Kinect Games That Help You Lose Weight

Kinect Games That Help You Lose Weight

Are you lacking in the confidence needed to take on your local gym? Are you struggling to find the time to exercise? Are you self conscious about working out in front of other people?

These days there is a huge range of Kinect games that help you lose weight…if you manage to drag the joypad away from your kids for long enough!

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Money, Money, Money

There’s no getting away from it – gym memberships are pretty pricey investments.

The last gym I was a member of was a local gym in a fishing village in South Wales. It wasn’t exactly ‘high tech’ but it did the job ( if you know what I mean! ).

Even this dingy little sweat hole packed a punch when it came to my wallet every month…and half the workout equipment was knackered!

An Xbox system may well seem a little pricey at first but have you weighed it against the cost of a ‘gym lifestyle’?

It’s actually cheaper than most yearly costs for a ( basic ) gym membership!

1) Zumba Fitness Rush

I’m not personally a fan of Zumba but I have numerous female friends that swear by it’s results.

I think that’s the key here – it seems to be much more of a female activity.

Microsoft ain’t that stupid – they have picked up on that fact and managed to release an excellent Zumba title.

Not everyone likes dancing, some of us are simply not very good at it ( I’m on this list! ).

Zumba is yet another one of those public weight loss activities that requires a level of confidence to nail. Wouldn’t it be easier to learn the ropes in the privacy of your own home?

Exercising with your partner or your kids is obviously going to be a lot more fun than flopping about in a pool of sweat in front of a group of strangers!

This title is pretty awesome really – the Kinect tracks your movements to ensure that you are doing everything right and will show you get back on track if you should falter.

2) Kinect Sports

I first came across this game when I purchased my son’s first Kinect system – it came as a free title.

I didn’t give it that much attention at first as I thought it was nothing more than a simple child’s game.

After about the fourth time I walked through the living room to get to the kitchen, I suddenly stopped in my tracks…

My son and his mate hadn’t stopped moving for over an hour…and they were loving it!

I grabbed a coffee and sat down to watch their video game exploits – and I was more than impressed by what I saw!

The game title offered a huge supply of sporting activities – my son seemed to be leaning towards bowling, volleyball and track & field.

But the level of exercise was ferocious…and these pair of ten year old boys had no idea they were partaking in healthy exercise!

This game is great for getting you up and moving around – it’s not a ‘full on’ exercise title like Zumba Fitness Rush but man is it fun!

There is a lot of leg work needed but overall I found that the game concentrated more on the top half of your body – especially the arm movements.

A highly addictive way to get you moving on the spot – well worth looking at!

3) Nike+ ( Kinect Training )

The two games I covered above have a sort of fun element to them that allows you to forget you are actually powering through a form of exercise…

But not everybody likes that – some people prefer to get a little more serious about their workouts.

Nike+ is a no-nonsense Kinect fitness title that doesn’t try to be entertaining in any way.

It gets right to the point with a fitness test to see what level to start you out at and it customizes your workouts based on your results.

The moment you create your profile and hit the dynamic interface you know you are in a more serious exercise system. It really is impressive!

Some of the workouts are not for the fainthearted – but these are obviously the most effective options the title offers.

The one downside to the Nike system is the amount of room you are going to need to perform the whole regime.

Unfortunately I struggled with a few of the techniques and ended up having to drag a sofa AND piano to the far end of the room – this title requires room ( and lots of it! ).

If you are struggling for space then I suppose you could switch the Kinect tracer off for the more ‘spread out’ routines and try to get through them the best you can!

Kinect Games That Help You Lose Weight

So forget the lack of confidence, the intimidating slimline beach bodies and the testosterone filled meat heads – lose weight in the comfort of your own home and even get your kids to join in!

The three titles I have covered above are my favorites choices – I am fully aware that there are more options out there.

Please feel free to include any of your Kinect fitness favorites in the comment section below – help this article grow! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Kinect Games That Help You Lose Weight

  1. The idea of gaming to loose weight and get fit is a winner with me! I really don’t like the gym and I don’t know how many memberships I have wasted in my life time. It’s definetly a number I don’t care to mention.

    Gyms can be very intimidating, costly and demotivating for many folks. This could be done in the privacy of your own home which is fantastic and more appealing.

    Kind Regards


    1. Agree with you totally Michelle – I used to get very intimidated by signing up for new gyms! This is a great alternative 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,

    This is amazing! I still remember when the Wii first came out. It was the next best thing. Now, Xbox has taken it to the next level with Kinect.

    This is a perfect way to incorporate a healthy lifestyle with fun.

    Well done with this article, I really enjoyed it.

  3. Great helpful post for those of us who don’t have the funds or the confidence to get ourselves to the gym!
    I have an old wii that was also good for the fitness component but I am going to check out some fitness games for the xbox now too. The investment will be minimal because we already have a kinect for the kids. Cheaper than the gym anyway!
    Thanks for the ideas

    1. Oh yeah way cheaper – go to your local Games Station and you could probably pick up a pre-used version for $15 or something close to that!

  4. I love this unique approach to losing weight.
    Working out and having awesome fun while doing it, who wouldn’t want that!
    Really great effort.I workout at home and hence my only exercise when it comes to cardio is sprinting.
    As much as I love it, it definitely gets monotonous. I am definitely going to try some of these as refreshing change to my cardio workout.

    1. HI Pushkaraj – have you tried running or sprinting to music? I tend to find it a lot easier and I can go on for much longer! 🙂

  5. Wow this really really looks cool! I wish in my times video games were like this instead of sitting on my butt staring into a screen. I love with all of these games your actually moving crazier than even in some sports. It makes it way more real, fun and engaging. I should bookmark this and recommend this to some of my homeopathy clients. Great job!

    1. They are a fun way to get fit Ariel – without the bad feeling you get when you have to slow down (or take a breather) in the gym!

  6. Wow this is a great way to lose weight. I actually prefer the dance workout videos but you do need a lot of room for them. These calorie reducing workouts do seem to take up less room so they would be better for a lot of people. These games I think are much better than going to the gym. It is often hard to get motivated but these games can help a lot of people with that.

  7. This sounds like a pretty fun way to get in some exercise whilst passing the time. Definitely beats playing some random games on your phone, when your bored at home.

    Although I’m definitely into working out in a gym and doing crazy HIT workouts, if I ever get an Xbox, I will get some of these games to fir in a fun workout here and there. It will definitely break up the boredom of the more ‘serious’ gym sessions!

    My son actually uses a Playstation (Number 3 or 4 I think – I can’t remember the latest one?). Are these games options also available on this Sony platform?

    Nice article and a great way to stay in shape 🙂

    1. Hi there Ishan,

      Well Kinect is actually a Xbox setup so the games it plays will be strictly for that platform. But, in my experience Playstation and Xbox constantly copy each other so I’m 99% positive that Sony will have it’s own, similar range out for it’s Playstation.

      The games will probably be slightly different but they will all have the same aims – to help with health and fitness.

      Like you say – it is a great way to inject a bit of fun into your keep fit regime!

      Good luck mate!

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