Healthy Snacks After Dinner

Healthy Snacks After Dinner

My Auntie Jean has always been one of those ladies that absolutely needs something sweet after her dinner. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched her munch through healthy salad mains only to binge out on a sweet dessert!

She’s actually the inspiration behind this article – I started looking into healthy snacks after dinner on her behalf!

She was adamant that I didn’t have to go looking for something fancy – she just wanted a healthy substitute to arm wrestle her longing sweet tooth!

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Keeping it Healthy!

Let’s face facts here – anything that manages to properly satisfy our sweet tooth isn’t going to be the epitome of a healthy meal.

I kept this in mind as I was searching around the internet looking for after dinner options. I had to find some common ground – my auntie would not just settle for a bowl of fruit!

So some of the healthy after dinner snacks I’m covering here are going to have a bit of sugar in their makeup…but that’s alright! They are low sugar options and they are a world away from your more traditional after dinner calorie fests…

1) Chocolate Bananas

I have to be honest I had to try this one out for myself because I’m a bit of a monkey when it comes to bananas ( love ’em ).

BananasThis awesome fruit is a good source of vitamins C and B6 along with being packed rigid with fiber and potassium.

Now, I’m no ‘Chef Ramsey’ when it comes to desserts but I found this little beauty incredibly easy to pull off. Simply:

  • Cut a few bananas in half
  • Put them in the freezer for about 3 hours or so
  • Take them out then roll them in melted dark chocolate
  • Roll them in some sort of crunchy topping ( I picked granola )
  • Put them back in the freezer for about an hour

Simple, delicious and not too heavy on the sugar – a perfect starting point for healthy snacks after dinner!

2) Frozen Fruit

The chocolate bananas were nice…and that got me thinking!

What other fruits worked out in a frozen situation?

So dug around a bit on a few health blogs I often visit and I found out that grapes or pineapple make for a great frosty treat. These frozen treat choices are very sweet and take a while to eat since you can’t easily chomp through each bite.

This gives off the feeling that you are actually tucking into some sort of dessert – try it and see!

3) Popsicles

PopsiclesPopsicles are great because they can me made by you and you therefore you have complete control over what is going into them.

A friend of mine is well into his body building routine and he swears by popsicles as a way of quieting down that pesky sweet tooth. He told me that he often makes them out of plain orange juice ( not from concentrate ).

But let’s be honest here – if you like smoothies then you can really think outside the box with healthy popsicles. Blueberries, cherries, Kiwi fruit – just be as creative as you want and mix up some cool flavors.

4) Simple Dark Chocolate

I know it’s not the same as milk chocolate and I know it sometimes tastes like feet, but dark chocolate really can take away that sugar urge.

Quality dark chocolate is more than 70 percent cacao which means it avoids all the low quality fats and sugars which milk chocolate contains.

As you can probably tell – I hate the stuff, but many slimmers I have come across swear by it!

5) Greek Yogurt Parfait

Greek yogurt is an awesome source of calcium and performs well as an effective ally to healthy weight loss.

I used to use this type of yogurt regularly when I first got into distance running because it supplied me with a mountain of protein ( twice as much as regular yogurt! ).

Again, you can pretty much think outside the box with this healthy delight, but I used to love topping it off with natural honey and/or a small portion of fruit.

6) Berries

This is a personal favorite of mine but I HATE the way supermarkets overprice them! Berries are one of the richest sources of antioxidants available and taste great.


They are super high in sweetness and flavor and really low in calories. As I mentioned, the only downside is that they are often overpriced when compared to other fruits.

7) Plain Popcorn

Without all of the butter and salt, popcorn is actually a really healthy and low fat option snack choice. It has a really high level of fiber which is excellent for promoting healthy weight loss.

For those of you that cannot face popcorn without the sweet edge try a dusting of cinnamon. It does a great job of turning the corn sweet and it also regulates blood sugar.

Craving Healthy Snacks After Dinner?

Remember, taking on one kind of craving at a time may help you eat less and lose weight much more effectively. Start with those tricky after dinner treats and watch your body shape take a much more attractive form…

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71 thoughts on “Healthy Snacks After Dinner

  1. This article is exactly what I was looking for because at the momet I’m snacking far too much on junk food that’s bad for me… Chocolate, Crisps, Sweets, Biscuits and Cakes etc.

    As addictive as they are, they will surely lead to problems later on in life, so I need to change my eating habits quickly!

    Greek Yogurt and Berries both sound like ideal snacks, and the thought of eating them both together is making me very hungry!!

    Thanks for this 🙂


  2. Thanks for the snack ideas and the facts on them. Guess the popsicles replace ice cream!

    Sharing a recipe of one of my favorite beverages which I just had after my dinner!

    Avocado milkshake
    Ingredients: Avocado, Milk or soymilk, Honey/condensed milk/stevia (to taste)
    Blend and enjoy.

    Avocado is oily, but comes with fiber which helps digestion and weight loss 😀 you can minimize calories and sugar by using soymilk and stevia if you feel like having a very healthy snack.

  3. Wooi great so fruits can add value to our healthy, I agree with you, but I have a question for before closing or leaving your site, which is the best time to take fruits after or before eating and of which quantity.
    Anyway it is a good review and I will come back for updates since it has forced me to bookmark your site.

    1. Hi Divican,
      Well the article is centered on ‘after dinner’ snacks so we would recommend using them ( fruits ) as a substitute for sugary desserts 🙂

  4. Chris,
    Thanks for the comments for after dinner treats. I am a big fan of popsicles as they are satisfying and you can just grab them and go. Do you have any suggestions for “no-prep” options. I recently lost 40 lbs and would love to hear about some on the go choices.

    1. Well Jaks, the most obvious one would always have to be fruit – low cost, fast and healthy ( some are even quite sweet to boot! ) 🙂

  5. Hi Chris,

    Straight off your Post resonates with me because I had an auntie Janet that fed us on salad when we visited on Sunday afternoons. Love the stuff til this day.

    Big fan of the ‘Nanas, I eat more of these than any other fruit and yes, if you freeze them you can make a good alternative to ice cream. However never thought to add the chocolate and Granola.. Until now, thanks.

    Also love greek yoghurt as it isn’t loaded with sugars and sweeteners, but instead I have recently started buying Fromage Frais which is fat-free.

    Right now I’ve got Black seedless Grapes, Blueberries & Strawberries in the fridge, and after reading this post that’s exactly where I’m heading.

    Very best


    1. Blueberries…a great choice Pete, on of my favorites! ( you’ve just put the idea of them into my head so it might be snack time! ). Great to hear you’ve been able to take something from this article – enjoy your healthy snacks 🙂

  6. Fantastic post
    Love your humour throughout…dark chocolate and feet? lol. It’s delicious…like olives…the first is awful and then you wonder how you lived without them.

    I love the idea of frozen fruits and will definitely give that a go. If your Aunty is a lady who likes like a glass after dinner then what is delicious is to replace the icecubes with frozen berries! I’ll be trying it with your frozen grapes and pineapple.

    I’ll also be trying the greek yogurt idea. Thats sounds delicious.

    Thanks for a great post.

  7. I’m always looking for a healthy snack a couple of hours after dinner, so thanks for these ideas! I love bananas too, and I don’t know why I’ve never thought to make a melted dark chocolate and granola snack with them!

    One of my favourite snacks is a handful of almonds or other nuts. Do you think that would work well as a healthy after-dinner snack, or should I eat something else along with it?

    1. Nuts are fine as a dessert Samantha – as long as you don’t eat too many of them of course ( the calorie count can get quite high ) 🙂

  8. This is perfect for me, I’m a massive after dinner snack fan! Some awesome suggestions that I’ll definitely try – especially the chocolate bananas. I am wondering what a banana is like frozen though – will be an interesting new one on me.
    Thanks for this post it’s going to help guide me a little more away from the Ben and Jerry’s!

  9. Nice post! Makes me want to eat some of the desserts you suggested right away :o) I have a “rule” on how I eat sweets after dinner only after I have worked out, That way I spike my insuline levels post workout… I belive that it is the only time that the insuline levels need to be spiked. I also eat a little sweet through out of the day sometimes but I keep the sugars as low as I can. But after workout I go all in! :o) Thanks for this post / John

  10. Thanks for all these healthy after dinner snack ideas. My kids are always still hungry after supper, you would think I don’t give them enough food! They are always at the fridge digging for something extra and searching for ice cream!
    I have been trying to think what to give them, those chocolate bananas is the perfect answer, they love bananas. This is a much better option than ice cream of chocolate and I think they would enjoy it more!

  11. Here’s another healthy snack after dinner. It’s my favorite. Start with frozen ripe bananas.

    Ripe is the operative word here. You want the natural sweetness of ripe bananas.

    I peel and freeze them whole. They’re easy to break into pieces when their frozen. Put a couple of bananas broken into pieces in a blender with a quarter cup of water.

    Add a Tablespoon of raw cacao powder. Cacao is the bean that chocolate is made from. Get it at a health food store.

    Blend until smooth like the texture of soft serve ice cream.

    Cacao does have some stimulates in it, so don’t eat this too close to bed time. Also, the flavor of dark chocolate masks other flavors so I will sometimes add barley powder to the recipe to give it a nutritional boost.

  12. One thing I do is to splurge sometimes. It may sound counterproductive but eating one of my favorite usual deserts once in awhile actually enables me to mostly keep on the healthier deserts which are pretty good also as your post indicates. Have you found any good healthy ideas with apples (other than just by themselves)?

    1. There’s nothing wrong with a little treat now and again Dave – rewards keep us going in the right direction after all! I can’t think of any healthy apple desserts off the top of my head ( except a raw apple of course! ) but a simple Google search should bring up a few options! 🙂

  13. This article is SWEET, literally! I love the chocolate banana recipe. I love dark chocolate as a super food. I believe in a health balanced diet, and this is a great post to start. What are some of the healthier aspects of dark chocolate? I’m wondering if the Popsicle would have too many carbs? Is it better to juice fruits or vegetables?

    1. Popsicles are fine Micheal as long as you are using the right ingredients! I personally prefer juicing fruits but a lot of people opt for the vegetable route these days! Try ’em both! 🙂

  14. I love your list of healthy snacks after dinner! I’m also one of those people with a sweet tooth that absolutely need a little sweet something after dinner to counteract the savory, and with all we hear about not eating late, especially not eating sweets, it’s a tough one. I love your choice of recipes, they are all very healthy and definitely guilt free, i love the chocolate bananas, that is a super filling and potassium rich snack, bound to satisfy the sweetest tooth 🙂 I’m also going to give the Greek yogurt parfait a go, i like the way it’s so rich in protein and yummy all at the same time. Great post!

    Take Care,

  15. Hi Chris,

    we’ve tried the bananas at home and we love them! We have a fridge full now and regularly buy dark chocolate, so any time we have a craving for something sweet and healthy at the same time, we make ourselves a batch, keep adding more recipe ideas for health nuts! 😉

    Take Care,

    1. Great stuff Eva – top news to hear that you took on one of our recipes and it’s working out for you! 🙂

      Don’t worry – we’ll keep on adding them!!!!!

  16. Really great article. Never thought there could be that many near healthy snack that could satisfy the old sweet tooth. I’ve read somewhere, a long time ago, that sucking on ice could subdue your sweet cravings. Never actually thought of making my on popsicles. Thanks for the great idea. Time to experiment with some flavors.

    1. Sucking on ice – that’s a new one on me Xander but I suppose it makes sense when you think about it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. I swear late night snacking is a weakness of mine, I can go all day staying to my diet then mess up at the end of the day.

    I’ll definitely be trying some of these to tackle those late night cravings and help me get back on track to getting in shape!

    Thanks for taking the time to share this! It’s much appreciated!

    1. I hear you Tyler – I always hit up the toast about 11 at night and there’s little I can do about it! I guess I just get hungry at that time 🙂

  18. Hey i really like the design of your website and the concept. The little ninjas look really cool.

    I always want to have a snack after dinner but i have always been told eating late can be bad, especially if youre going to be eating unhealthy foods.

    I like that you give a list of things that are actually healthy.

    Thanks for the info, I can finally eat healthy at night

  19. Hey thanks for the article. I agree with one of your above commentators “Neil” in that the article was exactly what I needed to hear. So often when we want a sweet snack we automatically want to go for the processed candy bar or twinkie type dessert… but as you’re reminding us – it doesn’t have to be that way! If only I had taken your advice years ago… think of all the pounds I could have spared if I would have went for the fruit and not the processed candy !

  20. hi

    I personally am very interested in your page. Need to lose that extra weight.
    Berries are really amazing as a dinner snack, have them quite often 🙂

    Firstly is it a good idea to have bananas at night? I always had the idea the healthy time to actually have them is during the early parts of the morning around breakfast time.

    1. To be honest, I love bananas and I have no problem eating them at any point in the day! But eating late at night is never the best idea if you are looking to shift a few pounds! 🙂

  21. Hi Chris

    Interesting ideas for healthy after dinner snacks. I have never really had a sweet tooth so that usually I find the main course sufficient.

    However, sometimes it is lovely to have an after dinner snack such as a dessert. I usually plump for yoghurt as I know it is healthy and not fattening.

    I am afraid the idea of chocolate bananas doesn’t really do anything for me but some of your other ideas are great such as popsicles and popcorn. I love popcorn without sugar and will bear this in mind as well

    Thank you very much for your suggestions.

    Kind regards

  22. Hey Chris, just wanted to let you know that I tried your suggestion for the banana and chocolate. My kids loved it. I followed your serving suggestion, it was great.
    I’m about to start with trying out the popsicles.. it was quite cold here when I first read your post and now it is getting warmer and the kids will be on holiday I think that will be the perfect summer snack, not just for after dinner!

  23. Hi Chris,

    Your popsicle idea reminded me that Fudgsicles, from the Popsicle brand, are actually not that bad for you. They don’t have that much fat and calories in them, compared to other ice cream treats, and they do help satisfy those sweet tooth cravings. I also like to have cottage cheese or Greek yogurt with some honey. I have been told that eating dairy as a late snack is good for your because it takes your body so long to digest it that you don’t wake up starving the next morning.

  24. Wow this is a great article! I have been looking for healthy alternatives for dessert for awhile now. My girlfriend always insists on having dessert after dinner and this will be a great way for her to enjoy a healthier than usual dessert! Which one would you say is your favourite?

  25. I really like the name of your website and the layout. The name is very creative and I love the little ninjas on your layout. Your website is very informative and I enjoy your books reviews. However, I think that your menu should be more visible, maybe at the top of the page. Overall, nice job!

    1. Really don’t know what to say about that…the menu’s fine where it is ( but thanks for the feedback on the ninjas! )

  26. Hi,

    I am just like your Aunty Jean I have to eat something sweet straight after a meal.

    I really like the look of the popsicle idea as can be so creative with what you put in.

    possibilities are endless with a good blender, can throw my favourite peanut butter in there

  27. Hi Chris,

    Awesome article, just a question should be worrying about the loss of nutritional value due to freezing the fruits? I am pretty sure there is a big loss in natritional value.

    This is why organic vitamins and minerals are made using no extreme temperature (high or low) when drying out the food source.

    Great idea, rolling the banana in chocolate, though, even healthier roll it in raw organic cacao powder.

    Personally a cuppa Joe is awesome, high in antioxidants low in calories and an appetite suppresant!

    1. I don’t really know where you get that idea from Derek – sure you will always lose something when preserving but freezing is actually mother nature’s attempt at preservation. The nutritional value will still be worthwhile.

  28. Thanks for this post Chris, I have been looking for replacements for cookies, and ice cream which is usually a good desert for me after a meal. These healthier alternatives will still satisfy my sweet tooth but not spike my blood sugar too far. I had not thought of eating berries at night after a meal but I will try that soon.

  29. What an EXCELLENT website! I always want to snack after dinner and this website makes me feel like it’s perfectly okay to do that in a healthy way. I’ve never thought to freeze grapes, I’ll have to try that in the near future and see how that goes. I also really like popcorn – I’ll need to cut down on the movie theater butter though if I want to keep it healthy. Great website!

  30. Thanks for sharing this information. I just eat dinner, most times I don’t take anything after dinner even if I will take anything it will be juice, reading this I think I need to change my habit . Eating fruits after dinner really add some benefits to the body, then I have been missing those benefits, but that will stop from today.

    1. Okay just to be clear – when you say ‘I just eat dinner’, you don’t mean that’s the only meal you eat throughout the day?

      I hope not mate – that would be pretty unhealthy really. 

  31. Now this is me down to the ground ! Its not so much that it has to be sweet, well a little bit sweet, or at least something different to what I have just been eating and usually I make a muck up of it and ruin a days worth of good choices.  But I would equally accept something like raspberries with pain yoghurt or the choccy banana suggestion in your article, that would be really good and I think not full of calories that the millionaire shortbread square would have.  A popsicle is a good idea in the summer particularly if the other option is full fat ice cream !  I like that your article was prompted by your Auntie Jean, I find that some of my best articles are prompted by personal experience.  I really must get ontop of the added calories I take in during the evening craving a ‘pudding’. 

    1. Hi Helen, 

      Yeah my auntie Jean has her uses from time to time! 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the article and the suggestions we provided. 

  32. Hi Chris,

    I like your article for providing specific information and important tips about healthy snacks after dinner. It is true that many people are facing over weight and fat issue in their body and don’t care about their health. When they suffer different physical problem, they want to know all possible ways to get rid of those sufferings. I am going to share your article with all my friends and family members who are suffering fat and over weight issue. 

    1. Well thanks for the share then mate!

      One tip though – I wouldn’t go around accusing friends or family members of having a ‘fat issue’ – where I’m from that would only get you a black eye!!! 🙂

  33. Plain Greek yogurt with berries (and occasionally walnuts) is one of my go-to snacks.  After dinner, I do blueberries.  Surrounded by a bowl fo cereal, lol, but still…  Fortunately, they have some good sales where I live

    Plain popcorn is another underestimated snack, particularly if you’re looking for something a little salty, and it’s far superior to potato chips.

    Do you have any opinion on “healthy” cookies as a snack substitute?  I eat these Kashi cookies sometimes, decent nutritional profile, some protein and fiber, not crazy on the sugar. I find those can really hit the spot. 

    1. Well we haven’t really covered the subject of cookies on the site yet Jon, but these Kashi cookies you mention sound interesting – we’ll be looking into them for a future article. 

  34. Goodness, reading this article makes me hungry and it’s only been an hour since I had my dinner. Did you say popcorn? I never really considered that, but if it’s up to me, I would turned it into popcorn caramel. Yum! In the effort of keeping down that waistline, I’ve actually been snacking on more fruits. Sometimes, I crave for something different and I am glad to know that dark chocolate is in the list 🙂

    1. Fruit is always a good shout for a healthy snack Cathy, but be careful…too much can lead to a bit of a messy situation!!! (enough said!).

  35. Thank you for the snack ideas! My kids love to have snacks in between meals and I always run out of idea what to feed them. We ended up with cookies and bread which they have started to get bored with. 

    What you have here are not only healthy, but also look easy to prepare. I really love that. Looking forward to try them out soon!

  36. I have tried to limit sugar for health’s sake. These are great ideas for both health and weight loss!

    It’s amazing what you can do by just varying hot and cold, and mixing two or three healthy things together. Combining the chocolate and the berries, you could either melt the chocolate and dip berries in it, or heat berries (especially raspberries) until it’s kind of like a sauce, and spoon the berry sauce over a piece of chocolate. Or maybe put some Greek yogurt in the freezer for a short time (until it just starts to freeze, but doesn’t completely freeze), take it out and stir it up to mix the more frozen part with the less frozen part, then top that with melted chocolate and berry sauce.

    1. Wow you’ve really thought this through there Danette – you’ve even got me feeling hungry now! Really glad you enjoyed the article. 

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