How to Lose Weight by Walking Everyday

How to Lose Weight by Walking Everyday

In this day and age there aren’t really that many excuses left to avoid some sort of exercise. If you’ve got a spare hour here and there you can actually lose weight by doing something you’ve been doing since you were 2 years old!

In this article we will be taking a quick look at how to lose weight by walking everyday. It’s not hard, it’s not strenuous and best of all…it’s FREE!


The Lose Weight Walking Plan

I get that not all people are comfortable with running – I’m nearly 6 foot 4 and I don’t exactly look like an athlete when I run (I actually do my distance running on deserted country farm roads!).

The truth of the matter is that most of us look pretty stupid when we run – we either look like an ungainly spectacle or we look like we’re about to collapse!

So we’d much rather avoid that type of public display right?

This is where your lose weight walking plan comes into action – most people can walk and maintain an air of dignity.

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Benefits of Daily Walking

One of the biggest benefits of daily walking is the effect it has on your heart – it has been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Walking manages to smash the bad cholesterol in your body and bulk up the decent cholesterol.

Remember – anything that manages to get that blood racing and pumping away is good for the heart and the circulation.

I find that ‘distance’ training like walking and running boost my (good) mood no end – when I get back I’m straight in front of the computer and I work like a madman.

Benefits of Daily Walking

Walking (and running) puts you in a great mood and prevents depression and anxiety. It really is an awesome concentration aid and it lasts for several hours or so!

I also love the environment of the outdoor life – it’s so much more uplifting than being stuck in an office or at home in front of the computer (sucking in and breathing out stale air all day long!).

There is also the benefit of vitamin D from the sun on particularly good weather days.


How to Lose Weight by Walking Everyday

I would always advise taking on walking and running in the exact same way when first starting out – basically, don’t overdo it!

Start off doing one day on then one day off – stick to about three quarters of an hour each session as well.

Footwear is always important when it comes to ‘distance’ exercise – make sure your walking boots or running shoes actually fit and fit well. Once a few blisters appear you are out of action for at least three days!

A lot of people tend to get bored with walking and I’m no different – I always take an iPod full of music with me. But this is not enough for some people, they need a change of scenery.

Backpacker walking

If you are one of these people you may well see the value in investing in a treadmill. This means you can walk outdoors and if you get bored you can walk in front of the TV at home.

The more you walk the more you will get used to the exercise and you will find yourself reaching longer distances just to satisfy yourself.

These longer distances are obviously going to take more and more time out of your day.

How to Lose Weight by Walking - The Maths

One way around this is to take a backpack with you that is filled with a certain amount of heavy objects. I’ve got a mate that used to be in the army and he walks with kilo packets of plain flour in his backpack.

They cost no more than $1 each and you really won’t need that many (don’t make the same mistake that I did!).

These flour bags will increase the intensity of the workout and cause you to burn more calories and lose more weight faster. You will be cutting your walking time in half every day ( but it is hard, hard work! ).


Try and Fit in More Walking

When you are at work:

  • Don’t park next to the entrance doors, park as far away as possible and make the most of the distance
  • If you take public transport try leaving earlier and jumping off a stop or two before your usual destination
  • Use lunch breaks to eat on the go – take a walk around the block a few times
  • Forget about using the lifts – get up the stairs!

When you are looking after the children:

  • Locate a few country parks and take the kids for a little exploration session ( kids love this sort of thing! )
  • Don’t use the car to get to parties, groups or school – make sure the kids are dressed suitably and walk

Good old-fashioned walking is still one of the most effective and natural ways to slim down. Don’t forget that exercise and diet go hand in hand when it comes to weight loss – keep an eye on both!

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52 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight by Walking Everyday

  1. Hi I really enjoyed your article. You right in a very easy to read format. I too run a health and fitness site and found your article informative. I agree that doing anything is better than nothing. I also agree that it’s important to start slow and small things like parking further away make all the difference!

    1. Hi Jeff – nice to meet the competition 🙂 ( only joking! )
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and the writing style, look forward to speaking with you again at some point in the future!

  2. How to lose weight by walking everyday is by far one of the best ways I believe as well for losing and keeping the weight off. There are a lot of people where running does not work for many different reasons but people can find the time and usually almost anybody can walk.
    Just as you have stated about making some simple changes in your daily routine about where you park or leave the car home can make a difference.
    Great post.

    1. Yes you’re right Travis – it’s only simple changes needed to be made to the daily routine. Basically any change that requires you walk more is a positive change!

  3. I have always been more into playing music than doing sports and I’ve never really had to make any effort to avoid gaining weight. I look like Mr. Bean when I run but I’m good at walking 🙂 I will start taking early morning walks before I go to work and enjoy that healthy feeling you get when you move a lot.

  4. That was a good read. These usual exercises are great and the best thing is that walking and running don’t need any fitness trainer or anything of that sort.
    You just do it by yourself. Sometimes it doesn’t look cool while running, but I wouldn’t care about my look while running.
    I already have a few walking in my days between work and home and I really wanna expand it.

  5. In my job, I do a lot of walking but it is not as enjoyable as walking outside in the fresh air. I enjoy walking and hiking I suppose even though I have not done much of that for a while.

    My main problem is that although I walk a lot I do not feel that I get much exercise for my upper body. I was wondering if there was a way of incorporating upper body toning and walking together?


    1. Well Lis,
      The easiest option is to concentrate on the two separately ( that’s what I normally do! ). There are numerous upper body techniques out there to choose from but it’s down to the individual’s choice and/or body shape.

  6. This is some simple but valuable stuff. Walking is great because it’s easy on the joints and it’s easy to do consistently. And, as you said, you don’t look like a maniac. I wouldn’t mine trying a run through my neighbourhood but I’m pretty self-conscious about it, because you never really see people running down the street unless they’re a kid.

    I actually do walk almost every day just under 2 kilometers, so that’s something.

  7. Totally with you on feeling awkward running around other people. Nice to see I’m not the only one who feels that way!

    Carrying weights while you walk is a great suggestion. I haven’t done that in years but will try that again because of this post. It’s a surprisingly effective workout!

    1. Hi Liz,

      Yeah the ‘carrying weight trick’ is a really effective way of turning up the volume on your walk – it’s also FREE! 🙂

  8. Hey,

    This is great! A lot of people always get scared off when they hear how many hours of workout they need to perform in the gym.
    Walking sounds half as bad and anyone can do it. You don’t need a membership for that 🙂
    A few years back I started walking up and down the stairs for 25 minutes in my old student halls every morning and every afternoon. I saw great results doing that!
    Not sure if you’ve heard of that method before?
    Thanks for a nice read,


    1. Hey Esteban!

      Yeah the ‘walking the stairs’ method is a very effective way of losing weight especially if you are in an office work situation! You do sometimes get a few strange looks though 🙂

  9. Hi Chris,

    A new pavement has been made at a park nearby my house and it has encouraged me to walk my dog twice a day. She absolutely loves it because it gives her a secure space away from road vehicles.

    I also noticed lots of people around the neighborhood, especially the elder ones, started walking. Some do power walking, some walk with their canes, some walk with their grandchildren and many more come out just for pure exercise.

    It’s amazing to see how one nice pavement project can do for the health of the urban people.

    1. That’s very true Cathy – people don’t want to take their walks next to the pollution of car fumes, this pavement of yours sounds like a great urban walking route 🙂

  10. I’ve walked a lot all my life and have always enjoyed it. I like the solitude and changing scenery and as a result, I’ve always had strong legs. I think many peop,e worry that if they don’t exercise til, they’re red and dripping with sweat, they won’t gain any benefits. But a walk at a reasonable pace will still do you good while being a lot more gentle on the joints that running. Have you got a specific walking routine or do you just fit it in whenever you can?

    1. Hi SC,
      I’m actually a distance runner so I use walking as a ‘calm down’ on the days I need to give my knees and muscles a rest. I agree with you – a simple pace is a great way to lose weight as long as you put a decent distance in!

  11. HI Chris.
    There was something in the Newspaper yesterday about if you walked 20 min’s per day you can expect to live an extra 7 years longer.

    So thinking about that, it makes me realise doing nothing is going to reduce my life those years shorter.

    I myself am battling the belly bulge as I’ve just turned 40 last month and if there’s one thing I want is a trim tummy.

    I live out in the Derbyshire Countryside so I shouldn’t really have an excuse, however your post has got me looking out my window thinking about a bike ride on the High peak trail.

    I need to step up the game, get the blood flowing, oxygen into my lungs and absorb some vitamin D.

    Great thought provoking post Chris,

    Very best


    1. Funnily enough I turned 40 two months ago Pete – I know that worrying feeling LOL. I’m glad the article was able to grasp your attention in the right way – get that bike out of the shed and hit those trails mate! 🙂

  12. Hi Chris,

    Great site here. Every easy to navigate. My site is also in the similar niche as yours. Nevertheless it is very easy to navigate your way around the site. And this is good thing. Well done keep up the good work.

  13. this is the perfect article for me right now…I have just moved to a nice hilly area and after reading your article I’m all motivated to start my own walking program..I have also heard that hill walking boosts all the positive benefits of walking ten-fold…is this true? any information of the specific benefits of hill working would be most helpful to me. 🙂

    1. Hi Seviedean,
      I wouldn’t be able to give you an answer on hill walking boots I’m afraid – I would imagine that they are certainly a lot more comfortable for long distances but I’m unsure about their overall advantages in regard to physical benefits 🙂

  14. Hello there

    For some time now l saw the weight piling up almost on a daily basis.
    As l can not run or do heavy physical work out, i was looking if there are ways to loose weight in a not physical demanding way.
    when l looked in google,your site came up.
    thanks you have explained things in an easy to understand way that everyone can understand.
    it`s good to know we do not need to use all the hard excersies to loose weight and knowing l can fix it around my daily routine.
    Will it be a disadvantage if l cant run/jog? you advise on doing walking and running but l have a bad knee and cant run.
    Thanks for your answer,wonderful post.

  15. Walking in the summer time is so nice. Getting some fresh air and enjoying nature is relaxing. I need to start taking time out of my busy days for walks.
    Walking is also better because it’ll protect your knees and joints instead of causing problems like running does. I know people who have permanently injured knees from running. I’ve also noticed mine hurting when I used to run often.

    1. Yes walking results in much less wear on your legs in the long run! If you decide to take on running you must always make sure you purchase the correct footwear ( unfortunately these types of trainers are always quite expensive ) especially if you are road running.

  16. Chris-

    Very interesting article on losing weight… my wife enjoys walking at every opportunity she gets. She’s obsessed with the fitbit I got her for her birthday… she’s actually in competition with several friends and uses the app to track each other’s daily performance. What are your thoughts on tracking devices? Do you think they’re a good motivational tool?

    1. Hi Mark,

      I think any device that gets you moving is a great idea! If it gives you the motivation to lose weight and get healthier you’re onto a winner! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  17. Hi! I love walking! As the matter of fact, I live on Malta and this is a place where winter is perfect time to do some hiking 🙂 winter is coming 😀 so I bought my first pair of hiking shoes just few days ago lol I completely agree with you about importance of walking and also the fact that people somehow totally forget about that!

    1. Hi Branka,

      Walking around Malta sounds awesome! I’m stuck in Wales ( UK ) so the weather kinda ruins a lot of my hiking plans!

  18. When the weather’s nice, I actually love getting out into nature for a short while for a walk/run – its when it gets closer to Winter I have a few more issues getting off the sofa and away from the nice roaring fire… dark nights and yukky weather really aren’t the best motivators, huh?!
    I think it’s great that this is a weight loss site, but you seem to have methods for people just beginning on exercise too – I think a lot of sites miss out this important aspect and aim straight for the “hardcore exercisers” with advertising protein shakes and the like…!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Walking is really a good form of exercise, and its nice to be in a place where it seems to be the norm. People are used to walking. My husband also does a significant amount of walking to work and back, and he has indeed lost weight, and doesn’t get tired easily when walking for long.

  20. Great post on the benefits of walking everyday. I’m still pretty young so it doesn’t bother me to go for a run, but sometimes I still don’t feel like it.

    Maybe it would be easier for me to find some initiative to walk instead of run, it seems that there’s still some major benefits to walking!

    Thanks for this post.


  21. Hi – you had me at walking :). For some reason, I’ve got horrible knees, and they just won’t tolerate running. I guess the key to loosing weight by walking is consistency. The plan you propose seems very doable. 3/4hour every other day is not burdensome. And its great that I don’t have to go to the gym or buy special equipment. Just need to make sure that I have a good pair of walking shoes. Great advice. Thanks for the reminder that even walking will help with weight loss!

    1. Most people seem to overlook how effective walking actually is for losing weight Alyssa. Sorry to hear about your knees…but walking is definitely an option for you! 🙂

  22. I like one of the points you made regarding that fact that exercise lifts your mood. It also makes you feel accomplished, and when you get back home, you’re able to work harder and get even more done. Walking, running, or whatever activity it may be will give you that boost you need to be efficient for the rest of the day.

  23. This is a timely post for me; the weather is getting warmer and I’m amping up my walking routine for health and weight loss. I really enjoy walking my two small dogs around the neighbourhood, so that’s always my first choice for exercise. I use my treadmill as well, for a more concentrated workout, along with music. Walking has helped me in so many ways (both mentally and physically). I appreciate your straight forward advice and optimistic tone; I’m definitely a fan of The Calorie Ninja blog!

  24. CBotma, thanks for your post. I read the whole thing and enjoyed every word. I’m also a strong believer in exercise. Actually, I’m more of a running man myself, but my business (landscaping) requires lots of walking, so I do both. You did a good job of giving reasons and lots of how to. Good job.

  25. Hi

    I love walking and make sure I walk for at least a couple of hours everyday.

    Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had no problem with walking for miles and miles without thinking about it. Because of this I have always kept in good shape, great post.

  26. Thanks Chris for this informative post. I am an avid triathlete and have always been into moving one way or another. When you speak of those just starting out I can attest that foot wear is very important. When I first starting running I was not properly fitted for my stride. So after I ran it was painful. Until I got properly fitted and I never looked back.

    1. Yeah I’ve been there myself – ruined the back of one of my ankles because I was running on flat feet. Not the type of mistake you make twice! 🙂

  27. Hi Chris.

    I just started up my own website about walking and found your site to be very informative and well laid out and easy to navigate.

    The day I bought my fitness tracker (May 8, 2015) I have managed to lose 18 lbs simply by walking and being more conscious of what I eat and how many calories are going into the tank versus what I am burning by walking.

    Best of luck with your website and continued success in your future endeavours.


    1. Hi there Rick, what’s the name of your site? If you need any help with it please feel free to use the contact section of this site and drop us a line! 🙂

  28. Lately I have taken up to walking as my regular exercise plan as I find I sleep better and feel better after walks. I am glad it helps to lose weight! The tips you included on how to fit in more walking in daily life is really useful! Gonna try that too. Thanks for sharing your tips and techniques!

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