How to Make Tap Water Taste Better

How to Make Tap Water Taste Better

The first thing I usually look at when people inform me they want to lose weight, is their drinking habits (regular drinks NOT alcohol – that’s another article!).

You can get pretty awesome weight loss results just from cutting out sugary drinks and increasing the amount of water you drink…but not everyone is that keen on the taste (or lack thereof) of water.

So today I thought we’d take a look at a few useful options on how to make tap water taste better – simple and healthy – check ’em out!

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I like to think of fruit options as ‘water enhancers’ – an incredibly simple and healthy way to flavor a glass of tap water.

I would recommend starting off with a few citrus fruit options, such as lemons, limes, and oranges. If you don’t mind the ‘bulky’ feel to your drink, you could go for the more diverse option of raspberries or watermelon.

When the summer months come around, my mother likes to add cucumber and fresh mint to chilled water (extremely refreshing option!).


Add bubbles to water

A lot of people tend to miss the bubbly effect of their choice of soft drink – they find still water a constant reminder that there are sweeter alternatives out there!

I have to be honest with you, I much prefer a carbonated mineral water as opposed to a straight mineral water. Again, add some fruit or fruit juices to the water – see what you can create!

Fizzy water tends to feel like much more of a treat…or is it just me?


Ice cubes in water

I always prefer my soft drinks cold – even in the winter! To go one step further, I would say that iced water tastes better than water served at room temperature.

I’m including this option because a friend introduced it to me last summer…and it was great…

She uses flavoured ice cubes to chill down her water. Simply use fruit additives…or any additives you fancy really…and flavour the water in the ice tray (before you chuck it in the freezer – obviously!).

If visitors pop round, and you want to be more creative, use ice cube trays that come in fun shapes, like stars, circles, or even fish (I like the fish shapes best!)

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Drink tea instead of water

Now, before we go any further, I should really point out that we are talking about the more HEALTHIER options of tea here (not your bargain basement standard black teabag from the local store!).

We are looking at herbal, fruit, green, white, and red teas here – the options that are widely considered to be a LOT more healthy for you overall.

These teas contain little to no caffeine and have a great selection of exciting and enticing flavors to choose out of.

First stop is the local health store, or even the health section at your local supermarket – you’ll be quite surprised at what they offer there…if you look hard enough!

If you take to them, don’t stop there – start researching the huge choice of speciality teas that come from all parts of the world.


Drink broth as a water alternative

If you find yourself getting a little peckish throughout the day, and your palate leans toward the savoury side, you may want to try out bouillons or broths.

Now I know this sounds a little strange…but hear me out for a couple of minutes…

There are numerous low-fat and low-sodium versions of these savoury options and at the end of they day – they are nothing more than (a posh version of) flavoured water!

Because these options are water-based, they also count towards your daily fluid consumption (which many people keep track of due to weight loss efforts).

Learn How to Make Tap Water Taste Better

So there we have it folks – five simple and healthy options for you to spice up your water.

What was your favourite? Do you have any ideas you would like to add to this list?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the article in the comment section below.

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20 thoughts on “How to Make Tap Water Taste Better

  1. Hello! I found this article very interesting because I drink nothing but water and sometimes I want to add something to it to make it taste a little different. Sometimes I put a little apple cider vinegar mixed in with my water and it adds a nice flavor if you don’t put too much.

    I’ve also heard that apple cider vinegar has beneficial qualities for beauty etc, do you have any advice on this by any chance? I’ve heard it’s definitely heart-healthy!

    Thanks for another great article – this is my third visit to your site because you always have slightly off the cuff health articles – will be sharing this one on Facebook today! 🙂

    1. Hey there Hailey – great to meet you!

      Well first off – thanks for all the positive feedback on the articles you’ve read so far. We really appreciate this sort of feedback and it makes the process all worthwhile. 

      We do have a handful of articles that cover apple cider vinegar – do you see the search bar at the top right of the sidebar? Simply write in your query there and a ton of articles related to it will pop up!

      As a side note – what does apple cider vinegar and water taste like? I can’t imagine it’s that nice?

  2. Great article. I do a lot of these things, myself, though I don’t mind the taste of water. I just find I don’t think to drink it unless I’m entertained by the taste. I like to slice up a lemon or lime and put it in a pitcher of water with ice and drink that throughout the day during the summer. I just have to be careful because I’m prone to heart burn and too much citrus can be an issue.

    I drink a lot of La Croix and tea. I do have a soda stream, I think I need to get back to making my own sparkling water to save money.

    1. Yeah Soda Streams are pretty awesome for making that sparkling water, aren’t they Holly – I used to use one every summer until my son managed to destroy it (somehow!). 

  3. Flavoured ice cubes is a great idea, can’t believe that I have never thought of it myself! My trouble is getting the family to drink more water instead of sugary drinks that are bad for you and do not quench your thirst anyways.

    I myself love to have fizzy water with a slice of lemon, its refreshing and tastes great, or maybe that is just me!

    Herbal teas without caffeine is a great idea too!

  4. You gave me some really good ideas how to make tap water taste better. In particular, I liked the idea to add fruits to the ice cubes, this is a very smart idea how to make childrens drink tap water as well. I try to not use sodas or any other types of commercial juices, but is almost impossible to stop children from drinking them. Really thank you for this interesting and really helpful article.

    1. Hi Leo,

      Yeah children are a hard one mate – once they’ve seen one of their friends drinking something…that’s it! You’ve then got a battle on your hands in getting them to drink something healthy. Hopefully this article has managed to give you some pointers. 

      Good luck! 🙂

  5. This is one article that I will need to bookmark, as I will probably forget how to do it next time the water tastes terrible.

    I love the idea of making fruity ice cubes. I am not really a fan of very sweet drinks, but this will add just enough flavor to the water to make me want to drink it.

    At present I fill my water bottle with a quarter pure fruit juice and then fill it with water to dilute it and in this way it is not too sweet, and it give the water a great taste. After reading this article, I think I am going to freeze my fruit juice and add it in the form of ice cubes so that my water stays colder for longer.

    1. Yeah that all sounds okay Michel, but remember – check your fruit juice first, as most have a high level of sugar content! 

  6. You have some great water ideas here. Because I drink a lot of water I actually tried all of them.

    My absolute favorite is cold sparkling mineral water. In Switzerland I drink only this. It’s even a lot cheaper than everything else.

    My second choice in cold lime water with a little peppermint leaves. It’s some work to do but runs down like water lol.

    When it’s very cold I prefer to drink tea and bullion. 

    Now, here in Thailand I got used to drink plain temperate water, no ice, no bubbles, about 30 C° warm but it’s the best for the stomach and iced water doesn’t go down fast enough.

    1. Yeah I get you Stefan – sparkling water is only pennies in the UK as well. Makes you wonder why more people don’t drink it?

      You sound like you get around a bit – Switzerland, Thailand – quite an eventful life you have there! 🙂

  7. Hi Chris, I am very lucky to live in the good part of the Netherlands. My tap water is very nice, plain and pure. And I drink it a lot. But when I am in another part, visiting my daughter, it taste a bit after chlorine. Not nice at all. I often mix it with lemon or oranges, just for the variation. I like your suggestion to add cucumber or water melon. I never thought of these to use. I do not like sweet water. So I am going to try that! Thank you!


    1. I get you Loes – I live in Wales and the water here is great, but go to an English urban area…and the water don’t taste that great! 

      Thanks for commenting on our work! 🙂

  8. This method can really make tap water taste better. Drinking water is not something easy so I really agree with you when you talk of using lime to water. By doing this we can make it simple to eat lemons which are not good and easy to eat alone, so when both the water and the lemons are mixed this can lead to a lot water being drunk and in that way weight will be reduced. I used to cut and squeeze lemons in warm water and drink and i just felt really great.

  9. Hi Chris,

    All of these 5 different ways of making plain water taste better are awesome.  I am guilty of not drinking enough water simply for this reason: It has a boring taste.  I tend to indulge in coffee all day long, even though I know that too much caffeine is no good.  Now with these options, I should be able to cut down on my caffeine intake and drink more water. 

    You ask at the end of your article which one of these five options is my preferred one, well actually, I think that all of them are great alternatives, but the one that has more appeal to me is the herbal tea obviously.  It should be a great substitute for the ton of coffee I drink everyday.  I know that green tea is great and has a lot of healthy benefits, but what about the red and white teas you mention here, are they as good (taste wise and healthy) as the green tea?

    1. It’s really hard to say on taste Denis, as everyone has a different set of taste buds and opinions at the end of the day! 

      But, I do think green tea is probably the healthiest option out of the collection. 

  10. Great post and good info!

    We are struggling at home with this, but I found an idea, I put Lemon in a glass of tap water and it already tastes much better.

    Now I will do all the tips you gave and see which one is the best for us ( me and my wife).

    But thanks a lot for sharing it, this will help us, and helps to have more taste in tap water.

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