Is Whiskey Good For You?

Is Whiskey Good For You?

Right, before we go any further I feel I really should point out that I am not some nutcase that promotes drinking alcohol in any way!

This article is covering the health benefits of drinking whiskey – benefits most of you did not know about.

If you decide to go out and hit up a bottle of scotch tonight then you REALLY have missed the point of this article…

Alcoholism and binge drinking are both very bad news for your overall health, and can undo any possible positive motions that moderate amounts of whiskey can impart.

Please keep that in mind before reading the remainder of the article…

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The Whiskey Files

The Whiskey FilesI get that there are countless different images that come to mind when thinking about whisky…health articles certainly ain’t one of them right?

Clint Eastwood slamming back a tumbler before taking out a group of Hard-drinking cowboys in an old western setup or Al Capone smuggling crates through a police barricade…sounds a better fit really doesn’t it?

Most people have a sort of love/hate relationship with this spirit – some love it’s warmth whilst others gag and shiver at the slightest sniff of the drink…

…But if everyone knew the truth about the health benefits that it contains, maybe more people would turn away from the pint of beer?

Whiskey and Nutrition

First off the bat – let’s take a closer look at the nutritional values of whiskey!

Whiskey is actually really low in levels of saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium and carbohydrates. At the end of the day there’s not really that much going on inside this golden liquid…well…other than alcohol of course! 🙂

When looking at Whiskey and nutrition we need to be zooming in on its organic compounds.

Whiskey has high amounts of the very powerful antioxidant ellagic acid. This acid is responsible for a majority of the health benefits of Whiskey.

Whiskey and Health Benefits…

Whiskey & Weight Loss

When I usually throw weight loss and alcohol in the same article I’m probably bleating on about fat beer belly’s and ruined muscle tone due to excessive alcohol…but not today!

The key to drinking alcohol and staying healthy is moderation – drinking in moderation (especially whiskey) should not impact your overall weight.

Contrary to popular belief – whiskey contains no fat whatsoever and also has really low levels of sodium.

Of course, it does contain calories and carbohydrates but these come from the actual alcohol not the additives to the drink! These types of simple sugars are rapidly broken down by the body so they can be used for energy.

Whiskey & Dementia

Recent studies have concluded that Whiskey can increase your cognitive performance, therefore, cutting the chances of you getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Of course, alcohol is never going to be given as a treatment towards the two but the ellagic acid is known to be brilliant at taking on the Free Radicals in the body.

Free Radicals have been linked to messing about with the neural pathways, this is thought to increase the effects of dementia.

NOTE: So Whiskey can combat the slow decline towards dementia – but only in MODERATION. Drinking a bottle a night may well feel like great fun but it will actually kill brain cells NOT help them!

Whiskey & Your Heart

The older our bodies get the more lazy and lackluster our various organ systems get…this unfortunately includes our cardiovascular system.

Recent studies have come to the conclusion that those of us that consume a moderate and sensible amount of whiskey have almost a 50% lower chance of coming across a stroke or heart attack in their lives.

Remember – the key phrase once again is MODERATION. I cannot stress this firmly enough! Consuming large amounts of alcohol is definitely NOT a holiday experience for your heart!

Whiskey & Cancer

Cancer needs no introduction – globally it is one of the biggest killers known to man! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there seems to be a large rise in cancer infomercials these days on TV – this is for a reason.

As a species we are desperately trying to find new ways to slow the disease down and eventually (hopefully) find a lasting cure.

We’ve already mentioned the high content of ellagic acid in whiskey in this article a number of times – that is for a reason.

Ellagic acid really is one of the most powerful antioxidant compounds that we can put in our bodies.

As we touched on earlier on in the article – this type of acid battles against (or neutralizes) Free Radicals. These Free Radicals are very harmful byproducts of cellular metabolism that lead to all sorts of diseases in our bodies.

An example of some of these diseases are cancer, premature aging, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Does Whiskey Have Health Benefits?

More recent studies have also revealed that whiskey can combat blood clots, give your immune system a boost and aid diabetes control.

Now, lets get one thing straight here!

I know I’m starting to sound like I’m repeating myself but I feel this is a very important point – especially with an article like this!

I am not a doctor and I am not promoting the use of alcohol for medical purposes – the articles I publish are based on legitimate studies and a bit of hard research on my side.

If you read my About Me page you will see where I’m coming from!

Drinking alcohol is fine – in MODERATION.

Most of us lead pretty hectic lives and need to let off steam every now and again. Just make sure the party ends when it’s supposed to! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Is Whiskey Good For You?

  1. Hello

    I definitely thought you were a nutcase, but the type of nutcase I love. Great work on discussing an issue that may seem like taboo to others. Health benefits of alcohol is definitely an interesting topic and I am looking forward to reading more reviews…maybe health benefits of marijuana?

    Where do we draw the line between what is potentially beneficial and what is over-indulging?
    Are there studies that you can perhaps summarise or reference for each topic?

    Thank you.
    P.S.- I was serious about the marijuana.

    1. LOL my marijuana days a well behind me now Dee…but it certainly would make a decent article (you’ve given me a great idea there!).

      Well binge drinking is determined as more than 5 drinks in 2 hours…but I’ve never really understood that? I mean, 5 pints of beer would take a lot longer to drink than 5 large whiskeys right?

      I like a drink…maybe a little too much…but at the same time I’m a committed runner throughout the week!

      I suppose you should use your head as a guide – if you are stumbling going to bed you are probably pissed…which means you’ve over-indulged!

  2. Fun take on this, I never knew that there was so much benefits involved with drinking whiskey…but not every hour of every day of course!

    Drinking in moderation is a very good advice, sometime too much of a good thing is too much and can really damage your health.

    I know personally that too much food is not good, so I can image that too much drinking is bad as well. What would you say are the safe levels of alcohol to consume in a daily period?

    1. Hi there Nathan,

      Well I’m not a doctor so I’m probably hazarding a guess here (so don’t hold me to it!) and say a couple of drinks a day is your cutoff point!

      But, at the end of the day, I’m in the UK and we love to drink over here…so who am I to say anything about the subject really!

      I think at least 75% of us go way above the weekly recommendations of alcohol…but we’re all grown adults who know the risks involved!

      Anyway, as I stated above – I ain’t no doctor so it’s best you Google the answer and get a solid response!

  3. Hi Chris,

    I apologize for being “that person who corrects people” but I just wanted to point out that alcohol (plain ethanol) does not have carbohydrates. If you find carbs in an alcoholic beverage, the carbs come from whatever the alcohol was mixed with.

    Again, sorry to be the fact checking weirdo. On a lighter note, what’s your favorite kind of whiskey? The only kinds I have ever tried are Jameson’s and Jack Daniels. Both were kinda bitter!

    Thanks for writing this,

    1. Where did you find that statement in the article Kalie? Spirits are completely free of carbs…but not calories (unfortunately). I think you’ve managed to take what we’ve said in the complete wrong light (or we have minced our words and explanation somewhere!)

      Anyway, on a lighter note, glad you enjoyed the article we put up! 🙂

  4. Chris,

    Interesting article regarding whiskey and whether or not it is good for you?  I’ve always been a proponent of moderation in all things.  If it tastes good, why not?  I am curious if your assertion applies to whiskey only or if it also includes gin, vodka and rum.  Ellagic acid comes from oak so it appears to me that it’s benefits would only apply to those whiskeys that are aged in casks made of oak.

    Personally, I use alcohol in my cooking so that it tenderizes and flavors meats, but the alcohol itself is burned off.

    Thanks for your interesting article.


    1. Hi Ellen, 

      No everything in this article relates to whiskey only – no other spirits I’m afraid (they will come in later articles!)

  5. Hi Chris,

    I have never thought about Whiskey as having some good health impact on the body when taking in moderation. Personally, I have not tried any alcoholic beverage before, however, I also don’t speak against the taking of alcohol in moderation as I know the body needs some alcohol sometimes to function.

    Thanks for this article, especially for outlining all the health benefits of Whiskey. Among the nutritional values you talked about, I especially like it Anti-Oxidant properties which help to remove free radicals from the human body and also, its ability to increase your cognitive performance.

    It was good reading this article today.


    1. Sorry…did you just say that you’ve never had any alcoholic beverage before?

      That’s a shocker in this day and age! 🙂

  6. Great article you have here. It’s interesting to learn the benefits of Whiskey (if taken in moderation) such as increasing cognitive performance and also fighting free radicals in the body. Now I don’t want cancer, nor do I want to age prematurely, so if I learn of a way to help my body to fight the radicals causing these conditions of cause I am going to heed.  I am cognisant that all this is achieved with moderation as you have reiterated. Thanks for sharing this information, and best regards.

    1. Well best regards to you too Victor! I’m glad you enjoyed the article topic and learned something positive from it. 

  7.  I didn’t know that Whiskey actually helps reduce weight. My uncle drinks Whiskey every day and he is so fat . I am not sure if drinking alcohol for health is a good idea. If you start liking it too much, you might not know when to stop. I have heard of people drinking Guinness beer to get iron! I would like to know what are the implications of drinking Whiskey on the liver? 

    1. Well not great Priya – the same with ANY alcohol really! 

      The point of the article is based on ‘everything in moderation’ – so don’t drink a bottle a night!!!!!

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