Is Black Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

Is Black Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

It seems like everyone needs their morning cup of coffee. Memes and other gag pictures supposedly showing what your typical soccer mom acts like before they brew their first pot of coffee constantly circulate on social media sites like Facebook. It’s true – almost everyone loves coffee in some form.

People are willing to pay 7 or 8 dollars just to get a 16 ounce latte from Starbucks. Even so, constant debate surrounds the effects of coffee on health and hygiene. One so-called expert says it’ll give you emotional issues and medical problems, the other says it’ll improve your overall quality of life.

You have a big selection at the drive-through window – latte, cappuccino, and of course, the most infamous of all – plain black coffee.

People make jokes about how their co-workers can somehow stand to drink coffee without dumping a pound of sugar and cream in it. I once heard someone say, “Would you like some coffee with that cream?” to their friend at a local coffee joint.

A lot of folks poke fun at people they know for drinking coffee straight up, however, they might not know that black coffee can actually help you lose weight. Caffeine in general is widely known to contribute to weight loss – dietary pills usually include some degree of caffeine.

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According to Vanderbilt University’s Health Psychology Department, a 2005 study about the effects of caffeine on body weight demonstrated a correlation between the amount of caffeine an individual consumed, and the amount of weight that that individual lost.

coffee beans

The study was conducted by having the participants lose between 5% and 9% of their body weight, and then taking a daily 150mg dose of caffeine. A control group was given a placebo. The effects of caffeine on the bodies of those who are used to caffeine versus those who rarely absorb it are bound to vary.

Regardless, the overall weight of the participants in the study who received the caffeine was still lower than those who received the placebo.

Several other studies have shown that coffee can boost your metabolism from anywhere between 3% to 11%.
Black coffee in particular can be more beneficial than your average latte. A cup of black coffee has around 5 calories – not bad at all.

Cream & Sugar

What about a cup with cream and sugar? When you add cream and sugar to a cup of black coffee, you end up with around 52 more calories – that’s 57 calories total. Of course, it should be a no brainier that reducing the amount of calories in your diet will increase your chance of losing weight.

However, the additional calories in the cream and sugar can not only slow down the effects of the caffeine, it can completely stop them. The high amount of calories in a latte can easily outweigh the positive effects of the caffeine.

Coffee and coffee pot

If you decide to start drinking coffee as part of your diet, you should stick to black coffee, given that it has an exponentially lower calorie count. If you can’t stomach black coffee, at least use some kind of sugar or creamer with minimal calories.


Even though black coffee aids in weight loss, there’s no definitive research as to whether drinking black coffee by itself can cause weight loss. The requirements for many statistically significant studies on coffee imply that the participants are going to have to have healthy diets in the process of those studies.

Just drinking black coffee without making other efforts reduce your body fat probably won’t make you lose any weight.

A strong diet and an efficient exercise plan should be your primary goal. Any consumption of black coffee for the purpose of weight loss should go hand in hand with more effective methods. It should not stand by itself.

Coffee and Diet

Vanderbilt University also notes that the majority of studies on the topic of coffee and weight loss don’t show the effects to last for any more than about a year. This fact only further supports the idea that black coffee should go along with other weight loss methods, not serve as a primary method.

People are usually looking for a plan to help them reduce body fat long-term, not a quick fix that’ll only last a year!

Is Black Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

If you’re trying to lose weight, and you happen to love black coffee, black coffee can definitely help your weight loss plan. Nonetheless, no prominent research supports the idea that coffee alone will help you lose weight. If anything, coffee might make you gain weight if you’re not doing anything else.

If you’re going to incorporate coffee into your diet, stick to coffee with a low amount of calories, and make sure you have a standard weight loss plan.

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4 thoughts on “Is Black Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

  1. Hi Chris,

    Great article, I really enjoyed the reading!
    I am trying to lose the last 5 kilos that I took on when I was pregnant. I’ve heard that coffee makes you fat because it raises the insulin level. It’s a bit confusing:) One study says this and another says something else. You don’t know what to believe anymore!
    However, I know one thing is that no matter what, I will never give up on my cup of coffee in the morning:)
    I prefer to work hard and eat healthily!
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Well all the info you need on coffee and weight loss is above us Daniella – read it again and make your own mind up! 🙂

      P.S. I’m the same – I’m not a morning person at all (coffee is completely essential!). 

  2. It is great to know that you don’t have to give up coffee to lose weight. My morning cup of coffee is like a ritual for me at this point… it is one of my favorite parts of the day.

    This serves as a reminder to be aware of the difference in calories between different drinks. As you said, a regular cup has only about 5 calories, but lattes from starbucks can have over 300!

    I will definitely be mindful as I move forward.

    1. I know – some of those Starbucks options are more fattening than drinking beer!!!!

      I have the same ritual by the way – except I need two cups of coffee in the morning to get my engine going…

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