to the side ( chicken for example! ). Anyway – think outside the box a little and see what you come up with! 🙂

  8. This article has inspired me to change up my salads. It didn’t occur to me to add a yogurt dressing or different kinds of healthy oils. I will definitely look into this! I love salads and they do make me feel energized. They’re so quick and easy to prepare because you don’t have to cook anything. 😉 And they’re SO healthy and yummy! I can eat a big bowl of salad and know that I got all my nutrients in! YAY! 😀

  9. I have to say I find it really difficult to stick to salads when dieting. I’m better with steamed veg and protein. I like salads but I find the quantity you buy in a market goes off pretty quickly so I can’t get to eat it all and end up throwing it away! I suppose this wouldn’t happen if I was making it for two! Are there any particular vegetables you would suggesting putting on the salad which are nutrient rich and fibrous? Sammi

  10. Hello Chris,

    I agree to you 100% that just eating salad can help loosing weight. You laid all the necessary information to know about veggie salad. Add to my knowledge to combine different dressing everyday so not to be bored eating veggies. And to be creative of making different salad each meal.
    Great post, thank you I learned lot of tips about making salad.


  11. It is comforting to know that having salads can cause one to lose weight fast. I am also happy to know that the meal can be balance by mixing other things towards this.

    I can see your article being able to help those persons who really cannot lose weight even when they try. Somehow I think the salad weight loss ingredients will do its work.

    thank you for helping.

  12. The thing with raw food is that it contains a lot more of the nutrients that normally get destroyed when cooking food. The problem with many people when they eat salads is that they don’t get enough carbohydrate or protein, so they don’t end up feeling satisfied. If you can get protein and carbohydrate into the salad, it is more likely to keep you going. Of course, you are right that there are also ways to flavour salads that make them nicer to eat as well.

  13. One of the PROS that salads does are that you can eat a lot and your body won’t suffer. Just like in this case, not like carbs or sugar that you have to watch to both of them if you eat in high portions . A little workout always helps to lose weight, but I can’t deny that salads have great properties that helps you lose weight fast .great job

  14. I love the title of the calorie ninja, could do with one of those on my fridge door! Quite a convincing argument regarding salads. Not a keen salad eater myself I can see the benefit of mixing the salads up and eating more often rather than having to face the monotonous stereotypical lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad. Well done.

  15. I love the title of the calorie ninja, could do with one of those on my fridge door! Quite a convincing argument regarding salads. Not a keen salad eater myself I can see the benefit of mixing the salads up and eating more often rather than having to face the monotonous stereotypical lettuce, cucumber and tomato salad. Well done.

  16. Really nice post. I didn’t know that salads contain only 200 to 300 calories. Is that with or without the salad dressing?
    I have recently found a liking to salads, thanks to a friend. I love the natural flavors and the mentality that I know I’m eating healthy. Does low fat dressings really make a difference to calorie intake?

  17. Hello, Chris. When you mentioned salads, first thought was rabbits, plenty of them, jumping in the meadow and enjoying the fresh grass. I can blame the Easter because images of rabbits were everywhere.
    I know that salad is a good way to get fibers and nutrients. Dandelions are the perfect source of vitamins and nutrients.
    I would like to add to salads some nuts and berries. The cheese is a good addition too.
    I eat a lot of veggies but I was tired of them. I use the blender to get the benefit from the salad. I do not need to spend a long time chewing them.
    Thanks for spreading the message about healthy eating, all the best, Nemira.

    1. Yeah blending your greens is a pretty cool way to go – I hear of a lot of people choosing that option these days!

  18. Hey Chris
    Well I love salads and I think they are so NOT boring.
    Ok so I find lettuce boring and hardly ever put that in my salads. I replace that with other lovely leafy things like watercress, coriander, rocket and many more other interesting options.
    Then I love to add things like nuts and seeds which make it oh so tasty.
    You can add cheese, egg, tuna, chicken or whatever else.
    In my eyes there is nothing boring about the salads I make. I love them.

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