How To Lose Weight The Lazy Way

How To Lose Weight The Lazy Way

Saying that you are too lazy to make a change or to go on a diet can make you the target of negativity and criticism, which is the last thing you need.

If you have some spark of a desire within you to lose weight, but are lacking the motivation, energy or the means to proceed, what you need is a positive approach that works with your laziness, not against it.

It is possible to lose weight in small steps, and gentle efforts. Here’s an introduction on how to lose weight the lazy way…

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It All Starts With Small Dietary Changes…

There is a big difference between going on a diet and making dietary changes. The first can require a lot of time, effort and thought that immediately seem beyond the capabilities of the lazier dieter.

Dietary changes, however, are more manageable can can be made without having to do too much work.

Do you want to spend your time planning out meals to some strict diet that you already know you don’t have to motivation to finish, or do want to enjoy a similar routine to your current life, just with a little less sugar or fewer carbs?

The key is in cutting down on a weakness rather than overhauling your whole diet.

It wont make you fitter and slimmer in a short space of time, but it might slowly help you to burn a few pounds, gain some energy and feel better about yourself.

Finding The Right Form of Exercise For The Less Motivated

Exercise is a dreaded word for the lazy, so it is best to replace it with the word activity. What activity can you do that will get the muscles moving, the heart pumping and help you to burn off some calories?

A few stretches or a little strength training for 5 minutes during a commercial break is better than just lying in front of the TV.

Walking a little further around the shops or taking the stairs instead of escalators can make a difference. Even housework can be a great way of burning calories.

It has to be done at some point, so kill two birds with one stone – scrub a little harder and really work that vacuum to burn fat and get the house looking great.

At this point, it probably goes without saying that the gym is not somewhere that you see yourself visiting. The whole atmosphere can be pretty intimidating and it is too big a step for first timers.

If you want to use some form of exercise machine, but want the easiest, laziest form going, there are a few at-home models that might help.

Exercise bikes are a popular choice for home gyms because of the potential for fitness and weight loss, but it all depends on the style.

A full-on spinning bike or a model with tough resistance is going to be too much.

The alternative is to try a recumbent bike or a desk bike. The latter is essentially a box with pedals and a monitor that you can pedal while working at the desk or watching TV.

A recumbent bike provides a more gentle, comfortable approach for lazier users because of the angle and support of the seat.

Add in a media shelf for a tablet and some headphones and it is a great way to get a little exercise while catching up on a box set.

You don’t need to be an over-active fitness freak to get in shape and lose weight…

Even the smallest of efforts can go some way to creating a better, healthier you, so you shouldn’t be afraid of starting small and celebrating the smallest achievement.

Don’t feel bad if a friend ran a mile in a record time while you did little more than walk to town. If you made that choice to walk rather than drive then that is an achievement.

The same goes for dieting.

Your friend may have discovered some incredible drink full of super-foods, but if you managed to cut down the sugar in your coffee for a week then you also found a healthy alternative and worked to improve your calorie intake.

After a while, all the small changes and little efforts can mount up.

This is a brief guide on how to lose weight the lazy way. With these approaches and the benefits they bring, you should find that you enjoy some small results, gain a more positive attitude, see your efforts in a new light and perhaps even find that energy and motivation to progress from a lazy dieter into a more determined one!

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12 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight The Lazy Way

  1. This gave me such a confidence booster simply because I do feel lazy when it comes to getting healthier and fit. I have taken small steps in changing my dietary habits and eventually got use to the change. For example, I no longer put salt on any of my foods (unless mixed in with other ingredients), I buy unsalted butter, use oil instead of butter, found a creamer that makes my coffee delicious without adding sugar and I always park far away from entrances to get a good walk in. Thank you for reminding me of all the “lazy” ways I have made better changes without lifting a finger.

    1. Well small steps are often the best way to start off any sort of health movement Tiffany. Sometimes if we attack things too hard we lose interest when we don’t see the desired results! Good luck with your weight loss efforts.

  2. That’s awesome! I think this would really fit people who aren’t up for a challenge like a full diet plan overhault or a full-blown workout schedule.

    I heard that the two critical things in losing fat are getting rid of sugar and flour products. Might be very beneficial, but I think it’s pretty challenging for most people.

    1. Losing sugar and flour products is definitely a strong start Julius…but not all flour is fattening! Cut the white kind out and go for browner breads that have not been dyed in store.

  3. Great information about lazy dieting and exercise. I also write about dieting and exercise on my website Get Rid of Cellulite Fast, to help people (women mostly) to get rid of cellulite and I always stress that women need to exercise and eat right foods to kill the cellulite. But I have never thought about doing it in a way as you wrote about. I must try myself!

    1. LOL well thanks for leaving the shameless plug in my comment section Sandy! I’ll let you have that one (at least you didn’t direct link to it!).

  4. I like your website; it is very informative, and easy to navigate. There is a ton of useful information here for those struggling with their weight. I know I am. I’m going to take some of your advice and start today. Coffee is my one big addiction. But perhaps I can cut down a little! I am also glad to know butter and cheese are not the bad guys that everyone believes! I have always thought real butter is so much better than margarine. (In moderation of course).

    1. You’re like my mum – she hates margarine as well!!!

      Thanks for the positive feedback on the site though Carolyn, always nice to hear.

  5. Your site gave me some hope! It’s been a struggle for me to lose weight, because of working a desk job, then spending time on my laptop in the evenings working on my websites. But I get up often, at work and home, and walk around, and at home, I do some chores such as laundry. Some activity is better than none!

    1. Yeah you’re totally right Karin – even standing up uses a ton of muscles in your body!

      The trick is to get up every now and again and do something…which is what you are doing by the sounds of things. Keep it up mate – eat less and move more! 🙂

  6. I don’t like to think of myself as lazy, but I don’t always have tons of time to devote to diets and exercise…but I still manage to get close to a healthy existence.

    For me, lots of small things add up to a healthy lifestyle, and that’s the way I play my fitness efforts etc.

    I don’t eat sugar or grains, and small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator keep me on the right track without a lot of effort. I also find that standing up in work helps get the metabolism going – you really don’t need to be rooted to the spot in front of the computer all day long!

    Great article – great read 🙂

    1. Oh you’re not lazy Amanda – you are keeping your health efforts in check in small actions and that’s adding up to a healthy lifestyle – well done!

      As far as work is concerned – do you also take a lunchtime walk? (weather permitting of course!). This can be a great way to top up your daily exercise if you are stuck in an office job.

      Also, you may want to think about drinking just water at work – vending machine drinks are the devil as far as health is concerned!

      Great speaking with you…

      Stay Healthy! 🙂

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