Does Exercise Help Anxiety And Depression?

If you are asking yourself “does exercise help anxiety and depression?” then you might be happy to know that the answer is “yes!”

There are multiple studies and researches done on this subject and physical activity can alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety.

This is a great reason to start going to the gym on a regular basis and reap up all the benefits provided by exercising and fitness.

Here are several ways physical exercises can help you cope with depression.

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1) Exercising Can Change Your Focus

Many people are depressed simply because they are too worried and they think too much about the negative sides of life.

For example, those people’s minds are focused on bills, taxes, their boss who is a bad person, the gossiping around them and so on. By exercising on a regular basis, you can totally change your focus.

Doing mild physical activity will make you concentrate on your body, your breathing, your muscles and your overall physique.

As a result, your mind will get a break from worries and problems and you will feel better. Performing exercises regularly will help you cope with daily stress easier and this will alleviate depression in the long run.


2) Exercising Releases Endorphins

These hormones are also called the hormones of happiness and everyone needs them to have a satisfying and fulfilling life.

When you work out, your brain releases endorphins and other substances which will lift your spirits. If you have ever heard of the “runner’s high” then now you know what it is all about.

Jogging, swimming, doing cardio workouts or lifting weights will force your brain to release endorphins and as a result, you will feel much better and have a clearer mind.

3) Exercising Will Boost Your Self Esteem

Depression and anxiety are two unpleasant feelings which stem from a low self esteem. People who don’t trust their strengths and have little to no confidence in themselves will eventually experience feelings of depression and anxiety.

Although this is a natural, logical thing, it is not something you are forced to live with every day.

If you start a workout program and you stick with it, your self esteem will automatically be improved. You will feel better about yourself. It will become part of your identity.

You will think about yourself as a person who is disciplined and has the power to make a change. In the long run, exercising will be the backbone of your self esteem and it will make you feel much more confident and powerful.

As a result, feelings of depression and anxiety will surely decrease, until they will be eliminated altogether.


4) Exercising Improves Your Overall Health

Working out is always a great way to improve your health, there are so many health benefits which can be taken from physical exercises.

For example, people who are depressed and feel anxious are more likely to have a poor posture, have high blood pressure and even be overweight.

If those people start a workout program, they will automatically experience the full benefits. Exercising is known to reduce blood pressure and sugar levels, to increase staminaboost the metabolism and help burn fat in the long run.

As a result, those who are depressed will lose weight and substantially improve their health.

Additionally, exercising strengthens the back muscles which in turn will help everyone have a correct posture at work and at home.

Having a good posture will in turn improve the self esteem and any depression and anxious feelings will be gone.

5) Exercising Improves Sleep

Nothing can be better and more rejuvenating than a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, many people who struggle with depression and anxiety rarely sleep well.

Even worse, statistics show that almost half of the world population suffers from a sleep disorder of some sort.

You can eliminate this by exercising.

Working out regularly will help you relax and eliminate stress and tension from your muscles – these are the enemies who prevent you from sleeping well.

After a couple of days or maybe a week, you will see that your sleep is deeper, without interruptions and more rejuvenating.

As a result, you will feel better and your depression and anxiety will consequently subside.

Taking on Depression With Exercise

Now you have 5 powerful answers to the question “does exercise help anxiety and depression?”. Eliminating depression won’t happen overnight, but it is definitely possible!

Take action now and you will thank yourself later.

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