Eat Breakfast if You Want to Lose Weight

Eat Breakfast if You Want to Lose Weight

Whatever happens – you need to eat breakfast if you want to lose weight…it’s almost become a truism at this point, the advice has been spilled, over and over again!!!

The truth of the matter is that eating breakfast can be a powerful cornerstone to your diet or it can ruin it, depending on the type of breakfast you decide to eat.

So why is it so important to eat breakfast when you want lose weight?

Let’s take a closer look…

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Waking That Metabolism!!

People don’t seem to realize that the body can quite easily slip into a mild fasting state. For example, if you miss a nighttime meal and then decide to skip breakfast the following day you are looking at about 16 to 18 hours without food.

At this point your body will decide to slip into one of these mild fasting states and instead of working at peak rates and burning off more calories – your body will instead be grasping onto every tiny bit of energy it can find.

When you ram down a decent breakfast (a healthy one of course!) your body will naturally will speed up your metabolism (and make it work a lot harder!).

Waking That Metabolism!!

Cutting out your breakfast when attempting to lose weight makes no sense whatsoever – you would be better off trying to cut your calorie count by skipping lunch or dinner!

A recent batch of studies showed us that 80% of people who had managed to successfully lose weight (and keep it from returning for a year) had decided to include a substantial healthy breakfast in their diet.

Put a Little Gas in the Tank! 

We all know that kids who dive into a decent breakfast every morning tend to do a lot better at school (and also avoid that irritable state of mind!).

Well this is exactly the same for adults as well – if you don’t put gas in the the tank the car will have trouble trying to move!

Eating breakfast helps increase your energy which in turn allows you to burn off more calories throughout the day.

You are much more likely to go for a walk down the local shop if you are feeling energetic right?

What Breakfast and Why???

Okay, so you’re starting to get the picture here right – eating breakfast is a pretty good move if you are trying to lose weight!

But does that mean we can slam down a Big Mac and Fries every morning? (I’m hoping you already know the answer to this…).

The foods you eat at breakfast are very important for weight loss. The right kind can aid you in feeling full and energized throughout the morning whilst the wrong kind can have you reaching for the Mars bar.

What Breakfast and Why???

A bad choice of breakfast can actually cause peaks in blood sugar which lead to over-eating, adding even more calories to you daily total.

So what are my favorite choices for breakfast?

What breakfast foods have I seen the most success with?

Okay, check out the following…

  1. Eggs (not fried – that’s just stupid!)
  2. Low fat yogurt (sometimes Soya yogurt)
  3. Ricotta cheese
  4. Lean meats (ham is a pretty cool fit)
  5. Fruit and whole grain toast or cereal
  6. Oats

I use the above layout as a sort of mix-and-match pallet – they all seem to go reasonably well together. At the end of the day you are looking for a combination of lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

Remember that cereals full of sugar and white flour bread products may taste pretty good…but they will not keep you full for long.

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18 thoughts on “Eat Breakfast if You Want to Lose Weight

  1. hey, enjoyed your article on eating breakfast. I have to agree with you that it’s so important to have a good breakfast.

    When you eat something really healthy first thing in the morning it sets your mind and body off to a really good start.

    If you skip or eat something silly, it can mess up your whole day.

    I do find however, I can’t eat too big of a brekky also, because then if I eat a large meal – my brain wants to eat big all day.

    That’s why finding a good balanced breakfast is so important.

    A good read and I enjoy your website.


    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by and reading Rose!

      You’re right about a balance – everything in moderation! 🙂

      Stay healthy!

  2. Hi Chris,
    Yes, I have heard this before and know the importance of eating breakfast in order to get your metabolism going and to lose weight. I was never much of a breakfast eater, but once I started, I was amazed at how better I felt and losing weight was actually easier than before and more consistent. Your recommendations for a healthy breakfast were also useful. I hope others share of their personal stories on this – it’s a really important topic!

    1. Hiya Maggie, nice to hear you agree with us and you’ve already reaped the benefits of a healthy breakfast regime – keep it up!

  3. Great article! I agree it’s crucial for anyone wanting to rev up their metabolism and lose weight to eat a healthy breakfast, especially one that contains lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fat. Metabolism and blood sugars are closely linked, and if you want to stay balanced it’s important to eat every few hours. Dieting never works because you are restricting your body of essential nutrients. I will check out this program, thanks.

    1. Oh of course dieting works Judy – but you must be eating the right foods! Stick with us for a few months and we’ll show you what those foods are 🙂

  4. This is fascinating because I’d thought that cutting out a meal would make you loose weight! I guess this makes sense, the body would try to hang onto calories instead of burning them up straight away.
    I’ve always hated breakfasts. I never wake up feeling hungry. In fact, I always tend to wake up feeling sick in the morning, so dry toast tastes disgusting. I’ve never been that fond of cereals or spreads either!
    I like the sound of fruit and yogurt though! How would you do your egg if it isn’t fried? My mum sometimes makes me a fried egg in the morning 🙂

  5. I have always eaten breakfast and I can’t imagine how so many people don’t! It seems like everyone I know doesn’t really like breakfast! I don’t do pastries or sweet cereal though. It has to be real food.

    I have always wondered how the French and Italians stay so trim when they eat coffee and sweet pastries for breakfast and white bread at lunch and dinner? Any ideas on that?

    1. I really don’t know where you got that idea from – Italians stick to a more Mediterranean option whilst the French go for more continental breakfasts…pastries to them are a treat…much like they are to us?

      Don’t believe everything you see on TV shows! 🙂

  6. I’ve always been a big breakfast fan, I simply can’t understand why some people hate it, I’d pass out if I didn’t eat it and I never really go skinny on the helpings! 🙂

    I’ve never been a cereal fan, partly because cereal is loaded with tons of sugar and I can’t stand milk or other dairy products. I’ve also heard that there is quite a high sodium level in cereal – is this true?

    I make a raw nut brownie and have a portion of that with coconut yogurt, it’s soooo good with a cup of earl grey tea – LOL so British I know!

    Yet another great article Chris – your articles here really are a treat! Keep up the good work…and I’ll keep returning for more!

    1. Hi again Sharon,

      And what’s wrong with it being so British? I’m from Wales!!!! 🙂

      I’m not a fan of cereal myself Sharon – there’s a load of bad stuff in them that is hidden quite well. As well as the high sugar content in most they are also loaded with GMO’s.

      I’ve also heard that the synthetic vitamins and minerals that they put back into the dried cereal are completely useless when it comes to the health of your body – so cereals are full of nothing but crap really!

      It’s great to have you back here once again – you’re becoming quite the regular!

      Have a great day 🙂

      1. Hi Chris, I thought I’d check your response to my comment. I don’t always respond but you had my curious when you said you’re from Wales lol. I live in Devon, UK but I regularly go to South Wales due to family connections. I love it there, the people are awesome and maybe one day I’ll live there.
        I particularly love it when a good Rugby match is on, I went to the Wales & South Africa match in Cardiff recently and it was awesome. I took the train from Swansea to get there, it was packed out, the Welsh certainly know how to celebrate even on trains lol – the beers and champagne were flowing on every seat lol.
        Keep up the great work 🙂

        1. Ahh hello Sharon,

          I actually live in Cardiff at the moment, but I’m from further West originally (Carmarthen). Yeah the rugby tends to put the whole country on standstill, along with the football now since we did so well last summer at the Euros!

  7. What is it with the breakfast and losing weight! I have come to realise that this seems to be a must option for anyone who wants to lose weight, but the problem Inhave with this, is that I hardly get the time to eat breakfast as I have so many things jammed up for me every morning and before I finally get the time for food, its already noon time. So its been challenging for me. 

    So I am going to ask this, can I have breakfast as early as 5a.m before starting my daily routine, will that work out also?

    Secindly what is wrong with having friend egg in the mornings?

    1. Of course you can Queen. Actually, when you think about it – the earlier you eat breakfast the better really! 

      Having a fried egg is fine, just don’t go down that route EVERY morning. 

  8. Breakfast is the bomdiggity! I often run late to leave the house in the morning, and sadly sometimes don’t have time for breakfast, or grab something quick, easy but unhealthy on my way out the door. When I do, I tend to crash by mid morning, compared to when I have breakfast (my favourite is fruit salad with coconut yoghurt), I feel fuelled and energised easily until lunchtime. Thanks for sharing.

    1. No problem Josie – thanks for reading! 

      I can’t even make it to eleven o’ clock in the morning without feeling sick if I’ve missed my breakfast! It’s certainly the most important meal of the day for me.

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