Free Diet Cabbage Soup Recipe

Free Diet Cabbage Soup Recipe

A free diet cabbage soup recipe is heralded by many keen users as one of the ideal ways to kick start a diet or lose weight in a short space of time, with some saying that you can lose as much as 10 pounds in a couple of weeks.

Critics of the cabbage diet warn dieters against trying it because of the limited ingredients and minimal nutritional elements involved but there are benefits involved and, with the right recipe, you can see a difference.

The Pros & Cons of a Cabbage Soup Diet

It is possible to lose a lot of weight in a short space of time but the wrong recipe can mean a week of lethargy, flatulence and other symptoms related to deficiencies in other food sources or minerals.

This is where careful meal balancing comes in; cabbage soup should not be the only food source for the week and there are adjustments to make. Not only is this form of calorie restriction highly effective, there is a simplicity to the recipe and method that makes it ideal for users that are short of time, lacking in motivation or do not want to have to exercise.

Exercise and the cabbage diet do not go together; instead all you have to do is focus on creating a delicious, nutritious soup, balancing the other meals of the week and organizing the leftovers.

There are disadvantages to this approach but critics that instantly dismiss it as a fad have perhaps not seen the potential in the modified recipes. While there are certainly some forms of the soup that are a little lacking and can be problematic if you limit yourself to it for more than a week, the beauty of the soup is that it can be altered. There are bland, cabbage-heavy soups with a bit of protein in the chicken broth that can really restrict your calorie intakes but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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The Original Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe:

The following recipe dates back to the mid nineties when the cabbage soup diet really was a massive craze and despite all the jokes at the time about boring mixtures and bad taste, there is actually a wide range of ingredients here.

This recipe equals 20 servings so can be made once and then frozen or put in the fridge, highlighting that benefit of minimal effort and convenience.

  • 1 chopped head of cabbage
  • 6 sliced onions
  • 2 chopped green peppers
  • 1 chopped bunch of celery
  • 1 bunch of chopped shallots
  • 2 chicken stock cubes
  • 48oz of vegetable juice
  • 2 cans of chopped tomatoes
  • juice of a lemon

There are many recipes out there to inspire you with your own cabbage soup diet.

The beauty of soup diets is that the methods are always so simple; you just throw things into a pot and let it simmer away until cooked, adding and tasting as you go to get the right balance. Dieters that have used this cabbage diet regularly have developed quite an eye for ingredients and a knowledge of the best ones to add and which to avoid.

For example, while a carrot may add some much needed vitamins and a different flavor, there is the sugar content to consider. The best thing to do, therefore, is to browse recipes online and read the comments from experienced users to tweak recipes and work on something more nutritious and beneficial. Luckily, there are many free online recipes for cabbage soup to explore.

Get to Know Your Ingredients!

For obvious reasons, this is a short-time only diet that brings quick weight loss for specific goals – firstly it is not the type of diet that can sustain you for long periods and secondly it is not that appealing to eat that much cabbage for long periods.

As you can see, a cabbage soup diet does not have to be completely restrictive as there are many ways to adapt a recipe to include plenty of nutrients and all the right vitamins.

With some experimentation, an understanding of the carbs, fats and sugars you can eliminate from the right free diet cabbage soup recipe and, equally importantly, the drive to get through that much cabbage, this week of nutrition, fat burning and endurance can have a more positive effect than you might think.

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36 thoughts on “Free Diet Cabbage Soup Recipe

  1. Hi, what a really informative article! I’ve never tried the cabbage soup diet personally, it sounded a bit off putting but now I know you can add other ingredients in it sounds a bit more appealing! I especially like making the whole batch with a full cabbage thus less food waste and ease of convenience putting it all in the freezer! You just need a really big pan! Is this a diet you’ve personally done? Did you find it hard for the first couple of days as you wasn’t have sugary foods either? Sammi

    1. Hi Sammi,
      My partner has taken on this particular diet on two separate occasions and has seen great results through it. I’m actually a distance runner so I need a little more bulk to my diet otherwise I’d collapse after 4 miles 🙂

  2. I read your article about Cabbage Soup Recipe. I have never tasted cabbage soup till date. After reading your article, I gained some new knowledge. It is very interesting and thing I liked is that it is quite new and this is something that I should try. I read about the health benefits of cabbage soup and it is worth it.

  3. This was a more thorough article about the cabbage soup diet than I have read in a while. I have to admit that I was one of those under the impression that it was all cabbage without much else. And that is not at all appealing!

    I have one question though: There are many diets by which you can loose a decent amount quickly. But in most cases, you just gain it back as soon as you go off the diet even if you continue to be careful. Is the cabbage soup diet like that?


    1. To be honest with you Robin I would say that all diets are like that. It’s not just a menu change – it’s a lifestyle change at the end of the day. If you go back to your bad eating habits don’t expect to stay slim!

  4. I’m a veggie fan and I don’t think anyone could appreciate this recipe more than me.
    I’m surely going to try this out because I wanted some soup recipe for my evenings after I finish my exercises.
    I personally feel after exercising, eating something healthy can really be beneficial and hence I’m going to go ahead and try this recipe

  5. The cabbage soup sounds like a great idea for losing weight! Good that you mentioned that the cabbage diet and exercise are not a good mix. I did a juicing diet not long ago, and I should have stopped excising through it. Not that I lacked energy, but it only help to erode my muscle mass. What kind of meat can be added into the cabbage soup? Chicken is protein, would that be good? I guess losing weight when combining chicken would depend on whether cabbage has a lot of carbs?

    1. Hi Michael,
      As far as weight loss goes, I would always recommend chicken as a possible meat to use. Lot’s of protein and a low fat option – perfect! 🙂

  6. Hi Chris
    Oh I love cabbage! But haven’t tried the cabbage diet yet, think I should!
    I cook dish with cabbage in it once in a while but think I’ll cook them more often now.
    They’re good antioxidants too but heard about red cabbage with so much more added phytonutrients in it so I’ll try red cabbage this time.
    I just would recommend not to put them in the fridge If you’re not eating them same day as cabbage goes soggy easy. Freezing it to last for days would be best.
    Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  7. Hey

    Definitely a great post. I asked myself if I should do some sports during this diet, luckily you already asked my question in this post.

    Thanks for this helpful post. I am going to try the cabage soup diet, I need to lose a couple of pounds 🙂


  8. Hey,

    I struggle to get my greens in especially on a daily amount I’m super terrible actually 😀
    I’m not the biggest fan of soup, however I love cabbage. I love that you include pros and cons in your recipes.
    Normally I exercise quite a bit so as you suggested, I will include this soup with some other meals I usually eat. Maybe as a nice started or something.
    Thanks for this great recipe and article!

  9. Very interesting article, I found it very restrictive in terms of nutrition. What is your advice if one has a job where there is a lot of manual labor involved or maybe if you are taking medication? I believe thigh it also makes for a great detox program with all the roughage one is getting. The ingredients seem tasty. 🙂

    1. You must always take your lifestyle and rate of exercise into account first before thinking about something like this Maine – there are other, more suitable diet recipes out there for people who are more active! 🙂

  10. Very informative article. I will definitely give it a try on this recipe and hope it really aids in my diet plan! This recipe equal to 20 servings and it is suggested the soup can be kept in fridge. It means that the soup need to be unfreezed and heated again. I wonder the unfreeze or the reheat procedure will affect or damage the nutrition of the soup?

  11. Hi Chris, I don’t know if I could live on cabbage soup even just for a couple of weeks but I’d give it a try as part of healthy diet. I’ve started going to the gym so would probably need more substantial healthy meals. I definitely think the cabbage soup would work for those that aren’t keen on exercising as they wouldn’t need to worry about the large calorie deficit caused by cardio & weight training exercise.

  12. I have heard about the Cabbage soup diet before, but never knew how to make it or the ingredients.

    It is an interesting way to start a diet and I do love that there are no additional pills or shakes to buy, that is always nice.

    But what about the actual diet itself? Do I just basically consume the Cabbage soup for all my meals for one full week, 7 days?

    The ingredients you show makes 20 servings, 3 meals a day, times 7 days is 21 meals, so I am assuming that is what you do, you just consume the Cabbage soup for the whole week. But what is ther serving size?

    1. Well you can eat as much of the soup as you want Jason – it’s important to not feel hungry at any time. If you do find yourself feeling a little thin in that department try adding some simple protein to your diet ( chicken for example! )

  13. Ah, I remember I tried the Cabbage Diet Soup in my 20s. I had a party to go to and wanted to shed a few pounds. It did really work, but the problem was I had so much of it, towards the end of the diet period, the smell of it made me want to heave!

    I generally eat everything, so I think what this goes to show is that a lack of variety in your food inadvertently causes you to reject it. Funny what your body will do. Thanks for the interesting read!

  14. Hi, thanks for this article. I was considering the cabbage diet soup when saw my friend shedding pounds on this diet, after a month she looked incredible! Can’t remember how much she actually lost, but it was impressive. After doing more research I went on paleo diet and lost all the weight I needed to lose. I think it’s a healthier option, offering more nutrients and variety.

  15. Hi, this is a nice piece of information! Cabbage soup can be such an ordeal for me, am no lover of cabbage! I know you can add other ingredients and especially do with herbs because that is the way I eat my cabbage and it makes it tasty and delicious. I will nevertheless give this a try especially after the holidays! It is sounding like an interesting way to loose some unwanted weight am struggling with!
    I love raw, raw, raw, and I actually love raw course of cabbage + lemon once in awhile, though I get low on energy severally…..
    Thank you

  16. cabbage soup actually sounded pretty good but if it’s lacking nutrition, I’m not sure if it’s really worth it. To cut weight for non athletic purpose, it may come handy. I’m already watchful of what I eat and I’m not as active as I used to be, but if I strict my diet too much, I tend to get cranky and my brain seemed to be in constant foggy state.

    1. Hi there Joon!

      Well you can include a certain amount of nutrition on a side plate if you want…the choice is up to you ( just choose lean meat! )

  17. I really like this, especially cooking extra and freezing it in batches for later. I am quite lazy so I am always on the lookout for convenience!!! I really like diverse meals, so this looks like the perfect light dish to supplement other meals as well. I am pretty sure I won’t be able to go on this alone lol! Are there any particular foods/meals/other recipes, besides chicken, that you think will go the best with this soup? Both nutritionally and taste wise?
    Great article!
    Thank you!

    1. Well I would stick to lean meats Vesi but my partner has it sometimes with fish – it’s down to personal taste really! ( what do you think? )

  18. Hello Chris!

    Funny, as I was reading this post I remembered how much I hated cabbage when I was a kid. Luckily, we grow up. I like this recipe! I am in no need of losing weight but I like meals that have a balancing effect, and this recipe definitely seems to be that.

    Reading the ingredient list, I think, it must be pretty tasty. There are no strange things except, I may leave out the lemon. I will definitely try it out!


  19. Oh, cabbage soup diet! It reminds me of my younger days 🙂 It sounds like a great idea but after few days you rather eat nothing all day than another cabbage soup! There will be lots of water weight loss on that diet. Looks great on a scale but you are not really losing that much fat. I am older now and hope that much smarter too. I rather go slower and lose one pound a week knowing that this was mostly fat and not just water and content of my stomach.
    Anyways, if you are desperate and need some radical change to your diet then maybe this is a way to go. Just remember that you need a plan for after the cabbage soup diet days so all your effort will not be wasted.

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