Good Diet Tips For Losing Weight

Good Diet Tips For Losing Weight

​A close female friend of mine spent many of her teenage years battling the genetic shape her body was taking. She was an incredibly attractive girl throughout her early teenage years but family genetics started to catch up with her around the age of 16.

It wasn’t really her fault – both her mother, her father and her elder brother were a ‘little on the large side’. She was simply following the gene pool suit.

She took on many different healthy lifestyle changes and she has continually won every weight battle put her way – she is quite an inspiration actually!

Over the past twenty odd years she has picked up on many good diet tips for losing weight. She was kind enough to cover a few of them in this article today…

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1) Food Ingredient Lists

How often do you actually LOOK at the ingredient list on an item of food? If you’re anything like me you’ll probably scan straight to the calorie or saturated fat section and completely miss the actual ingredients!

Forget about the nutritional label and flip the item over – start off with the ingredient list and discover what hidden dangers are actually INSIDE the food!


2) Fruit Mineral Waters

I’ve covered the importance of drinking water to lose weight many, many times before on this site – I’m not going to do it again! 

For some reason this is still a big stumbling block for certain individuals who are looking to lose weight. I guess some people cannot live with plain old water in their life!

I get it! I get it! You’re used to sweetly flavored soda drinks – that was part of your weight loss problem in the first place!

If you struggle with the boredom of plain water why not try a few fruit infused water flavors?

Most of them are pretty much set up for weight loss programs and taste great – an awesome alternative for the soda-tooth addict!


3) Eat at The Table

For some unknown reason we are more tempted to eat crap if we are not sitting comfortably at a dinner table – somewhere where eating is the main purpose of the platform!

Eat at The Table

If you eat in front of a computer or stuffed into a tube or train seat your are more likely to pick the option that is not so good for your waistline.

Whenever it is mealtime make sure you sit in front of something that can act as your meal table. Keep it consistent and keep it healthy!


4) Beware of Fake Sugars

Whenever we start off a new diet we immediately look for things that can replace the naughty options we used to consume. This means we usually end up at the doorstep of fake sugars.

Diet Coke, Coke zero, 7up Free and Fresca – all of these may seem like good choices but they are actually ‘stay away’ items.

Look at point 2 above – replace fake sugars with fruit infused water flavors!


5) Hide The Scales

When you feel like you’ve been the healthiest man/woman on the planet for a week you NEED to find out how much weight you’ve lost…don’t do it!

Go to the bathroom, pick up the scales and then place them in a truly difficult cupboard to get at. Find a section that is stuffed full of junk and put the scales right at the back of it all.

Hide The Scales

Scales should not come out during the first month of your dieting efforts – period.

I know it’s hard but it is worth it in the long run – when you feel great you are curious whether the scales are going to show the same thing you are feeling!

What happens if they don’t show you what you want to see?


6) Make The Meal Effort

How often do you actually go out of the way to cook yourself a really nice meal? Think about it for just a second…

Whenever relatives or guests are coming to stay you go into overdrive on what to cook and how to prepare it – why don’t you do that for yourself every now and again?

I know you have to be careful with the diet ingredients you cook but there is still a vast choice of delicious weight loss meals out there.

It may take time and it may cost money – but everyone needs a treat now and again right?


Dieting Tips For Losing Weight

It’s easy to find yourself eating the same thing meal after meal when you are trying to cut down on the calories. Hopefully the six tips covered here today will make things a little bit easier for you to ‘stay on the right path’ and even spice up your diet plan a little bit.

Good luck!

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14 thoughts on “Good Diet Tips For Losing Weight

  1. Hi,

    Great tips.
    I particularly like the idea of reading food labels to check ingredients rather than for the calorie content.
    I’m a big believer in eating foods with as few ingredients as possible and then, while I still do count them, the calories tend to take care of themselves. So when I read tables I’m looking for one or two ingredients and of course nothing including sugar, corn syrup, preservative number 666 or whatever.
    If people only look at calories they could end up eating a lot of junk! Like those fake sugars you mentioned! Those are really bad and are among the worst things you can put in your body. (I had to learn that a while ago and get myself off diet coke!)
    Really good and I love the site.Quite curious about The Venus Factor…is it a diet plan or is it a supplement or meal replacements?

  2. Unique brand name! Ninja to slay the evil of fat! Chris, your content is extremely comprehensive. Anyone desiring to get back in shape, can truly benefit from your advice. The in-depth review of “Old School New Body Program” is honest and helpful.

    Thanks for avoiding hype in your reviews. The Big Fat Surprise is an eye-opener to me…and many more I believe!

  3. Thanks for the useful tip. It’s great to have them coming from someone who’s been through weight issues. I never knew that it’s better to hide the scales? But I do agree that scales aren’t 100% accurate. I also try to cook more now. So tip #6 really resonate with me. It does take effort, but it’s well worth it as we can control what sort of ingredients we include.

    1. Yeah cooking your own food is a great way to control what you are actually putting inside you – salt and sugar can be easily regulated (for once!)

  4. My husband needs to get healthy and he is just not used to reading food labels like I am. He has been shocked when I tell him how much sugar is in so many items he has brought home. He didn’t realize how ridiculously high fruit juice and soda are in sugar! There are so many pitfalls in healthy eating if you don’t read the labels! There are so many awful things in common food products!

    I love Virgil’s brand soda as they have some varieties sweetened only with stevia now!! I drink mostly water but it helps to find an alternative for my husband!

    1. A lot of people seem to be shocked by the sugar content of fruit juices…even smoothies! They seem to have that ‘healthy’ look and feel without letting the purchaser know what is exactly in them!

      I will definitely have to look into this Virgil’s brand of soda – it’s well worth mentioning in an article here!!!!

      1. The root beer they make has amazing ingredients like birch, molasses, nutmeg, cloves, cassia oil, allspice…it probably has some good nutrients! Not that drinking soda is healthy, but this sure beats the regular stuff! It tastes great too!!

  5. Very good article covering tips that we should know but always over look. Especially the part with the food labels which i’m sure most people never bother to do. Since i am a health and fitness buff i do usually looks at the labels and I have been surprised by the content of supposedly healthy options only to find they contain things like refined sugar and other things i cant even pronounce. My rule of thumb is if its made by man, then stay away from it.

    Thanks for sharing

  6. I appreciate your easy to read, follow, and informative article. I know from my own experience how true each of those 6 tips are to losing weight and staying healthy.

    I really like what you said about eating at the table. It so much easier to eat “crap” when we aren’t sitting down at the table.

    These days I keep my weight and my health good by eating plenty of the foods my body was designed to eat. That way I’m not hungry all the time, and have far less cravings for sugar.

    Thanks for the great article

    1. Hi Mike,

      Well it sounds like you’ve got your healthy eating in check – good on you mate!

      It’s actually amazing how eating at a table changes your habits – you tend to WANT to eat meal based food when you pull up a chair and sit at a dinner table, instead of ‘crap’ 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and reading our article.

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