How Much Water do You Need to Drink a Day to Lose Weight?

How Much Water do You Need to Drink a Day to Lose Weight?

Dieters are always looking for the easy option when it comes to losing weight. There has to be a simple solution that is easy to consume and will help them to shed a few extra pounds.

The answer doesn’t lie in miracle cures and weight loss pills, but rather the liquid you are taking those pills with.

All you really need is more water in your daily diet. So why is water so beneficial and how much water do you need to drink a day to lose weight?

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Why is Water so Helpful For Losing Weight?

Water does more than keep us hydrated and healthy. Drinking a glass or two of water can actively increase the body’s metabolic rate as the body works to warm up the water and process it.

Studies have shown that this can be as much as 30 percent for 30 to 40 minutes. This 30 minute window is vital for weight loss as this increased metabolic rate can lead to increase calorie burning.

Therefore, dieters are advised to drink a large amount of water before eating in order to reduce calorie intakes.

This can also be a good idea before exercise as there is a greater chance of burning more calories during that activity.

Why is Water so Helpful For Losing Weight?

It should also be noted that there are links between water consumption and appetite suppression.

This is another important benefit for dieting because it means that people that struggle with portion sizes and cravings could find themselves eating less.

This is also another good reason for drinking plenty of water before a meal.

Studies into water and weight loss have shown strong support for this approach…

A 2010 study in the water drinking habits of obese subjects showed that those that drank water before a meal were more likely to lose 4 more pounds over 12 weeks than those that didn’t.

There is also the suggestion that just 2 glasses or more a day can have a significant impact on pounds shed.

This shows that a few extra glasses of water could be the missing link between a healthy diet and more noticeable weight loss.

But drinking water is boring? Can’t I just have some diet drinks instead?

This attitude is understandable in a world where we are inundated with different brands of diet drinks.

Top drinks manufacturers are keen to create “healthy” alternative with “zero” in their names, low sugar levels or stevia instead of sweetener.

These drinks can be a nice treat now and then if you want a fizzy drink with less of the calories. However, they are no substitution for water.

The simple reason for this is that they don’t have the same properties for weight loss. In fact, studies have shown that the artificial sweeteners in these products can actually increase your appetite.

But drinking water is boring?

Water really is the best option, but there is no reason why it has to be plain, boring tap water.

Flavored water is ideal for ensuring that you keep up with your water consumption during the day. This is a simple thing to do and there is so much variety in the flavors, fruits and juices you can add.

The fashionable approach right now is to squeeze a little lemon juice in there and add a pinch of ginger. It tastes great and has additional health properties.

There is also little that is more refreshing than a pitcher of cucumber water.

Try and avoid bottled flavored water, such as brands with “a hint of” strawberry or lemon. These often contain those nasty artificial sweeteners.

So how much of these exciting new flavored water recipes should you be drinking each day?

It is clear that water is the way to go with weight loss goal. However, how much water do you need to drink a day to lose weight?

Unfortunately, there is no simple one rule where X amount of glasses will work. It can all depend on your age, the food you are eating, the medication you are taking and your general activity levels.

More importantly, it can depend on your weight.

Some work with the ration of 4 cups for every 50 pounds of weight. The best approach is to discuss the idea with a doctor and see what the ideal amount is for your personal situation.

With their guidance, plenty of willpower and a good recipe, you can use water to help you lose weight.

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12 thoughts on “How Much Water do You Need to Drink a Day to Lose Weight?

  1. Hi Chris. This Old School New Body sounds like a good program, and your opinions on water are sound as well. It is easy to let drinking water lapse, and the modern day thinking about water before and during exercise is something I never did in my younger days. We only drank any liquids AFTER exercise. Good point also about the flavoured water containing artificial sweeteners. It’s easy just to grab a bottle without checking the contents. Regards, Chris

    1. Hi Chris…it’s Chris LOL 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. People tend to overlook the water thingy whenever they get into the health zone…and I have no idea why? It’s so important to slimming down and weight loss!

      Have a great day mate!

  2. I have always been told that drinking lots of plain water is very beneficial for our health. After all, the majority of our body is made up of water anyway. But I never knew it could help with losing weight.

    Just two glasses or more should help you to lose a few pounds? Wow, if that’s the case, more people should be doing this, and exercising more as well. What about sports water? Are they a healthier choice?

    Great article!

    1. Hi Farhan,

      I’m struggling a bit to understand what you mean by ‘sports water’? Surely you are not on about the flavored waters or the energy drinks on the market?

      For weight loss – strictly plain water!

  3. So true Chris, water is ‘liquid gold’ for us. It’s funny that you should mention drinking water before a meal.Prior to reading your article, I have adopted a policy of consuming at least a glass of water before each of my main meals.

    Mind you, it actually curbs my overeating and I tend to get full quicker.As for the weight loss, give me another two weeks, and I will give you a result.

    By the way, thanks for that flavored water idea, I am going to give that a shot.


    1. Yeah that’s the main point Roopesh – water before the meal helps stop you from overeating…we’re all guilty of that from time to time…aren’t we?

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion with us mate!

  4. I’ve always heard that drinking water before a meal can suppress your appetite resulting in you eating less and losing more weight. I hadn’t heard that water before exercise helps you to burn more calories. It definitely makes sense though.
    It seems like nobody can really agree on how much water the average person should drink per day. Some say 8 glasses, others say 16. I like your idea of basing it on how much you weight. It makes sense that if you weigh more you need more water.
    Does it matter when the water is consumed throughout the day or is it best before meals like you mentioned? When does it provide the greatest benefit or does it just matter that you drink it at some point during the day?

    1. As far as when it provides the greatest benefit…I really don’t know! Again, there are many arguments on that subject as well. I think it’s best you check a few medical published papers to get that sort of info – I’m no doctor or professor so I don’t want to be spreading misinformation (I try and stick to the facts!).

  5. Hi Chris, I needed the reminder to drink more water. Some people say that drinking cold water revs up the metabolism more and gets things moving.

    Do you think that makes a difference? I prefer not to drink my water ice cold…straight from the tap or room temperature will do me!

    Funny thing, I discovered that ice cold water in the heat of summer actually makes me hotter. Only tried that once, but it was a strange feeling and I’m wondering how many other people out there have experienced this?

    Another interesting fact: two cups of water first thing in the morning and I never need a laxative. Just thought you might like to hear that ( there are a lot of people out there looking for a natural choice of laxative – why not try the water trick? ).

    I enjoy exploring your website, you’ve managed to publish some articles that cover topics I have more than a lot of interest in!

    I’m going to return to see your latest work some point in the future – thanks for sharing such interesting points!

    1. Hi there Sue,

      Well not all people like ice cold water but I’ve certainly never heard of it making you more thirsty in the summer heat – maybe more readers out there have experienced this sort of thing before?

      I have heard of the laxative effect before but apparently this does not work for everyone. However, it is well worth mentioning as there are plenty of people out there looking for a simple (and cheap/free) option on laxatives…so thanks for that!

      Always great to hear from visitors that enjoy the topics we’ve posted here so thanks for taking the time to join in with the conversation!

      Speak to you soon Sue…

      Stay Healthy! 🙂

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