Drinking Aloe Vera Juice For Weight Loss

Drinking Aloe Vera Juice For Weight Loss

The health benefits of Aloe Vera are something that hasn’t gone unnoticed in the medical world. The soothing properties of this plant are used in ointments, skin care products and even toilet paper to enhance their feel or aid the skin.

For most people, Aloe Vera is a purely external, topical option. The idea of drinking it may seem a little unsavoury at first.

However, there are many people that believe that drinking Aloe Vera juice for weight loss really works.

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What beneficial properties are found in the Aloe Vera plant?

The common use of the Aloe Vera plant tends to be a gel, but there are also latex and juice forms. Concentrations of nutrients may vary depending on method, preparation and dosage.

The plant is highly revered for its high levels of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and carbohydrates.

What beneficial properties are found in the Aloe Vera plant?

There is a range of B vitamins – which are great for an energy boost – as well as vitamin E, folic acid, collagen and much more.

These elements all highlight the potential health-giving properties of this plant and the potential for weight loss.

How can this liquid be used as a weight loss aid?

The high level of collagen in Aloe Vera is said to aid the digestive system and speed up the body’s metabolic rate. This is essential for fat-burning and long-term weight loss solutions.

How can this liquid be used as a weight loss aid?

In addition to this, there is also the potential for controlling blood sugar levels and cleansing the colon. This improved fat-burning ability means that more energy is created where fat may once have been stored.

In the long-term, this can have a significant effect on weight loss and improving the body’s BMI. The only problem is that ongoing use of Aloe Vera juice cleanses can have a negative effect.

What are the drawbacks to using Aloe Vera in this way?

The results seen may not be as amazing as users initially hope for because of the concentration of the solution.

Some people that speak highly of Aloe vera products for weight loss are often talking about concentrated supplements with high dose of the required nutrients.

The juice is much weaker, especially when diluted with water or other liquids.

Another problem for some users is the fact that Aloe Vera can have a laxative effect. For some, this is the precise reason why they are using it for weight loss, for that colon-cleansing, fast-paced detoxification.

The juice is much weaker, especially when diluted with water or other liquids.

A reliance on this method is actually unhealthy as an on-going solution and highly irresponsible. Some users also experience other side effects, such as digestive discomfort, cramps, diarrhoea and low potassium levels.

In addition to this, anyone with an allergy to onions, garlic or tulips may have a reaction. As always, talk to a doctor if you have any concerns.

What are the best methods for using Aloe Vera juice for losing weight?

If you do decide that Aloe Vera is the way to go for your healthy regime for gradual weight loss (rather than a laxative cleanse) it is best to use the juice as part of a morning drink.

This juice drink can help to energize and detox the body first thing to get it ready for a work out, or the day’s activity.

The nutrients can then enhance the body’s natural fat burning processes to prevent weight gain throughout the day.

What are the best methods for using Aloe Vera juice for losing weight?

Once you have you the Aloe Vera juice extracted from your leaves, it is up to you how you consume it. Some like to add a couple of tablespoons to water and drink it as a straight, diluted solution.

Others mix it with honey, fruit juices or kale smoothies. The latter can ensure an easier transition if you already use smoothies and super juices in the mornings.

Drinking Aloe Vera juice for weight loss may seem like a strange idea, but it can really make a difference when used responsibly.

As long as you don’t rely too heavily on Aloe Vera juice in a juice cleanse diet and instead treat it as an addition to a healthier, responsible diet, you could find that it helps with weight loss.

The results will not be dramatic, but this could add a kick to current regime. Add some juice to your morning routine with a recipe that is to your taste, watch out for the potential side-effects and see if the pounds start to disappear.

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12 thoughts on “Drinking Aloe Vera Juice For Weight Loss

  1. I’ve got friends who’ve used aloe vera to lose weight and have successfully done it with zero side effects. I know there are many health benefits to consuming it, but I’m one of those that can’t drink it because it messes up my hormones. After a little research, I saw it’s high in progesterone, how true that is I don’t know. That could be a little research for you. Thank you for a fab post.

    1. That certainly is an interesting point Sharon – will definitely have to look into progesterone further (could even lead us to a new article!). Thanks so much for your input!

  2. I have seen aloe vermin all sorts of cosmetic products from shampoo to hand cream, I was not aware that aloe vera could be consumed.

    I live in Thailand around a lot of pineapple farms…or so I thought. I have since been informed that the pineapples are in fact aloe vera plants 🙂

  3. Hey Chris,
    Thank you for such valuable information. At this time I am preparing to do a clean out to help get rid of some unwanted waste in my body. If aloe vera juice will help, I will look to get my hands on some today to start the process this weekend.

    If there is anything you think I should use to help in this process, please let me know, I would love to get your input here. Thanks.


  4. Hey, I really liked your very informative review on this amazing plant.

    I take aloe vera juice for my arthritis I have in my fingers,,,, it actually works.

    I have tried so many other products before but I would have to say is the best so far.

    I find it really pleasant to drink
    Thanks for a great read

    1. Well I’m sorry to hear about your arthritis in your fingers Rose – it’s great to hear that the aloe vera is helping out with the pain though!

  5. Hi Chris, I’ve heard of Aloe Vera as an ointment, but I’ve never heard of it being used for weight loss. I’d be very interested to give it a try and your article on an aloe vera juice looks fascinating. I think I’ll start as you recommended – mixing it with other things in order for a smooth transition. Have you tried it? Do you have any particular recipes that make for a good juice with aloe vera? Thanks!

    1. On many an occasion, yes! These days I purchase the supplement version as it’s a lot easier to get it inside (if you know what I mean). Hope it works out for you!

  6. very interesting article about using Aloe Vera to lose weight. As I live in Asia (Japan to be specific) Aloe Vera is very common here and is used for a variety of things – if anything I would say it is actually more popular over here than anywhere else.

    In fact, just last week I came across a business known as Aloe Vera Asia which is currently based in the Philippines – from what I remember they offer AV for Commercial and Domestic benefits. Have you heard from this bunch?

    I’ve never seen it promoted as a weight loss product though so perhaps if you can tap into the Asian market, you’d be on a winner…?

    How often do you use aloe vera and what are you targeting with it? (hope that questions not too nosy!) 🙂

    1. Hi Lain,

      No of course that’s not a nosy question – I’m here to (try and) answer all queries after all!

      First off, I did a quick search for that company and they do seem pretty legit – the Aloe Vera they offer seems to have good reviews therefore probably high quality.

      I use Aloe Vera supplements myself and I am targeting a healthy heart and a healthier digestion – apparently it is good for both!

      I find them quite inexpensive as well – when compared to a lot of supplement choices out there on the market. Hope this helps!


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