Healthy Travel Options – Why Travel in an RV?

Healthy Travel Options - Why Travel in an RV?

I came across this subject on a television show about a month back and I just had to make a mental note of it, so I could include the topic on this site – why travel in an RV?

Granted, it sounds like a strange subject for me to cover, but it’s a fascinating health angle – apparently, traveling by RV may be one of the healthiest – and least stressful – ways to travel.

Check it out…

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The Road Trip

I’ll level with you here – I’m a tall guy and therefore I’m not the biggest fan of road trips or camping (tents are nowhere near big enough for my comfort needs!). But, the idea of taking a road trip is still romantic and exhilarating, even though I know I’m not going to be that comfortable during it!

I do love the idea of just jumping in a vehicle and setting off to discover the vast and varied landscapes my country has to offer.

Below are a few health reasons you may want to opt for the open road on your next vacation, instead of taking the more traditional germ magnet options…


1) Think About Your Immune System

We’d all agree that airplanes and airports are popular destinations for those of us looking to take a holiday, right?

Yep – a LOT of people go through these areas on an hourly basis. This is the reason so many airports, and the airplanes that land/depart from them, are riddled with germs.

Think About Your Immune System

A recent study by a popular insurance quotes website resulted in some shocking facts coming to light – airport check-in kiosks and water fountain buttons were way more ‘infested’ than any place you can find in your home (and that includes the bloody bathroom!).

It gets worse…

When you board the plane, you are then in danger of the disease-ridden fold-down tray table (yep – the one you eat off!!!). Apparently most of these trays are covered in eight times the amount of bacteria you’d find on the lavatory flush button.

Have I managed to put you off your food yet?


2) Control Your RV Diet

We’ve covered it in numerous articles on this site before – so it’s a FACT

People who cook for themselves, end up with a healthier diet than those who opt to eat out (as I pointed out above – it’s a FACT!).

In an RV, equipped with a kitchen, you’re able to avoid the typical pitfalls of eating on the go.

I’ve done it myself on numerous occasions, especially going through the London systems as I try and get to Paddington Station…and home to Wales! 🙂

Control Your RV Diet

Fast food is everywhere, you’re starving and you have little time – what ya gonna do?

Bang up a Burger King or a slice of Pizza etc – it’s quick, it’s easy and most of the time…it don’t cost that much!

On a RV trip you are free to stop off at any grocers or farmer’s markets you want. Get back to your traveling base and whip up a healthy meal for the family.

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3) The Nature Boost

Recent studies show us that simply looking at, and being in nature, brings peace to the brain. Sure, it sounds a little ‘hippie’ and ‘new age’, but there is a lot of truth behind it.

Some experts have even gone as far as saying that nature, and the views it provides, can boost your mental health long-term and may even help protect against mental illness.

See nature in a RV

So get out on that open road and take in the beautiful natural landscapes that your country offers – it’s good for your mood, and good for your mental health!


4) Sleep Naturally

I don’t know about you, but I struggle BIG TIME to fall asleep on a long plane journey. Maybe it’s down to my height? Maybe I work myself up too much and I’m too bored?

No idea what it is really – but sleeping naturally comes hard to me (and many others) when I’m on a plane!

RV holiday rambler

In 2014, Expedia released results of a report they had carried out on Airplane Etiquette – it was a kind of survey. They claim that after they asked 1,000 Americans about on-board behavior…just over 15% of them admitted to using ‘cheeky methods’ to get some shut eye on plane journeys.

Cheeky methods?

Well, that’s my way of politely saying medication or alcohol.

I can level with this, as I’ve done it many times before in the past.

You’ll never have this problem on a RV journey – you can always sleep in a bed, and you can even take your own pillow along if you want to!

Simply pull over in a safe area, or even a cheap campsite, and get a good night’s sleep before you carry on with your adventure.


5) Remove The Package Holiday Stress

Finally booking a holiday gives you a great feeling…initially…

But when it comes to getting to your destination, and meeting certain deadlines, the stress starts to seep through.

These types of holidays give you zero control over your plans or pace – never a calming influence on your general mental health.

Take back control and be in charge of your own adventure for once – get up when you want, eat when you want, travel when you want…and control your own vacation for once!

Do you enjoy RV breaks?

Do you have any RV tips you’d think would benefit this article?

If so, please consider leaving them in the comment section below.

14 thoughts on “Healthy Travel Options – Why Travel in an RV?

  1. WOW. i never seen something like it before. It really looks much more comfortable than the plane lol. I would choose this kind of transportation 100* because I can cook my healthy foods as your article says and enjoy the landscape outside though one thing I know for sure is that they haven’t yet introduced it to our country which is such a shame but it looks really good.
    I will definitely do more research on it.

    1. Hi Angie! 

      You say that they haven’t introduced the RV setup to your country yet – where about’s do you live? (if you don’t mind me asking!). 

  2. That is an awesome RV!  I would choose this over an airplane journey anytime!

    Do you travel far or is the travelling on the road all part of your vacation?

    People go on holiday for a rest and more often than not comeback unhealthier and feeling worse than when they went as they drink more due to being away and eat foods they wouldn’t normally eat.

    Waking up to a beautiful view of nature compared to a hotel with a crowded swimming pool has so many benefits and I know which I would prefer.

    Where do you advise to go on an RV holiday to get these views?

    Have you compared a conventional vacation to an RV vacation and noticed the benefits?

    1. Where would I advise going – Wales – but I’m slightly biased! 

      I think that the Welsh countryside and mountains are the most breathtaking in the world, but I would say that…because I’m Welsh! 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to take an RV trip! It seems like such a fun adventure, and, after reading this, a much more relaxing adventure. Having a bed to sleep in, the ability t cook your own food, and no connecting flight to sprint to sounds awesome!

    My one hesitancy is the stress of driving, in both the general, “I hate traffic” sense but also the idea of driving such a big vehicle. That for me is why I haven’t taken the leap yet. I would need to find someone comfortable enough, and patient enough, to drive something that big over such long distances.

    1. I get you there Taylor – I’m not bowled over by driving something so big myself. I’m not the best driver even when it comes to a standard car, and I couldn’t imagine driving one around in heavy traffic. 

  4. Hey!

    One of my goals is in two years to be able to buy a RV and travel full time blogging! My parents and siblings were able to do it for quite some time and they had tons of fun and it looked like tons of fun! 

    They were able to travel all across Canada and down into the states over a period of four months! They are thinking about hitting up the road again sometime soon!

    I never would have guessed that the trays on planes were sooo dirty. Makes me a little nautious just thinking about it! I think I am going to  have to bring some sanitary wipes with me next time I fly!

    Do you have plans to travel full time??

    All the Best,


    1. Yeah the tray point seems to be getting the most reaction from this article Chris (good name by the way!). 

      No I’m not planning on travelling full time, although I would love to – I’m a very busy guy! 🙂

  5. Hi Chris, I absolutely loved reading this post. What excellent reasons to travel by RV. And yes, you did put me off airline food with your talk of the tray table being more infested than a lavatory flush handle. Ugh. Great point too that we can make our own fresh meals if we’re travelling in an RV.
    My hubby and I have discussed the idea of heading off on a road trip in an RV but his height has been my biggest concern. He’s also tall and I just pictured him having to stoop to get into the kind of caravan I remember from my childhood. Everything seemed cramped in there and our family is short compared to my hubby’s family. So you’re saying an RV is more comfy than a plane? I must say, these one’s look glamorous!

  6. Hello, this is amazing Article. I myself  don’t like much RV’s, but after I see your video I start change my mind on see so much comfort. You are right about the air plan and airports been full of germs and contagious. With the RV we can clean well and not haven so many people to spread the germs. The vacuum inside is a plus to me as local so you don’t have to storage big machines and not pulling around.

    I really love you article. This made see the other side and benefits of RV.

    Cheers to our success,



  7. Before I thought about traveling in these RVs is for German or Dutch pensioners who move into the campings for a whole season.

    Now, after finding and reading your post I can fully understand them 😀 I would have never thought that these RVs are so comfortable and beautiful. And finding the way to add it to your healthy travel options was a super cool idea 😀

    I am so happy you showed it from the inside, I will definitely try it out. Do you think it is better to maintain one or borrow for a few weeks?

    1. By borrow I assume you mean rent Kisumu? 

      If so, yes, I would probably opt to rent one for a trip as I don’t have anywhere to store something that big!

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