Fall In Love With Healthy Homemade Energy Drinks

Fall In Love With Healthy Homemade Energy Drinks

With the start of a new year, many of us come up with mint health resolutions to live up to. Of these, a new health regimen is probably high on that list, especially after the Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities.

Healthy homemade energy drinks may be a good place to start in trying to walk this healthy path, and here’s why.

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The Dark Side…

First, the commercial energy drinks mostly contain ingredients which may not be very suitable for someone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Research has shown that Citric and Benzoic acids, which are common preservatives used in most energy drinks, may lead to health issues such as Cancer, Asthma and bacterial infections.

Simply put, that quick can of energy could end up costing you a lifetime of medical bills.

Second to this is the artificial sugars and caffeine bottled in these energy drinks. Sugars are a source of carbohydrate, and unregulated amounts can have adverse effects to our bodies especially when they are artificial.

Think of all the extra pounds you plan on losing; this will not be happening with that fizzy energy drink in your hand.

Caffeine is also known to dehydrate the body; it soaks up all the body fluids like a malicious sponge, leaving you in a state of inexplicable lethargy and needing more energy drinks.

Talk of booming business, huh?

So now that I just told you how monstrous commercial energy drinks may be, you may be wondering what other options there are?

Healthy Homemade Energy Drinks

Fear not if you have never made these before, as I will share with you a few easy tips that you could almost do with your eyes closed…

Option 1:

First, Mother Nature has been kind enough to supply us with all that we need for healthy living. You will be surprised at the marvels you can come up with using simple ingredients such as lemon and water.

The simplest recipe for a healthy homemade energy drink, 3 slices of lemon added to a glass of water is a great energy start. Water contains oxygen, which our body cells need to operate and move around.


Furthermore, water hydrates the cells and gives us that boost and zealous energy which we always need for a proactive life.

Actually, water on its own could also be used as a natural and healthy homemade energy drink. Add the lemon slices, and you have an antioxidant, refreshing, tasty and nutritious drink.

Lemon is also known for its skin blemish clearing and medicinal properties. Science additionally reveals that lemon helps in losing those extra pounds, how cool is that?

If you have a taste for the sweet things in life, you could add a teaspoon of natural honey. For better effect, you could leave the slices of lemon in the glass or jar as you drink so the juices can continue to freely seep into the water.


Continuous flow of this healthy homemade energy drink will not only help you hit the 8-glass water rule, but will also ensure you stay energized, refreshed and healthy in the long run.

Option 2:

An alternative to this drink is the use of organic coconut water. For that fruity shake and go energy, add a handful or 2 of strawberries, blend with the coconut water and voila! You have with you a quick and healthy energy drink.

Once again, if you have a taste for the sweet things in life, feel free to add some honey.

Option 3:

One other way is to blend slices of water melon or honey dew with water. In case of the former, a teaspoon or two of honey may be necessary to give it that sweet taste.


Water melon seeds contain iron and magnesium benefits, so you may consider blending those in too. Once refrigerated, this can be a best go-to especially after a steamy workout session.

Homemade Energy Drinks

There are many other ways of making healthy homemade energy drinks using basic kitchen ingredients, so get experimenting.

As a rule of thumb, citrus fruits will always leave you refreshed while giving you that energy and nutrition that your body needs. So go ahead and grab that orange, tangerine or pomelo for that energy buzz that you are looking for!

It is important to remember that contrary to the fizzy commercial energy drinks, the homemade energy drinks are made from natural goodness and may not last as long. But this in itself is an advantage as you then have to drink it while fresh and then create some more inventive homemade energy drinks!

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14 thoughts on “Fall In Love With Healthy Homemade Energy Drinks

  1. I love coconut water and it is a great source of energy too. It also helps to regulate the body temperature apparently, which is great because we get crazy weather here in the UK. I usually get the canned coconut water as the organic ones are just too pricey. Is the canned out really that bad? I know there is more sugar in it so it’s no where near as good, but it would still have some of the health benefits wouldn’t it?


    1. Hi Hannah,

      No I wouldn’t really say they are that bad – as you point out it’s the sugar content you have to watch at the end of the day ( and tinned stuff tends to have high sugar and salt content! ).

  2. Hello there Chris
    For a minute there you got me excited, when l read the title home made energy drinks, l thought you are going to give me the secret to making Redbull lol.
    Serious, l drink about 5 red bulls a day, so when l read the title l thought of all the money l will be able to save.
    Thanks for the citrus fruit tip, will try it and see how it works.lm just afraid it may not be as tasty as the commercial energy drink which is filled with sugar.

  3. Interesting article on energy drinks. I can relate to what you are saying about the use of commercial drinks that have a lot of sugar and most importantly the sugar is highly processed and hard for our bodies to break it down. The homemade version you mention is much better and I would guess may work better since your body isn’t wasting energy trying to break down processed sugars. Good information. Thanks!

  4. I love your topic.

    Energy drinks have such a bad reputation but at the same time people tend to heavily rely on them. Making healthy versions of energy drinks does seem like a good way to get the benefits without all the negative issues associated with traditional energy drinks.

    IÒ€ℒve heard of the idea of using lemon water or coconut water for energy, but the melon one is a new idea. ThatÒ€ℒs a pretty interesting one and would be great if you already like the taste of melon (I imagine you could do the same with other types of melon too, like cantaloupe).

    1. Yeah any sort of melon would work out for that recipe idea Vincent – the juicier the better (obviously!) πŸ™‚

  5. I love your article! Energy drinks from the store has sugar and other fabrics that’s very bad for you. I’m drinking a lot of water, but adding flavor too the water is a good idea! I’ve never tried with water melon or honey before, but I will after reading this article. Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Hey there, really nice ideas for energy drinks! I pretty much avoided them in the last months, because I only knew about the energy drinks from the market, which aren’t extremely healthy…so I preferred to start away from energy drinks, as there wasn’t any natural one.

    However, now that I found your post, I’m seriously thinking about trying these recipes. I’m a huge fan of coconut, so I will definitely consider the second option you presented, the one with organic coconut water. Only when I think that it’s organic, I have the feeling that it must be extremely tasty!

    Thanks for the ideas, I’m really eager to try them.

    1. You are very welcome Ashley!

      Pop back here and let us know which one you found the tastiest – we’d love to know! πŸ™‚

      Stay healthy!

  7. The homemade energy drinks that you have come up with here are excellent and all three options here would be just the drinks to have after a hard workout.

    After my morning workout, I just drink cold filtered water to re-hydrate me and it does trick nicely but the homemade energy drinks that you have listed here are great alternatives should I wish to try them.

    I like the idea of using citrus fruits along with some honey to sweeten the drinks if you so desire and there are more combinations that you can come up with on your own.

    Citrus fruits on their own are great as they can re-energise and you and make you feel refreshed and putting them in a drink can only enhance that, so thanks for the info here.

    1. Thanks Adrian,

      Really great to hear that you like the options we have come up with here. At the end of the day these manufactured energy drinks are full of all types of complex crap – not exactly the best choice for your heart….

      The honey and citrus option is also my favorite choice – simple, re-energizing and delicious. Perfect for replacing lost fluids and energy after a fitness session!

      Great speaking with you – thanks for taking the time to comment on our options! πŸ™‚

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