Greek Yogurt Benefits For Weight Loss

Greek Yogurt Benefits For Weight Loss

My petite 6 year old niece overheard our conversation the other day (okay, eavesdropped…) as we went on about weight loss programs and diets.

My sister (her mom…) mentioned something about Greek yogurt and weight loss and that’s when she jumped out from her hiding, arms akimbo, pouting her lips in a twist, and just went, “Mom, have you been feeding me Greek yogurt? Can I get it for grandpa and Uncle Charlie this Christmas mummy…?”

Poor skinny little thing (but awesomely adorable)… we laughed all afternoon… lost a few calories too!

Interlude: grandpa George and uncle Charlie have some weight issues and they are significantly pot-bellied!

Moving on Swiftly…

With its thick creamy texture and a sweet-sour taste that some describe as tangy, Greek yogurt remains one of the most preferred type of yogurt for many yogurt enthusiasts, specifically those looking to shed off a few pounds without giving up on their favorite foods.

So much has been said about this Mediterranean-style yogurt and its suitability for weight loss diets, but as to whether the claims are true or mere myth…it still remains largely debatable.

Now let’s put this matter to rest by looking at a few facts relating to weight loss “dieting” and Greek yogurt. This yogurt is not what you’d call a “fat busting super-food”, but here are a couple of things about Greek yogurt that will really amaze you…

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Nutritional Fundamentals on Greek Yogurt

A simple serving of about 6 ounces of plain Greek yogurt (non-fat) is enough to supply your body with only 100 calories (6g Carbs, & 17g Protein).

Some people may argue that non-fat regular plain yogurt has fewer calories (95 calories)…and thus better than Greek yogurt but the truth is that this 5-calorie difference is negligible and it doesn’t matter that much either when you really think about it…

Despite the giving you less calories, regular plain non-fat yogurt has more Carbs (13g) and less Proteins (10g).

This means more carbs that can be turned into fat, and less proteins to help you metabolize…thus less advantage…

With that being said, you’ll want to note that Protein is an integral part of any successful weight-loss diet.

Nutritional Fundamentals on Greek Yogurt

According to the FSN (Food Science and Nutrition, 2015), their published study asserted that daily protein intake as part of your weight-loss diet was good for muscle mass preservation, the ability to burn calories, and better control of your hunger pangs throughout the day.

In short, Protein is good for your metabolism and this is where Greek yogurt beats regular yogurt hands-down!

At least 30% of your daily meal plan should contain foods rich in proteins.

More On Greek Yogurt and Nutritional Value…

A cohort study conducted in 2005 by the IJO (International Journal of Obesity) revealed that (despite not being Greek yogurt par se…) yogurt was a very important element in weight loss diets.

The study included 2 groups, the control group that was fed on low-calorie foods only, and the evaluation group that received both low-calorie foods plus yogurt.

The authors of this clinical study concluded that in addition to regular exercising, yogurt with high protein content was a viable inclusion in weight-loss diets/programs.

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Do We Get Sufficient Calcium From Greek Yogurt?

For starters, an average adult needs about 1, 000 mg to 1, 200 mg of calcium every day. So how much of this can we get from Greek yogurt?

Well, as a dairy product with notable amounts of calcium, a single serving of Greek yogurt contains 109 mg of this vital mineral. Regular yogurt has about 339 mg of calcium.

Do We Get Sufficient Calcium From Greek Yogurt?

This means you have to supplement your diet with more calcium rich foods such as cheese fortified foods, or regular fresh milk to reach your daily recommended calcium intake target.

Servings and Tips

As clearly elaborated above, Greek yogurt is a fine addition to weight loss meal plans because of its high protein and calcium content, as well as low-calorie count.

A cup or two of Greek yogurt are good for you each day.

You can add fruits of your choice to bump its nutritional value.

The US Department of Agriculture however recommends a limit of 3 cups of any combination of dairy products in a day.

Too much of dairy intake may not present negative effects on most people, but it may cause a few problems for lactose intolerant individuals with possible cases of bloating or indigestion.

Additionally, you can use Greek yogurt as an ingredient in your cooking.

If you need to dress your baked potatoes with a healthy topper, add more protein to your fruit smoothies, or whip up something “gourmet” that requires the use of yogurt, yet totally healthy, then Greek yogurt is an ideal ingredient to ensure that your meals are not only healthy, but tasty as well…

FYI: Too much of something is always not good… and too much Greek yogurt (even non-fat…) will only end up making you fat!

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    1. Yeah definitely – local health stores and general stores are usually great but the best deals will usually come online. Although, I’m not a fan of buying refrigerated food from internet platforms…

  1. Very interesting article on Greek Yogurt, one question is it with GMO? As I may like to try this for my wife. We essentially are grass fed fresh non-GMO garden food. I like the stats on the protein and the idea of topping your baked potato is appealing as well, will have to try this.

    Just need a little bit of info on the GMO side of things first!

    Thanks Randy

    1. Hi Randy, 

      There are many different versions of greek yogurt out there so they all differ. A simple Google search for ‘greek yogurt GMO’ will bring up a ton of options and info for you! 

      I do remember there being some sort of GMO discussion on a brand named Chobani – maybe you should check them out first?

  2. I eat Greek Yogurt every morning mixed with a little granola.  This is my go to breakfast ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes over a year ago.  Not only was their diabetes but I also needed to lose weight.

    This is a great article to justify to myself that I am doing the right thing.  Thank you for all the great info.  I always like reading your articles.


    1. Well it’s great to hear that you enjoy our work here Dale, and it’s also great to hear that you’ve opted for a more healthy lifestyle – good luck! 🙂

  3. I love Greek yogurt it just seems creamier and thicker than other yogurt. But I’ve often wondered what makes Greek yogurt ‘Greek’ rather than just normal yogurt. Is there a different way of manufacturing it that gives it the thicker creamier texture? What do manufacturers need to do to label it as Greek yogurt?

  4. First, let me say I love your blog title. Ok, now back you your great post over Greek yogurt.

    I found this post interesting and enjoyed how it felt like you were trying to report on all sides of Greek yogurt. 

    Are there any places that you can provide links to get the best deals online if someone would want to buy in bulk? You do make mention of eating fruit and the likes mixed in, but would you have any great recipes of what you have found to be great mixes with Greek Yogurt?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Hi Todd! 

      I’m afraid I don’t use Amazon affiliate links or product links on this site if I can help it – they kinda make the whole thing look like a sales page. We do promote certain products but they are stashed neatly away in the sidebar under ‘Important Pages’. 

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