How to Tighten The Skin After Losing Weight

After finally completing a successful weight loss regime and attaining that perfect weight, there is the after effect of loose skin.

The next thing one shifts focus to is finding a way to rid the body of the extra skin and getting that perfectly toned look. Here are a few ways on how to tighten your skin after losing weight…

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Question: Why does the skin get lose after weight loss?

The skin is basically stretched out every time a person gets obese. The length of time that you remain fat reduces the possibility that your skin will snap back in place upon losing the extra pounds. As a result, you are always left with extra skin whenever you shed some fat after an obese spout.

Question: What are the possible solutions to this?

1) Don’t Lose Weight Too Quickly

This is the most fundamental principle. As the skin adjusts slowly with the changes in the body, it is usually recommended to stick to a regular weight loss regime that actually lets your body adjust through the process. In this way, your muscles get time to develop and your skin is adjusted to fit perfectly in the body.

2) Creams

Skin firming creams are one of the most hassle free ways of how to tighten your skin after losing weight. For the best results, one should shop out for creams that have vitamins A and Ealoe gel and herbal all natural ingredients.

With these ingredients, the elasticity and collagen in your skin are boosted making it firmer in just a matter of months.

3) Weight Training

The best form of training, after losing weight and developing that loose hanging skin, is the weight resistance training.

This training regime ensures that you develop some extra muscles under the skin. The extra muscle tightens the skin and makes it firmer round the body.

It is a healthy recommendation that one participates in weight resistance training three times a week for a couple of months to put on the extra muscle that replaces the lost fat, making the skin firmer.



4) Hydrate Properly

Proper hydration is the key to well elasticated skin. Drinking water is just the perfect way to make your skin tighter, smoother and more radiant.

The best way is to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. With this proper hydration, you get the skin to lose its hanging nature and become firmer.

More water is never a bad idea as one can never have enough hydration in the body.

5) Belly Toning Exercises

Most of the loose skin is usually accumulated around the belly, and that makes this the first area one needs to focus on when looking to tighten their skin.

Belly toning exercises provide the groundwork for tightening skin after weight loss. There is a large array of such exercises to participate in among them being sit ups, leg raises, pelvic thrusts, side bridges and crunches.

The best thing about this is that the exercises are not that demanding and can be done for just twenty minutes three days each week. With proper commitment, you should tighten the skin in less than a month.



6) Mineral Salt Scrubs

Minerals that boost hemoglobin in the blood and increase the blood flow to the skin prove quite effective in these cases.

The continuous flow of blood works to strengthen the skins elasticity and metabolize the fats that make it loose.

The result is usually smother, tighter and healthier skin.

When looking for a way on how to tighten your skin after losing weight, this is the convenient way that can actually be fitted into your showering schedule.

Adding mineral salts in your baths every other day of the week can work wonders on your skin. Perfection can be achieved in but a few weeks.

7) Massage Therapy

There is nothing like a good massage to help return your skin into its original levels of glam. The best thing about this course of action is that you get to kill two birds with one stone.

The massage helps to boost the blood flow through the skin by stimulating all the dormant cells. The proper circulation helps in tightening the skin.

Getting to relax from the massage also helps to rectify the elasticity of the skin, eradicating all the lose hanging skin and making it firmer round your muscles.

8) Yoga

It is said that yoga is food for the soul, and its benefits toward the tightening of loose skin can also not be emphasized enough.

As you partake in the yoga exercises, the stress factor in your life goes down. This enables your circulation to operate at its maximum and the result is better looking skin.

The flexibility that comes along with the exercises helps to tighten your skin further making it fit more into your new body shape.




A couple of other ways on how to tighten your skin after losing weight are: to provide your body with enough protein to replace the lost fat, having a regular intake of fruits and vegetables to nourish your skin with enough nutrients and always mitigating your exposure to the sun so as not to damage the skin and hinder the tightening process by dehydrating it.

The aspect of loose skin after a weight loss regime is never a welcome thing. It sometimes creates frustration and despair among many.

Sticking to a good comeback regime with the same commitment will in most cases guarantee tight skin in just a matter of months. With commitment as the key, any of the above suggestions will get you looking excellent in no time.

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