Epsom Salt Bath Benefits For Weight Loss

Epsom Salt Bath Benefits For Weight Loss

If you’re like me, coming home from a long day at work with a sore back and sore feet – running a hot bath is the best way to de-stress and relax.

If I had known sooner that an epsom salt bath benefits weight loss, I would be taking baths twice daily!

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The Bath Boost

When I come home from work there’s nothing I love more than settling into the steamy warmth of a bath.

As someone who works long hours, with continuous walking and standing, adding in the gym and other exercise my body is in a constant ache.

A hot bath always helps with sore muscles and Epsom salts boost my muscle recovery, but let’s face it we are all looking for the easiest way to lose weight and be happy, who knew something we already do so often could be our saving grace.

Now, don’t get me wrong – you aren’t going to step into the bath and walk out a supermodel, that’s just way beyond our worldly capabilities.

But the Epsom salts will help benefit your weight loss journey.

A mixture of the heat drawing out the toxins – like that bag of chips you ate last night, or that ‘not so diet pop’ at lunch – and the salts putting good stuff in your body like magnesium.

On top of that the salts are great for your skin as well!

So Here’s How to Mix Your Perfect Bath…

Run your bath as hot as you can, the more you sweat the more toxins are exiting your body, but please, only run it as hot as you can handle, do not burn yourself it benefits no one.

Once your bath is full, add in the Epsom salt.

To start don’t add in more than ¼ cup, you don’t know how your skin will react to it.

If your body loves it, then after a few times add 2 cups, but no more than that.

You can add other things into your bath, for various reasons like relaxation; Lavender, it is great before bed and also very beneficial if pregnant.

Apple Cider Vinegar, for skin and hair. Honey, for dry skin, Coconut oil, also for dry skin and acne.

Most of these are likely to be in your kitchen cupboard already, there are lots of other things you can add that have different benefits, all kinds of essential oils have amazing properties that benefit your bath.

You can even get Epsom salts that are already infused with most of these products too.

But the key behind all of them, is the Epsom salt. Without it there is nothing to push all the toxins out.

Think of a cut on your arm, dirty and leaking blood, you wouldn’t just slap an antibiotic ointment on it before washing it out first?

It is the same idea.

The hot water opens your pores and allows the salt in to push all the bad out.

Epsom Salt Bath & Weight Loss

So, if you’re like me, when I come home, I have a victorious smile on my face knowing not only do I get to relax in the warm water with some soothing music, but allow the soft scents of Epsom salt ease my muscles and calm my senses before bed, and the Epsom salt bath benefits weight loss too!

Happy bathing!

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12 thoughts on “Epsom Salt Bath Benefits For Weight Loss

  1. Hi Chris,
    Wow! After reading your post and watching the video, I so want to just go upstairs and get into a nice hot bath with some epsom salt. I think I even have some in the cabinet. Thank you for the awesome information. I also have a little skin rash I don’t know how to get rid of so maybe the epsom salt will help there too. I think I’ll read some more of your posts on weight loss… they all sound so interesting.

    1. These salts can help with many different skin conditions Gina but please remember – if it (the rash) gets worse after the bath hold off on having another one and contact your GP (skin conditions can quite quickly get out of hand!)

  2. Oh wow, how interesting. I know Epsom Salts can be very good to bath in, but I had no idea that it can help you lose weight too.
    I am trying to lose some fat on my stomach area and I have been detoxing the last 2 weeks… yes those chips had to go!
    I stumbled across this at the perfect time, I can’t wait to try this out.

    1. Ah the stomach area is a right bitch isn’t it Lynne – it’s that way for most people I’m afraid! 🙂

      Good luck with your detox!

  3. I’ve always enjoyed the concept of having a hot bath and new about some of the essential oils and stuff for relaxing.

    I was not aware of how beneficial the Epsom salts were in the bath water. Now that you have brought this information to my attention, I’ll need to try it for a month or so and see how it goes.

    I should probably check out some of your other posts for great tips as well.

  4. I had no idea that Epsom salt had so many benefits! This really shed some light on the many reasons to take Epsom salt baths.

    Although I am not a fan of baths, my husband is and after being on his feet 12-14 hours at work, he most definitely could benefit from this. I really enjoyed the video because it felt like watching a friend tell you about her experience with it and what’s better than “word of mouth promoting”?

    As far as adding coconut oil, do you recommend the solid form or liquid?

    1. Oh definitely the liquid form if possible Tiffany – makes for a much smoother experience (one would of thought!) 🙂

  5. I have used Epsom Salt for years for sore muscles after work but never knew it could be used for weight loss. Would you use this as the only means for weight loss or as part of a program?

    Noted those tips for adding extra ingredients to the epsom salt bath as well, they will come in handy.

    1. I would always use these methods as ‘part’ of a weight loss program Keldyn – something to add to your healthy lifestyle!

  6. A relaxing bath that can cleanse you of toxins sounds very inviting as I always shower and hardly ever use the bath, so you forget what a good bath can do for you with some good bath salts.

    I like how you mentioned that you can add other things to your bath like apple cider vinegar or honey to further enhance your bathing experience.

    As you have said, it’s the salt that really cleanses your body and it relaxes you and gives you a sense of calm before you go to bed, so thanks for the reminder what a good bath can do for you.

    1. No problem Adrian – really glad to hear that you enjoyed the read mate!

      I never used to take baths – I thought they were too girly for me…until me and my partner moved into a home with no shower!

      Anyway she introduced me to bath ‘additives’ and I never looked back really…even though we now have a shower! 🙂

      Great speaking with you. Thanks for taking the time to comment on our piece!

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