Healthy Pizza Crust Alternatives

Healthy Pizza Crust Alternatives

A pizza is often all it takes to fill you with contentment thanks to its stringy cheese, irresistible toppings and delightful crust. Unfortunately, it also fills you with a whole bunch of unhealthy calories, carbs, grease and pretty much all the things your body could do without.

But just as necessity is the mother of invention, conscientious hunger is the mother of a whole range of healthy pizza crust alternatives. We know the crust is a must, so try out these equally delicious crust substitutes to enjoy your pizza without causing grief to your waistline.

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 1) Whole Grain Bread Crust

Nothing is irreplaceable, and that includes your unhealthy flour based crusts. Trade them in for whole grain breads, waffles or tortillas to get a lighter, smaller but equally delicious version of your trademark pizza.

Whole Grain Bread Crust

These are suitable for all occasions and easy to pack for a lunch on the go – they are also a wallet-friendly option!


2) Flax Seed Crust Pizza

You can kiss your guilt goodbye as you bite into this crust that’s made of nothing but flax seed meal, baking powder, oregano and eggs.

Flax Seed Crust Pizza

Kneaded and ground into dough the traditional way, this recipe has such a low carb count that you’ll feel silly ever going back to the unhealthy pizza crusts of yore.


3) Aubergine Pizza

There’s nothing like a few thick grilled aubergine slices to sub for a pizza crust. Lightly brushed with olive oil and browned on both sides, it’s the ideal medium to hold as much toppings as you’d like, making it a convenient option for kids’ birthday parties or garden bake-outs.

Aubergine Pizza

You could replace the aubergine with sliced zucchini for a crunchier bite and finish (if that’s more your type of thing!).


4) Pizza Frittata

The reason this recipe is so great (apart from the whole healthy crust advantage) is that it gives you an ironclad excuse to gorge on pizza at breakfast time.

Pizza Frittata

Begin by pouring whisked eggs over sauteed broccoli, onion and spinach and finish by adding cheese, pepperoni and all your favorite toppings to the cooked frittata.

You’ll feel the post-pizza satisfaction without the grease-induced sluggishness that typically comes with it.


5) Zucchini Pizza Crust

Mixed into a dough with egg, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder and seasoning, zucchini transforms into a wonderfully strong though unconventional pizza crust.

Zucchini Pizza Crust

Its not as crisp as most other crusts, but if you cut slices in the wet dough beforehand, it’s easy to pick up and eat.


6) Cauliflower/Broccoli/Spinach Crust

Odd as it sounds, all three of these crust options create a light but surprisingly strong crust to serve as a pizza base.

For the cauliflower version, process the florets till they attain a fine rice-like feel before mixing it with squeezed-out steamed rice, egg and cheese to make the dough.

Cauliflower/Broccoli/Spinach Crust

Broccoli and spinach work the same way, but give a much grainier crisp flavor. A vegan alternative is to use ground chia or flax seeds with water to achieve an egg-like consistency.

Throw in some onions and garlic to enhance the flavor while processing the dough.


7) Carrot Crust

Knead together squeezed grated carrots with butter, eggs, cheese and coconut and bake the flattened dough for a perfectly healthy pizza crust.

Carrot Crust

You’ll have carrot juice left over from the squeezing, to serve as a healthy chilled drink with your pizza. Bugs Bunny would be proud of you!


8) Stuffed Pizza

Sometimes, it’s just easier to put the pizza inside something instead of putting something on top of the pizza. Going crust-less is worth it when you think of all the calories you’re saving.

Stuffed Pizza

You can use Portobello mushrooms, roasted eggplants and bell peppers as vessels for your pizza topping. Pizzas will never be the same again once you do away with the crust for this interesting alternative.


9) Egg White Pizza

Yes, we know it sounds like the last thing you could possibly put a pizza on, but its so ridiculously easy to prepare and so unprotestingly scarfed down by the kids that you’ll find yourself going back to this recipe every time you have a few extra eggs in the fridge.

Egg White Pizza

All it takes is egg whites cooked in the conventional way, and you have a pizza base that’s healthy as can be.


10) Plantain Pizza Crust

Skepticism is the first reaction to the near-sacrilegious idea of despoiling a classic Italian dish with giant green bananas, but don’t beat it till you’ve tried it.

Plantain Pizza Crust

Process the peeled plantain as usual with eggs and spices and bake it with a dash of olive oil. The results are intriguing and you’ll probably never go back to the blandness of the run-of-the-mill unhealthy pizza crusts.

With these healthy pizza crust alternatives, gone are the days of guilt and drowsiness that followed a sinfully indulgent pizza. Mamma Mia, you can finally have your pizza and eat it too!

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21 thoughts on “Healthy Pizza Crust Alternatives

  1. Hi Chris,
    I love the variation of pizza crusts that you offer here. To be honest, when I read your title, I would expect you to talk about whole grain only.
    I’ve heard about using grated cauliflower in a spaghetti sauce to hide ‘veggies’, but this is interesting because you make crust out of it (zucchini and cauliflower).
    I’ll try this at home and see if my kids love this.

    1. Hi Rina,

      Great to have you here – glad you enjoyed the article! The Zucchini and Cauliflower base is actually really tasty and one of my favorites! 🙂

  2. Mmmmmmm was a delicious and inviting article!! I love pizza but I can’t eat it as often as I’d want to (to my boyfriend’s despair, he’s Italian lol).
    I really loooove that you’ve listed so many different ways to replace the original pizza crust… I usually read posts about cauliflower crust and that’s it ! But your article is much more thorough!! Thanks! Can’t wait to try one of these =)

  3. These are some delicious sounding alternatives. I have made a cauliflower crust pizza a few times and absolutely love it.

    And now that I have a food processor and don’t have to grate the cauliflower by hand I will be having it more often.

    I think I want to try the zucchini or plantain crust next. Although the carrot one is intriguing as well.

  4. Thank you for sharing these great pizza crust alternatives. I am going to have to take some serious action against my waistline come January… and yes pizza is one of my weak spots. I just love flax seeds and oregano is hands down my favorite herb so I know which one I will be trying out first. Thank you this is very helpful!

  5. In college, my friend and I made a cauliflower crust pizza. It was a hit! I don’t even like cauliflower but it came out pretty good. We also made our own homemade sauce for it, out of mashed tomatoes.
    I recommend trying it. We had a good time making it!

  6. I didnt realize how many different ways you can make pizza crust! That’s awesome!

    The egg white crust sounds particularly interesting to me. So you just cook the egg white regularly and then add the pizza toppings and bake it as usual? Does that over cook the egg?

    I’m interested in trying this…

    1. There are many different ways of cooking egg whites Jay – make a list of the healthiest ( probably NOT frying! ) and choose your favorite! 🙂

  7. Hello here, thanks for introducing a variety of pizzas crust.
    What is important that these alternatives look delicious and it is not so difficult to make.
    I do not know how to explain addiction to pizza. I guess everybody in whole world likes pizza. Of course, people who never heard about or tried a really good one to taste, they not miss it.
    Anyway I like you options and I am eager to try few of them.
    Flax seed crust, carrot crust and zucchini pizza crust sounds for me tempting to try how it looks like after it done.
    Thanks for interesting read, all the best, Nemira.

  8. OMG I love this article. I’ve tried the egg white – hum it didn’t catch on, I’ve tried the cauliflower – lol it must have been good because I can’t remember eating it. My children have tried the Pizza Frittata and this went down well though i must say it’s more like an omelette. The flax seed sounds like a good one to try, so this is on my next to do. Thx for a good read!

  9. The first thing I noticed about your website was the delicious looking pizza! I must admit that I can easily get carried away by photos of food. But on to the calories, I have always been obsessed about the number of calories that I can consume. I literally used to estimate the calories consumed in every bit of food that I ate. Nowadays I am not so much occupied with counting calories. I just try to eat less and smarter.

    1. Obsessing isn’t really the way to go Luds – you want to enjoy life at the same time as getting healthier right? 🙂

  10. I am definitely a good nut and I enjoy a good pizza. I know most of it is not healthy to me but if I make this change with the crust I might be a little better off. Your article was very informative and I will definitely be passing this along to anyone I know…who is pizza-mad like me! 🙂

    I have bookmarked your website and will definitely be checking back from time to time for more awesome tips on health – you cover some really unique weight loss advice throughout this blog and the articles make a refreshing change.

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Hi Shawn, 

      Well we try and cover the subjects most health and fitness websites choose to ignore – it makes us stand out and it’s easier to rank with more unique article topics! 🙂

      Great to hear that you are enjoying reading through our stuff – don’t forget….sharing is caring (so hit those social buttons!). 

  11. Hello Chris!
    In my household we love pizza. We have a youngster who if allowed would eat pizza all day everyday. I like your outside the box healthier versions for a crust…but I’m wondering how many of these choices he will go for?

    What’s your success rate with getting these a green light with kids?

    1. Hi Monica,

      Never tried them with kids to be honest with you – but a few of my visitors have!!! I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t try them with the younger generations…can you?

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